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Energus works in two fields: A. Lithium Ion batteries and battery management systemsB. Energy efficiency servicesA. We manufacture high charge density batteries with advanced safety and reliability features installed. Our batteries can be easily assembled into large capacity accumulators using simple bolts. Feel free to contact us for more informationB. Seeing the ever rising energy resource prices and their inefficient use, we offer our clients Energy Saving Services. Our service consists of the following stages:1. Full site energy audit . 2. Energy purchasing analysis. 3. Analysis of return of investment. 4. Installation of Energy monitoring system. 5. Active actions to save energy in the object. 6. Maintenance of savings and installed sy...

We can offer Birch Firewood (40L - 60L sacks, favns)ash oak alder firewood loose in boxes and in bags, Wood Pellets (25kg sacks, Big Packs) 6mm and 8mm, Wood Briquettes, Wood Charcoal the moment. Please contact me or visit our website for more information.

Mb Sves

Saules Energija

Company UAB "Saulës energija" was established in 1991. Lab personnel of Semiconductor Physics Institute in Vilnius, seeking to implement their research of many years in practice, established the enterprise. The UAB "Saulës energija" produces photovoltaic modules for the Lithuanian market - solar power supply units for electronic equipment, yachts, tourism and equipment for teaching as well. Since 1999 UAB "Saulës energija" designs, outfits and supervises photovoltaic as well as hybrid small-scale solar-wind power stations. Today UAB "Saulës energija" is the only enterprise in Lithuania, since 1991 designing and outfitting small-scale hybrid solar-wind electric power stations.


Via Solis



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