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Palace Geo Thermal

We are licensed contractors and drillers, installers of geothermal heating and cooling systems also known as geoexchange systems; serving Salt Lake, Provo, Orem, Ogden, Park City, and Tooele areas. Conservative estimates show that for every unit of energy into a geoexchange system, 3 additional free units of energy are transferred from the ground 400% verses a high efficiency gas furnace at around 90% (US Dept. of Energy).

Pellet HD

Delivery of premium wood pellets to homes and business in Utah.

Pioneer Solar

Pioneer Solar & Electric is your "one stop" solar shop. From initial site survey through design, and financing to installation and grid-tie, we do it all under one roof. With over 40 yrs of Electrical Contracting experience, and 24 yrs of Certified Solar experience we can provide the "Peace of Mind" you require, whether you are a residential, commercial or government customer.

PowerStream Technology

PowerStream specializes in the development of custom power technologies for OEM's in a hurry. Off-the-shelf and Custom batteries, battery chargers, power supplies, UPS, DC/DC converters, inverters, battery management boards, battery testers. Agency approvals. Manufacturing in all volumes.

Progressive Power Solutions, Inc.

Radiant Shop

We have a large supply of dependable radiant heating system. Our website will help you design a custom system to warm you and your family. Our systems are 99% efficient.

Renewable Energy Advisors

Our consultants can provide a number of services that will help you to determine the viability of a solar installation at your site. Realistic assessment of solar potential at your site. Latitude, altitude, weather patterns, site shading and connection availability all affect the financial potential of your system. These are all considered in our most basic consulting package. Accurate valuation of solar power at your electric rate structure. Depending upon your rate structure and usage patterns, the financial benefits of solar power vary dramatically. Unbiased LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) calculation for your specific site and system design parameters. A realistic expectation of results will help you to craft a specific, competitiv...

Sinergex Technologies

Sinergex is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power conversion products such as DC to AC Power inverters, Battery chargers, Inverter/Charger Combis, DC Converters and battery monitoring systems. Through commitment to excellence in product development, quality standards, technology, and customer support, Sinergex has grown rapidly since its conception in 1999. With a presence in every continent, Sinergex has the knowledge, flexibility and resources to deliver high performance power electronics wherever power is needed.

Solar Unlimited Energy & Homes, Inc.

Solar Unlimited Energy & Homes, Inc. Providing all your solar energy needs since 1998. Using our renewable energy products allows you to reduce your electric bill, sell power back to the utility company, have back up power, or generate your own power and cut your fossill fuel consumption at the same time. Whether it's power for a remote cabin or off-setting a large utility bill, solar energy can work for you. Licensed, Bonded & Insured in Utah and Nevada NABCEP Certified

Solar Unlimited Energy & Homes, Inc. has been selling high quality Residential & Commercial Solar products since 1998. Although we are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we have compiled an extensive selection of our favorite solar products and accessories from manufacturers across the nation. We sell only the best products of the highest quality. Partly because of our refusal to sell anything but the best and partly because of our dedication to both our customers and our products, we are the leading Internet seller of Solar Panels and accessories. You can count on us to provide you with high quality products, great deals, and excellent customer service.

Solartek Solutions

FREE ELECTRICITY FOR A YEAR! No Payments, No Money Down and No Interest for 1 full year giving you the ability to produce electricity for a year for free and receive all government rebates/tax credits!

Sound Geothermal

Cut your yearly heating and cooling costs in half. We specialize in geothermal and solar hot water systems for residential and commercial applications. We offer consulting, design, equipment supply, installation, and commissioning services.

Starr Energy

Starr Energy is a renewable energy contractor and educator for solar, wind, batteries, hydroelectric and generators

Sterling Solar, LLC

Sunlight Solar Systems

Fully licensed S202 Solar Photovoltaic Contractor; S200 Electrical Contractor. We custom design all of our solar energy systems to match the architecture of your home or business with maximum efficiency and safety in mind. Let Sunlight Solar design and install your solar system with a guarantee of doing it right the first time.

Survival Dealer

Everything for self defense, home security, and surveilance.

Sustainable Power Group

Synergy Power Inc.

Tech Connect

UPS Experts - Service & Repair on all brands & all sizes of UPS system. Sales and Design/Build services on all brands. UPS & Telco system battery testing & replacements. Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, sales, service, installation.

The Aquasana Store

Aquasana water filters protect you from a wide range of dangerous drinking water contaminants. Try a water filter from Aquasana for safe, great-tasting water.

TRA Snow & Sun

TRA-Mage, Inc.

Utah Solar & Alternative Energy

Utah Solar Solutions

Solar energy, wind power electricity and hydro water power systems, your free energy resources for heating, cooling, boilers, generators, renewable batteries, circuit breakers, air conditioning systems, portable power pumps, swimming pool heaters by Utah Solar Solutions

Vivint Solar

Vroom Electric Bicycles

VROOM Electric Bicycle Manufacture and Wholesale Sales to Trade

Warmzone. com

Warmzone is your one-stop destination for purchasing the finest radiant heating products. We specialize in matching your individual project to a radiant heating system that makes sense. Warmzone is also a leading designer in heated driveways. Use radiant heat to create a heated driveway is becoming more and more common.

Wasatch Solar

Wasatch Sun

Wasatch Sun provides a complete energy solution for reducing you consumption as well as eliminating your electric bill. With multiple skills from solar design to general construction; we can provide a complete solution from start to finish without the need of outside help.

Western Solar Energy

Western Solar Energy provides customers with highly effecient means to conserve energy including solar thermal, photo-voltaic, and wind energy.

Witch Well Energy

Everything for off grid living.

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