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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. - Mitsui-Thang Long Steel Construction Company, Jv - ModernHST - Molins De Vent Tarrago - momac GmbH & Co. KG - MOREnergy ( MECARO RIO VISTA ENERGY CORPORATION) - Moretrench American Corporation - Morning Solar Ltd - Motion Controls - Mouli Engineering Inc. - MPbata Energy, Environment, and Engineering - MSI Windservice - Technology Made Simple - MTM Scientific, Inc - MUST sarl - Myalternative Energy - M. A. C. Corporation - M.C.S Mine Construction Services Inc. - M/s Green Power Services - M/s Machinocraft - M/S. Aditya Associates - M&A Ingenieria, CxA - Magaw Electric - Magnetek - MainWind BV. - Majinco S. a - Majinco S. a - MakBel Consulting - Mana Automation - Mapmaker Photogrammetric Services - MARC Power Systems GmbH - Marcio Teixeira - Marine Professionals Limited -

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Mitsui-Thang Long Steel Construction Company, Jv

The leading manufacturer in the field of fabricated steel structure.


Since the founding of www. modernhome. pl in 2007, we strive to promote LED lighting as a modern and energy - saving light source. We deliver "green", enviroment friendly solutions to our customers, while keeping their energy bills as low as possible. Our company offers services of design and sales of LED lighting in the form of LED lamps, fixtures, strips, bars, modules, and wall washers. Apart from that we are also offering solar powered street/garden lighting, independent from the grid. ModernHST cooperates with many manufacturers, always keen to expand our offer, we guarantee high quality of the products. Our customers are always provided with a custom-tailored solution that suits their needs.

Molins De Vent Tarrago

Manufacture, comercialization and sales of windmills to pump water.

momac GmbH & Co. KG

We have specialized in the maintenance and repair of wind turbines from a range of manufacturers. Our corrective maintenance works is fully equipped over a producing area of over 7. 000 m2 for testing, maintenance, repair and complete overhaul of wind turbines. AT THE FACTORY -Repair of components an complete units -Replacement parts -Overhaul -Refit programme ON SITE -Breakdown service -Maintenance an repair -Replacement of components -Alignment work -Condition Monitoring -Construction an dismantling TEST -Surveys -Vibration analyses -Electric tests according to BGV A2 -Crane tests according to BGV D6 -Recurrent tests -Warranty inspections


The Spiral Magnus is the World's Most Stable Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine that can be installed in mountainous regions, coastal areas, urban areas, buildings, parks and host of other application. It make use of cylinder-shaped blades with spirally arranged fins attached around the cylinders, that results to a higher efficiencies in lower wind speeds and environment friendly than traditional wind turbines. It employs the proven Magnus Effect, which turns the turbines that generates electricity by spinning cylinders in a wind stream. Please visit our website for more details.

Moretrench American Corporation

Morning Solar Ltd

We are a leading supplier specilizing in components for solar and wind energy system. Products cover photovoltaic panel, wind turbine (HAWT and VAWT), inverter and charge controller. Many products are covered by CE, IEC, TUV, UL and produced under ISO. Big quantity products have been exported to Europe and US. We have many projects in China, including the biggest 1MW in Shenzhen China and the 100KW PV system for Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

Motion Controls

Mouli Engineering Inc.

Comprehensive photovoltaic systems - site assess, design, install and commission. Sales and distributors for UL certified photovoltaic modules and small wind turbines (up to 20kW). Consulting for 1. Root cause determination of Failures, 2. Renewable energy farm development 3. Expert witness - Litigation & Insurance 4. Process optimization, 5. Reliability improvement & Statistical methods (outlier analysis) 6. Global business plan & Team Building, 7. Test coverage, Test screens for improved performance & reliability

MPbata Energy, Environment, and Engineering

The environmental challenge has heightened the importance of energy efficiency, renewable energy, thermal solar energy, and photovoltaic solar energy. Protection of the environment requires engineering and consulting companies that develop high-quality projects responding to these new necessities. MPbataís principal activities are environment, energy, and engineering. With its headquarters in Barcelona, MPbata works with highly qualified engineers to complete projects related to the environment and energy in the region of Catalonia.

