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BatteryJack Inc. - Batteryland - Battic Door Energy Conservation Products - Bauer - BAXTER ENGINEERING LIMITED - Baxter Engineering Ltd. - Bd Energy Eu - BEC Afzar - Becovillage - BEE Technical Distributors - Beebull Engineering Sdn Bhd - Beehive Lighting(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd - Beijing Century Chengtong Electronics Co., Ltd - Beijing Eastwest Electronic Technology Co., Ltd - Beijing Huadu Maohua PU products Co., Ltd. - Beksolar Ventures - Belize Bicycle Canada - BeOn Solar - Beon Solar Technologies - Bervé BV Power Technologies - Best Energy Company - Best Energy, LLC - Beta Energy Afrique S. A - Betlux Electronics Co., Ltd. - Bhambri Enterprises - Bias LED Lighting, Inc. - Bieber Architectural Windows - Bindal & Bindal Batteries (P) Ltd - Bindal Technopolymer - Biodiesel Holding - Bioenergy Technology Limited - Biofires Ireland Ltd. -

BatteryJack Inc.

Hi Quality battery products.


At you can find the right battery replacement for your Notebook or Digital Camera. We carry all major brands and we ship all over Europe. Please visit us at

Battic Door Energy Conservation Products

Our green home energy star weatherization products SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR ENERGY BILLS by reducing drafts and air-leaks around often overlooked "holes", including the attic stairs, the attic scuttle access door, the whole house fan, the fireplace, the clothes dryer, the air conditioner, switch plates, recessed lights, the bathroom, kitchen, clothes dryer exhaust fans, pet door, crawl space vents, and more! Use our energy monitor to measure your energy savings! By sealing these air leaks, our products reduce cold drafts and heat loss in the winter, as well as air-conditioning loss in the summer. Our weatherization products green your home, conserve energy, lower your utility bills, reduce noise and pollutants, improve indoor air quality, red...


Solar water heating systems, full sets, parts, exporter


Baxter has been working for a long time in energy applications, particularly focusing our business on renewable energies. Baxter works with a constant development for the obtainment of energy systems with: reduced environmental impact and polluting emissions, high energy transformation efficiency, find real alternatives to nuclear & polluting conventional power systems, exploit renewable energies as an alternative to the use of fossil fuels, whose availability will be scarcer and scarcer in the future. Thanks to a qualified staff of engineers and consultants, and in co-operation with other important enterprises of the same sector, Baxter has developed innovative systems in the fields of Hybrid Cogeneration Systems (Solar + Rankine Cycle &...

Baxter Engineering Ltd.

Bd Energy Eu

Wholesaler on renewable energies products. Photovoltaic, Wind Power, Energy Kit and Energy Saving

BEC Afzar

Bec Afzar has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing Battery chergaer, inverters and UPS for power plants telecomunication, petrolium and many other large industries. BEC Afzar recently has started manufacturing its new plant for making Sealed Lead acid Batteries under the POLARIT brand.


Becoville is specialized in manufacturing, research, development and marketing of state of the art solar hybrid systems (PVT) and energy reduction products. The founders of Becoville have been working in solar energy and construction since start. Together they have a combined experience of more as 150 years in the business. Becovillage is our distribution, retail department that is available worldwide through our stores and franchise partners in more as 50 nations. At Becoville we take global warming very serious and developed the most efficient solar system available worldwide, the PVT modules. At Becoville we also believe in reducing energy consumption before installing the production units which ultimately makes it more affordable as les...

BEE Technical Distributors

BEE Technical is a Wholesale Distributor and Direct Retail Supplier of BeeHive Series Electronic Power Systems, EPS, Zivan, YK and Outback Industrial Battery Chargers and BeeHive SLS Sealed Lead-Silicate Batteries, the Sonnenschein Dryfit Sportline and HAZE Range of Sealed Lead Acid Gel Batteries, Nikko UPS, Inverters, Solar & Wind Power Equipment, Computer Products & Accessories.

Beebull Engineering Sdn Bhd

a) Electric Tankless Instant Water Heater b) Electric Showers c) Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters d) Electric Inline Instant water Heater e) Electric Pumped Showers f) Household Water Purifiers g) Household Mains Water Filter h) Kitchen Water Purifiers i) RO Water Purifers j) Home aplliances

Beehive Lighting(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Solar LED garden/street light, solar lantern, solar camping light

Beijing Century Chengtong Electronics Co., Ltd

Our main LED products include:LED indoor/outdoor, single color/dual color/full color displays, curtain wall, LED bulbs/street light/floodlight/track light/ceiling lamps/down light/tube/strip.

Beijing Eastwest Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing East-West Electronics Technology Ltd., is a company that specializes in the design, production and distribution of Solar Photovoltaic products and power inverters. We are the service center and technical support in China for Steca GmbH Germany which is one of the biggest companies globally that manufacture Solar Charge Controllers. Our company manufactures Solar Power Systems for the purposes of household use, commercial use, and utilization of industries in the remote regions. Our company also provides wide variety solar modules, Power Inverter, Charge Controller, Maintenance-Free Batteries, DC Lighting, and other related products to a large consumer base.

