Cathodic Protection System Design Businesses in the United States

Ameresco Solar - Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Solutions - Deepwater Corrosion Services - JATS Alternative Power Co. - LP Hoying, LLC - Dixon Engineering Inc. - Perry Electric - R.Cleveland UG Technologies Corp. - Valenti Technological Innovations -

Ameresco Solar

Excellence in the design and supply of renewable energy products. Let our over 50 combined years of experience go to work for you. Our complete line consist of: Solar Modules - Wind Generators - Inverters - Batteries -Battery & System Enclosures - Solar Mounting Structures - Solar Charge Controllers - Complete System Design and Assistance

Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Solutions

Provide Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection Services. Industries include Oil and Gas, Power Plant, Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Municipalities, Construction, Offshore Industry, Industrial and Commercial Project. Structures include Pipes (Oil, Gas, Water, Chemical), Tanks (AST and UST), Mooring Dolphins, Bridge Decks, Offshore Platforms, Well Casings, Water Intake Structures, and other related Metallic, Plastic and Reinforced Concrete Structures.

Deepwater Corrosion Services

Deepwater designs and manufactures cathodic protection systems for offshore and marine assets, specializing in retrofit systems for aging assets in need of life extension. Founded in 1986, Deepwater is a full-service corrosion control company, supplying the oil and gas industry with expertise in cathodic protection and asset integrity management. Using our own proprietary product designs, Deepwater has always focused on innovative methods and new products to improve lagging industry standards. The result is a much more reliable and cost-effective approach to corrosion prevention offshore. From zinc and aluminum sacrificial anodes to full-engineered impressed current cathodic protection systems.

JATS Alternative Power Co.

Alternative Energy based Power Systems using Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, and Mini-Hydro Generators. We offer Free Basic Design for Home and Industry Systems.

LP Hoying, LLC

We design and build solar power supplies for remote Cathodic Protection applications as well as multi-zone rectifiers.

Dixon Engineering Inc.

Perry Electric

R.Cleveland UG Technologies Corp.

Valenti Technological Innovations

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