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Labyrinth Network

LED Manufacturer, LED Wholesale Supplier, Energy Saving Solution, Compact Remote System (CRS) via Power line & GSM/GPRS

Lighthouse Solar & Lighting Sdn Bhd

LIGHTHOUSE SOLAR & LIGTHING Sdn Bhd specialized in Light-Energy-Engineering. We help home owners, retail oulet owners, interior designers, developers, contractors, facility managers by providing them SMART, COOL, TRENDY, yet ENERGY EFFICIENT, ECO-FRIENDLY solutions through enabling technologies such as LED Lighting, Energy Efficient Lighting, Special effect lighting, Mood Lighting, Energy Saving Solution, Solar Energy Solutions, Smart Home Solutions, CCTV & Security Solutions. Let's latest technologies enhance your home, your retail shops, your business.


World's most efficient thermosyphon solar water heater, 60 coaxial valves, vacuum glazed, stainless steel, USA Patent & worldwide patents, 408 litres x max temp 95 deg C daily, without chemicals, without pumps, no electricity. Worldwide distributors and partners welcome. Solar air conditioning capable, water purification/pasteurisation capable with cost-efficient design. See us on Facebook.

Mikimoto Communications Sdn. Bhd.

Neapoli Sdn Bhd

Neapoli Sdn Bhd is a Kuala Lumpur based environmental design and engineering consultancy for the built envornment. The name is derived from the Greek words nea (new) and poli (city), inspired by our mission to optimise and design the next generation built environment. Neapoli's philosophy is to create environments that are socially, environmentally and financially responsible and resource-efficient throughout their life-cycle: from site selection, to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. Our practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, health and comfort. We work with the client and the design team to meet the highest standards of sustainable dev...

Nikkhsin Irons (m) Sdn Bhd

Nikkhsin Irons provides recycling solution services to manage the disposal of thousands of tones of waste per year. Our recycling and waste management efforts help reduce the amount of waste that reaches the local landfills. The company initiated in 2003 as a scrap metal facility providing collection and trading of scrap metal. Through the years the company has expanded its potential and capabilities by transforming itself into a modern business dealing with all forms of scrap trading, scrap collection services and import export. Today, Nikkhsin services trades locally in Malaysia and with affiliated companies in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines & Cambodia. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstandi...

Pacific Engineering Sdn Bhd

We are the most efficient heat pump manufacturer & producer in the world. PECOL, the brand name, has established in Malaysia for the past 33 years and it is still growing exponentially for the rest of the world to enjoy great savings of their electricity bill in water heating. Heat Pump is just one of our products. Beside Heat Pump, we produce Solar Hot Water System, Instant Water Heater, Electric Storage Heater, Dishwasher and Filter (OEM). You will pay ZERO heating cost by using our invention of air-condition waste heat reclaim heater a.k.a. Aircon Water Heater.

Pekat Teknologi Sdn Bhd

PFG Ventures Resources (M) Sdn Bhd

LED manufacturer and expertise in providing energy saving solutions & consultation services

Polyworld Sdn Bhd

Polyworld Sdn Bhd, Malaysia is the manufacturer and exporter of all types JIS, DIN PP containers and covers for battery manufacturing. We also produce traction and industrial battery containers. Our company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Process Heat Engineering

Consultancy - Project Management - Erection supervision Spare part supply from Europe

Professional Energy (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Renewable energy system, Environment engineering & Technical Training For Boilerman. /boilermen/

RE FIT Solution Sdn. Bhd

Renewables Plus Limited

Restu Indah Sdn Bhd

Scadatech Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

We are Factory Automation / Industrial Automation / Machine Automation / Building Automation specialists. We provide PLC / RTU / SCADA / HMI / VSD / Servo / Temperature / Level / Weighbridge / Lighting Control systems. Energy saving Compressors, Motors, Pumps, LEDs & Lighting. Johnson Lukose (M) +60 (12) 2118790

SKP Thermal Energy Sdn. Bhd.

Supplier for Shell & Tube and Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers to the Power, Petrol-Chemical, Oleo-Chemical and Food Processing Industry.

SOL-Lite (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Solamas Sdn. Bhd.

Solar Sentinel Sdn Bhd

Solar SkyWorks

We are specialist in Solar Power System for Swiftlet House. We will engaged in Solar Water Heating System and Solar Ventilation / Air conditioner in the future.

Solaris Solar Sdn. Bhd.

registered Service provider with SEDA to provide complete solution to home or commercial owners who wish to install solar PV system on their house to enjoy the enhanced tariff rate as residual income under FIT programme by TNB.

Solarmate Sdn Bhd

SolarMate Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of MechMar Corporation (M) Berhad, a public listed company. SolarMate heaters are widely used in residential houses, housing schemes, hospitals, resorts, commercial / industrial buildings and government projects both in Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia and overseas. SolarMate is the first solar heater manufacturer and the leader in solar hot water heater system in Malaysia, over 20, 000 units have been installed all over Malaysia since it started 29 years ago, system installed then are still working even today. We provide full range of reliable technical and maintenance back up services. Installation is done by our own teams of experienced men.

Solarpro Enterprise

Our Company provide design, install, commissioning of solar system. And We are the approved license BIPV service provider. We supplying all type of solar penal, from small penal up to bigger penal, solar charge controller, and solar deep cycle batteries.

Thermo Renewable Sdn Bhd

INTRIX group of companies comprises of R&D Consultancy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Components, Instruments and Training Divisions. We provide custom design heating systems for leading European companies, Renewable Energy for hot water system for local residential, commercial and industrial market. Our hot water system products from decentralized to centralized systems include- INTRIX EXTRACTORTM(INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL Water Heat Pump)- INTRIX TOUGHTANKTMThermal Energy Storage Cylinder (Water Tank)- INTRIX EXTRACTORTMModular Ambient Heat Extractor (RESIDENTIAL Water Heat Pump)- INTRIX eCompactTMThermostatic Tankless Electric Water Heater (Instantaneous Hot Water System)- INTRIX SKYLINETMSolar Thermal Collector (COMMERCIAL Solar Panel)...


TQLEDS. com is a 1-Stop Comprehensive LED Lighting Solutions Provider in Malaysia to serve not only the local market but caters for global demand too . TQLEDS. com offers an ideal online shopping mall where our members can choose from a long list of product selection right from the comfort and convenience of their locations at anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Our goal is to build a long term relationship as your LED Lighting Solutions Preferred Supplier by providing top quality products and service that exceeds your expectations. We serve a broad range of customers and applications for Train Stations, Airports, Bus Stations, Underground Tunnels, Underground Waters, Shopping Malls, Transports & Logistics, Factories, Commercial Buildings, etc

Wazlina Sdn. Bhd.

Wide Beam Sdn Bhd

Wise Path Sdn. Bhd.

We specialized in system integration and automation especially involving Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Using our own expertise we have developed our own PLC, and HMI (Human Machine Interface) which conform with industrial standard. Bulding Automation, power meter, Custom PLC, VMS

ADC Power Concept

Apex Opto Technology

Candeo Solutions

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