Beijing Huadu Maohua PU products Co., Ltd.

T and G, Cam-lock system, Thickness : 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm.

Beksolar Ventures

We are beksolar ventures nigeria that deals with general contract, construction and project management, manufacturer's representation, building energy management and conservation, interior decoration and stationary and material supplies. E. T. C.

Belize Bicycle Canada

BeOn Solar

We provide On-Grid and Off-Grid solar energy solutions to Domestic, commercial, agriculture and industrial sector. Our specialty is Solar operated Water pumps for irrigation.

Beon Solar Technologies

Solar Electric System, Renewable Energy, Alternate Energy System, Energy Efficient Products

Bervé BV Power Technologies

Berv BV Engineering was founded in 1985 and is a business enterprise specialised in power conditioning. The experience made up in our existence stands for quality. The results of the collaboration with one of the largest manufactures of UPS systems has given us a great advantage. Today we can claim to have acquired a long term of power protection experience. If there is any problem with your power supply, Berv Engineeringwill be the first with a suitable and payable solution. Product Range. ´Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ´Transformers ´Stabilizers ´AC / DC converters ´Generators ´Vacuum Forming Machines Range of Applications oProfessional IT oTelecommunications oIndustry oSecurity oOffshore industry...

Best Energy Company

Best Energy, LLC

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)Electricity Generating Systems for Homes & Buildings: On-grid & Off-grid.

Beta Energy Afrique S. A

BETA ENERGY a entamé ses activités avec la commercialisation de batteries, entre 2004 et 2006, pour diverses applications : stationnaire et démarrage. La percée considérable en électronique de puissance dans la filière électronique, a trouvé comme solution à la problématique du stockage de l'énergie : la batterie. Les énergies fossiles se raréfiant, nous avons diversifie nos activités, pour répondre aux demandes du marché, à partir de 2006, en proposant une gamme variée de produits et services énergétiques sur mesure.

Betlux Electronics Co., Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer of LED products like LED lamps, LED Numeric display, LED Dot Matrix, LED Light Bar, Outdoor Lamp Cluster etc. and furthermore, we develop LED lighting products, we can provide you LED tube light, flexible LED strip, 1W high power LED module, etc. Our factory is located in Ningbo China. Our products are widely exported to many countries around the world including Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Bhambri Enterprises

Bhambri Enterprises -an ISO 9001-2008 certified company ;pioneers of state of art solar products in India. Approved By MNRE (Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy ) Govt. Of India

Bias LED Lighting, Inc.

Distributor and importer of state of the art LED Obstruction Lights.

Bieber Architectural Windows

You're building a dream home, our European custom wood windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, French doors, entrance doors and sliding/folding doors are adaptable to any type of architecture. Experience the traditional beauty and warmth of classic wood.

Bindal & Bindal Batteries (P) Ltd

Bindal & Bindal Batteries (P) Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer of industrial (tubular, automotive, solar batteries in india.

Bindal Technopolymer

Bindal Technopolymer has highly trained drafts persons who use advance 3D (3 Dimension), CAD (Computer aided Design) and CAM (Computer-aided manufacturing) system to develop battery containers moulds. As a popular and an unequaled battery containers and tool manufacturer, Bindal has established good reputation in providing a high standard service as well as producing advance technical injection mould tools. In addition, Bindal team is offering one stop shop of plastic moulds and tools. The company manages whole operation of molding, sampling and inspection in house. We are capable of delivering our service on time with a price that satisfies our clients. Bindal prides itself on a close flexible relationship with its customers, who work in t...

Biodiesel Holding

Biodiesel production plants - consulting/know-how - design - turn key delivery Edible oil production plants - consulting/know-how - design - turn key delivery Vegetable oil as fuel production plants - consulting/know-how - design - turn key delivery Pressing units Biogas plants Combined heat and power units - cogeneration Special distillation units Glycerol treatment units Regeneration/Recycling of used mineral oils unitsVegetable oils (rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, etc. ), biofuels (FAME, RME, UCOME), glycerine and FFA production and trading.

Bioenergy Technology Limited

We provide wood fired Boilers (log, chip and pellet)from 3kW room heaters up to 4mWatts industrial and all ancillary equipment for domestic, community, commercial and industrial applications for heating and hot water. We can act as consultants for wood heating projects and provide and install complete heating systems. We are a fully accredited supplier for the UK governments Microgeneration Scheme, see www. bioenergy. org.

Biofires Ireland Ltd.

Biofires Ireland provide distribution, sales and customer support services for a wide range of bioethanol fires and bioethanol stoves and bioethanol heaters throughout Ireland and the UK. Brands include Beefire, Ecosmart, Decoflame, Decofire & Planika.

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