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Business Names Starting with J

Jeffery Wolfe - JEH Electric - Jensen Well Company Inc - Jeremy Jones - Jersey Solar LLC - Jessup Service Company - JFM Engineering, Inc. - JKB Development Inc. - Joe Mescan Windmill - John Drake Services, Inc. - John Howley's Green Energy - John Rountree Architects - John Youngquist & Associates - Johnny Green Mart - Johnson Controls, Inc. - Johnson Matthey Inc. - Johnson Melloh Solutions - Johnson Plate and Tower Fabrication - Johnson's Power Tech Innovations LLC - joinfoil. org, LLC - Jolico Solar Power - Jon Wright Industries - Jordan Solar - Joshua Energy Systems LLC - Joule Energy - Joyce Solar - JT Mechanicals - Junction Mechanical - Just Wind LLC - JX Crystals, Inc. - J & R Electric - J. W. Wright Wholesale -

Jeffery Wolfe

We are a renewable energy sales, design, distribution and installation company focused on photovoltaics in the northeastern US. We distribute Evergreen Solar and BP Solar photovoltaic panels, SMA, Outback and Magnetek inverters, UniRac racking systems, MK and Rolls Batteries. We also have a complete line of pre-engineered residential systems complete with all required components for companies who are entering the photovoltaic installation business.

JEH Electric

Jensen Well Company Inc

Jeremy Jones

Jersey Solar LLC

Jessup Service Company

Since 1950, Jessup Service has been a leader in the residental & commercial solar & geothermal systems. We offer design, installation, service & repair. Our in-house factory trained service team offers you complete comfort for all your energy needs.

JFM Engineering, Inc.

Manufacturers of precision battery charger-analyzers. Battery service center. Test, repair and certification of Nickel-Cadmiun and Lead-Acid batteries.

JKB Development Inc.

Joe Mescan Windmill

Pond Aeration Windmills. 100% wind power, no electric required. Joe Mescan Windmill # 1 Authorized Distributor in the United States. UPS shipped same day as ordered. American Eagle Windmill Brand. Made in the USA and also electric aerators available. web site: ( 440 ) 236 - 3278

John Drake Services, Inc.

We specialize in the hard to find power products which are essential to many systems. Our in-stock line includes the largest in-stock selection of low voltage DC fluorescent and led lighting. A wide selection of d. c. rated fuses and dc circuit breakers. We are a stocking distributor and retailer for IOTA Engineering, Quick Cable products, Thin Lite, Solar Converters and others. We have the largest 12, 24 & 48 volt d. c. in-stock lighting selections available in the United States. We have been in the alternative energy business since 1988. We offer secure online purchase through our website as well as telephone and mail order.

John Howley's Green Energy

Our mission is helping businesses and communities reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and improve their triple bottom line. We provide seminars, workshops and strategic consulting for organizations adopting sustainable energy practices and for businesses selling into sustainable energy markets. We've also created an on-line community called the Sustainable Energy Forum that allows leaders in business, education and government to share ideas, support one another, and learn from each others' collective knowledge, skills and experiences. We invite you to join us, and we look forward to collaborating with you to make "Green" a standard operating procedure.

John Rountree Architects

John Youngquist & Associates

Johnny Green Mart

Installation and sales of commercial and residential solar hot water heating systems, pool heating sky lighting and energy efficiency products.

Johnson Controls, Inc.

Johnson Matthey Inc.

Johnson Matthey is a world leader in the production of highly specialised ruthenium compounds. Now, through our association with development company INAP, Johnson Matthey can supply this expertise to your photovoltaic research, development and production programmes. With unrivalled access to materials, and proven ability to scale up, Johnson Matthey represents a reliable source - and a natural choice - for the supply of high quality N3 and N719 photovoltaic dyes.

Johnson Melloh Solutions

Johnson Plate and Tower Fabrication

Bergen Southwest Steel specializes in the fabrication of large steel tubular wind towers for the energy industry. Over the last 14 years, the company has produced more than 2000 wind towers that have shipped all over the world. All phases of tower fabrication are handled in house.

Johnson's Power Tech Innovations LLC

Johnson's Power Tech located in the high Cascade mountain ranges of central Oregon designs and builds high performance portable solar power generators. In addition to these high quality power systems, we advise and support our clients regarding the power consumption of typical industrial and household appliances and how they affect the performance of their power systems. Because we focus on both the generation of power and the consumption of power, we put our clients in a superior position to maximize their experience with power usage. This lowers the their cost. We at Johnson's Power Tech, also supply our clients with super high quality wiring and associated cables, accessories, and ultra low power consuming light bulbs. We are also home o...

joinfoil. org, LLC

FOIL's mission is to brand and market earth fuels profitably in a way that gains considerable consumer support and usage. DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TRYING TO BUILD A CONSUMER FRANCHISE FOR ETHANOL WITHOUT A BRAND. OR, BE STUCK WITH BEING A COMMODITY SUBJECT TO PRICE COMPETITION. The business people still around when the economic cycle rebounds will be those who took the measure of hard times, and sought out new and innovative solution to old challenges.

Jolico Solar Power

Design, consulting and sales of domestic solar hot water heating systems. Dealer for Apricus solar hot water heating systems for residential/business applications

Jon Wright Industries

Jordan Solar

Joshua Energy Systems LLC

Joule Energy

Joule Energy is Louisiana's leader in solar panel and solar water heater installation. Our experienced team of solar engineers has installed over 1 megawatt of solar energy systems in Louisiana, helping people save money on their energy bills, maximize their solar tax credits, and produce clean, renewable energy. Visit our website to get a free solar estimate for your home or business today!

Joyce Solar

JT Mechanicals

Junction Mechanical

CCN keeps an eye on your equipment 24/7. Not only does it look for trouble, it also improves performance and efficiency at the same time. In the event of a system problem CCN will alert us and we can react immediately with corrective measures. Often these corrective measures do not require an on site visit, a simple adjustment over the internet usually does the trick without you having to wait and pay for an emergency visit. Faster service for much less money is the cornerstone of CCN's ability but it doesn't stop there. CCN is more than a system policeman, it allows you to monitor the temperature in your multi tenant building (and make adjustments to it) without ever being on site. Furthermore CCN can provide you with detailed energy usa. ...

Just Wind LLC

Wind Farm Development

JX Crystals, Inc.

JX Crystals manufactures and installs low cost 3 Sun PV concentrator modules with trackers.

J & R Electric

J. W. Wright Wholesale

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