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Business Names Starting with B

Barrett Electric Co., Inc. - BASE - Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy - BDE - BDT Energy Group Inc - Bharat Solar Industry - Big Sky Solar-Wind - Biogas Production Increase Experts - Black Mountain Financial - Blue Energy Partners - Blueline Power - Bluestar Solar Inc. - Bowen Engineering - Brobeck Solar Energy LLC - Brueckner Biotec GmbH - Bysolar, Inc. - Basra Biodiesel - BBC Worldwide Solar, LLC - Beaufort Windpower LLC - Biofarm Artel LLC - Blackstone Solar Inc. - Blue Chip Solar and Wind - Boca Power Systems - Burrell Investments -

Barrett Electric Co., Inc.

BASE - Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy

Mission BASE's mission is to promote and facilitate investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy to accelerate worldwide commercialization of sustainable energy and to contribute to global climate protection, poverty mitigation, and conflict prevention. Services BASE helps to mobilize investment in sustainable energy by: * Acting as independent broker to help project developers access funding and help investors identify profitable investment opportunities * Providing a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to build partnerships * Promoting innovative financing instruments * Developing practical tools to facilitate investment in sustainable energy * Serving as information clearinghouse and communication cent...


Wind turbine specialists and renewable energy specialists. . Complete service providers.

BDT Energy Group Inc

Our selection of professional and commercial grade LED lighting products cannot be found in retail stores. We proudly offer LED lighting products from a select group of manufacturers, with products made in the USA. Our LED bulbs are made with high quality material from well-known manufacturers such as Nichia, Samsung, Cree, and Philips. Because we use the combination of the best components and the best design manufacturers, it ensures our LED products will stand the length of time while delivering top performance results. We combine the best products with great customer service ensuring satisfaction time after time.

Bharat Solar Industry

Big Sky Solar-Wind

Providing Renewable Energy Systems with superior customer service and education. We provide complete system design, installation, and system monitoring! We work with all state and federal incentives to make sure you pay the least while providing clean renewable energy to help sustain the environment. Honesty, quality, and customer service are what we provide, visit us today Sincerely; Michael Sudik, owner and Nabcep Certified Solar PV InstallerRecently we have been working with electric vehicles. We have converted a 1952 Jeep to be 100% all electric. Boasting a range of 80 miles the jeep can charge in less than six hours.

Biogas Production Increase Experts

We have a biotechnology and a technology that helps producing between + 15 % and +25 % biogas for same input substrates. Very good customer references. We are paid on results only : we get a percentage of the additional revenues and costs savings we bring to the customers. We are looking for new serious distributors/partners in some countries active in the biogas and/or Sludge/Waste Water Treatment Plant sectors.

Black Mountain Financial

We are a finder of debt and equity for renewable projects.

Blue Energy Partners

Blue Energy Partners develops energy projects around the world, and provides project finance and investment banking services to developers of traditional and renewable energy projects in all major global markets. From traditional to renewable energy sources, the principals of Blue Energy Partners have been directly involved in the development, financing, exploration, transmission and distribution of energy on six continents. Our belief is that access to reliable, affordable energy is key to the world's economic and social development. With a management team rich with experience in project development, project finance, private equity and investment banking, Blue Energy Partners continuously contributes to the successful development of new en...

Blueline Power

Blueline Power designs, installs and services on-site and integrated power systems that provide commercial, residential, agricultural, government and non-profit customers with power independence. Our mission is to lower energy costs and facilitate the adoption of clean and renewable energy technologies while reducing dependence on imported foreign fuel. We are guided by Value, Vision, and Integrity. VALUE: We design and install clean energy systems which reduce energy costs and demonstrate a clear return on investment (ROI). VISION: We create a cleaner, safer planet by helping people reduce dependence on petroleum fuels. INTEGRITY: Honesty, transparency and continuous improvement drive our actions.

Bluestar Solar Inc.

Contact us today for complete consultation regarding your Solar PV System.

Bowen Engineering

Bowen Engineering is a 40 year old, Union General Contractor, focusing on water, wastewater and power construction. Headquartered in Fishers, Indiana the company has branch offices in Crown Point and Evansville, Indiana, Knoxville, Tennessee and Columbus, Ohio. The company is employee-owned and self-performs over seventy percent of the work they engage in.

Brobeck Solar Energy LLC

Brueckner Biotec GmbH

Biogas can also be produced (apart from the basic feed stocks from agriculture such as cattle, hog and chicken manure, corn, grass or clover silage) by utilizing industrial residues from the food and biofuels industry (stillage and rape seed cake), used frying fats and organic waste. This allows to go for bigger plants and the respective ‘Economies of Scale'. Apart from the conventional incineration of biogas in gas motors for the production of power and heat, technologies of the future are going to be feeding the biogas directly to the gas pipeline grid or to utilise liquid biogas for combustion engines in cars.

Bysolar, Inc.

Bysolar is a turnkey, innovative solar installer located in Denville, NJ. We have been responsible for the deployment of solar electric systems on commercial and industrial facilities, educational institutions, churches, and multiple types of residential buildings. We're confident that our custom-designed solar energy systems will yield the highest electrical savings at the most competitive price to give you Clean, Profitable, and Responsible (CPR) energy for your home or facility.

Basra Biodiesel

BBC Worldwide Solar, LLC

Beaufort Windpower LLC

Biofarm Artel LLC

Blackstone Solar Inc.

Blue Chip Solar and Wind

Boca Power Systems

Burrell Investments

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