Renewable Energy Wholesale Suppliers in the Dominican Republic

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Battery BBagra

Battery Additive for regeneration and maintenance of Lead acid batteries We are seeking Importers and Dealers on Exclusive basis to purchase our product which is # 1 in the Dominican republic and has a 9 year track record Battery Additive for regeneration and maintenance of Lead acid batteries

E&M Somos Services, C. X A.

Air conditining solar technology, Grid-tied, Stand alone; Submersible, Pressure, Pool Circulation Water Pumps.

Freddy Multiservice S.A.

Freddy Multiservice comprometido a proveer la mas alta calidad y tecnología disponible con un servicio al cliente superior, siendo esta nuestra estrategia que nos distingue de nuestra competencia y nos hace líder en el área de servicio eléctrico.

Green Renewable Energy Consultants S. A.

G. R. E. C. specializes in consultation, sales, design, service, and installation of complete Renewable Energy Power Systems. All components necessary for a complete, efficient, system including: towers, power conditioning equipment, monitoring systems, hardware, energy storage, and conversion devices. We provide highly reliable power systems integrating photovoltaic solar panels, small and large wind turbines, for Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural Applications Whether you are utility grid-connected or grid-independent, need uninterrupted power or not, G. R. E. C. offers custom solutions for all of your energy needs.

Quetenvio Inc

Solar panel kits, Sistemas solar, Instant Connect" de Westinghouse Solar, 25 años de garantías certificadas, System Renewable power System, Alternative Energy System, Energía Eólica para Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom. Inversores cargadores solar de 110/220V desde 1. 5 Kilowatts hasta 14 Kilowatts, Bombillas LED desde 6W hasta 15W

Soluz Dominicana, S.A.

Soluz, Inc.'s operating subsidiary in the Dominican Republic, Soluz Dominicana, serves thousands of retail customers, along with dealers and institutional clients. Soluz Dominicana serves retail customers with cash, credit, and rental offerings. It also sells PV systems and components to dealers and to institutional clients government agencies and non-governmental organizations. The company operates Soluz Service Centers in Sosua, Puerto Plata, and Cotui, Sanchez Ramirez.

TENESOL Hispaniola

Subsidiary of a major petroleum group TOTAL, TENESOL Hispaniola is developping its' activities in the PV area since 1997. From the design of the system to the maintenance, Tenesol Hispaniola offers a high engineering design level combined with high quality equipment whatever is the application, residential, industrial, rural areas, street lighting, led lighting, pool filtration and pool lighting, Tenesol is your partner to achieve your project in the best conditions

Trace Solar / Trace International

Trace specializes in energy efficiency including LED lighting, HVAC and Solar systems. Trace engineering team has been providing complete turnkey solutions to the country in order to save energy costs to their customers. In Solar, we have designed, sold, and installed, over 90% of the systems in the island. Our latest project, the largest in the country was the 1. 5 MW Cibao airport project.

CERCA Dominicana, S. A.

Sol del Choco S.A.

Soluciones Energeticas del Caribe, S. A.



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