MSI Windservice - Technology Made Simple

Electronic repair of Vestas wind turbine controller and power electronics for Vestas V27, V29, V39, V42, V44, V47, V63, V66 wind turbine. Cotas/Vestas DIGITAL/ANALOG INPUT/OUTPUT MODULES

MTM Scientific, Inc

MTM Scientific, Inc is a supplier of Solar Tracker Circuit Kits for Single Axis Sun Tracking. Other energy related products are the Temperature Controller Kits and Battery Charge Meter Kits. All of the kits are designed for technical hobbyists, and include detailed instructions and circuit diagrams. MTM offers worldwide shipping. The MTM Scientific website has free information about many energy related projects, such as how to measure the power output of Solar Panels, how to rewind Alternators for higher voltage for Windmills and how to use DC motors as Generators.

MUST sarl

MUST sarl recognizes the dire need for Green technology and products. It provides the market with innovative renewable energy products&Led. We Offer a wide range of High Quality of Solar products & systems, LED products targeting all sectors: Commercial, Private, Industrial and Household. MUST sarl is the Sole Agent of Xiamen Solar First Energy Technology co., ltd. in The Middle East and GCC, and most recently in Africa. Our reputation for integrity, professionalism and innovation sets the standards for operational excellence wherever we do business. MUST Solar provides: Solar Power Generating Systems Solar Lighting Solar Traffic Aids for road and traffic signs Solar Repellers for insects and birds Solar Gadgets MUST LED provides: LED indoo...

Myalternative Energy

MyAlternative Energy strives to bring you all the latest and most exciting news related to solar, wind, biomass and geothermal energy. In addition, we are here to provide the facts about environmentally friendly forms of technology, including the newest electric car models.

M. A. C. Corporation

M.C.S Mine Construction Services Inc.

M/s Green Power Services

M/s Machinocraft

M/S. Aditya Associates

M&A Ingenieria, CxA

Magaw Electric

Magaw Electric is a full service large scale electrical contractor in business for the past 80 years. We install and service photovoltaic systems and wind turbines.


MainWind BV.

Majinco S. a

MAJINCO S APionnier de l'Energie VerteFournisseur et Installateurs des systÌmes d 'Electrification ï Energie RenouvellablePlusieurs Gammes de Kits Solaires adaptÌ©s ï toutes les besoins. Des Kits Solaires personalisÌ©s selon l'Exigeance de notre clientÌle.

Majinco S. a

MakBel Consulting

We do Business development of your energy projects in Macedonia and other Balkan countries. Having offices in Macedonia and Belgium we get in contact easily with other European companies. We are already working with Belgian, German and Spanish companies in the fild of solar and wind development projects. If you need consulting services in the Balkan region, we can help you.

Mana Automation

Mapmaker Photogrammetric Services

MARC Power Systems GmbH

Marcio Teixeira

Send email Nesta fase inicial, podemos dizer os preços de base para aerogeradores: Exemplo dos melhores preços:(preço sem iva) Aerogerador 1KW 900 euros Aerogerador 2KW 1500 euros Características: Material reforçado durável de fibra de vidro, preço baixo por o kWh e confiabilidade operacional máxima. Desempenho aerodinâmico excelente do rotor com coeficiente da energia elevada, velocidade baixa de start-up/cut-in e ruído baixo. Utilize do "o princípio aerodinâmico do projeto elevador" para maximize a velocidade rotatória da lâmina e para minimizar o nível de ruído. Padrôes de qualidade elevada a resultar em um mínimo de 20 anos da vida de serviço. Pouco peso aerodinâmico da lâmina par...

Marine Professionals Limited

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