Biomass Energy Trade Associations in the World

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US Renewable Energy Association

USREA is a volunteer renewable energy advocacy organization. We are made up of members just like you from across the USA. We rely on input, news and perspective from our members and partner companies to help spread the word about technologies that are revolutionary, and have the potential to change the way we power our future. We seek participation from schools, renewable companies, researchers and R. E. enthusiasts to assist with content and perspective, so we can share with others. We can only get better with your participation, so we look to our members to make this a great site. Do you belong?

Green Cape

The Green Cape Initiative is a Sector Development Agency established by the Western Cape Provincial government and The City of Cape Town. The Green Cape Initiative was established to unlock the manufacturing and employment potential in the Green Economy in the Western Cape. We assist in ensuring that the barriers to the growth of the green economy in the Western Cape are minimized and that the Western Cape is the investment destination of choice for businesses involved in the African Green Economy.

Landfill Gas Association

The Landfill Gas Association is one of the UK's seven renewable energy trade associations. It represents the interests of those involved in the utilisation of landfill gas. Landfill gas contains methane, produced by the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in landfill sites. Its major use is for electricity generation, although other direct uses include CHP applications, kiln firing and vehicle fuel. Its members comprise specialist development companies, waste management companies, consultants and a range of associated equipment and service providers. Amongst the range of services provided to members, the association runs a detailed and comprehensive training course on landfill gas management and utilisation. The course is run in conjunction with the Institution of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers.

South Dakota Renewable Energy Association

In addition to educational activities, we partner with other non-profit groups in the state to support new policies encouraging renewable energy development. We also work with policy makers, government agencies, and individuals to implement renewable energy programs. Our members are playing a major role in making South Dakota a better place to live and work.

Biomass Energy Research Association (BERA)

An association of biofuels researchers, companies, and advocates that promotes education and research on renewable biomass energy and waste-to-energy systems.

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