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Business Names Starting with K

KUKA Systems Corporation North America - Kayex - Kyocera Solar, Inc. - KACO new energy - Konarka Technologies, Inc. - K Road Power - K S Geisler Inc - K-Bar Waterwell & Electric - K-Brothers - K. C. Larson Inc. - K&M Machine Fabricating Inc. - K2 Solar, Inc. - K2O Consulting - KA Home Robotics - Kaemmerlen Service - Kahn Solar - Kane Solar LLC - Kanthal Globar - Karbone, Inc. - KaRo Systems - Katahdin Energy Works - Kawasaki Gas Turbines-Americas - Kawneer Company, Inc. - Kayacht - KB Home - KC Byrd Electrical Contractor, Inc - KDC Solar LLC - Keares Electrical Contracting, Inc. - Keen Electric & Solar - Keithley Instruments, Inc. - Kemery Company - Kemi -

KUKA Systems Corporation North America


Kayex is the world's leading manufacturer of CZ crystal growing systems for production of monocrystalline photovoltaic wafers. Our systems are fully automated and tailored for high volume production of silicon and germanium ingots.

Kyocera Solar, Inc.

KACO new energy

KACO began manufacturing sine inverters more than 60 years ago. The product portfolio offered by KACO today is being used around the globe for rail vehicle and photovoltaic applications.

Konarka Technologies, Inc.

Konarka manufactures Power Plastic, a thin, flexible, organic solar panel that other business manufacturers build into their products. Our unique solar technology is effective in indirect lighting situations and enables you to produce power nearly all day long, even on a vertical surface. The Total Energy Collected* from Power Plastic outperforms other solar panels, and delivers solar energy and design freedom to architects, glass manufacturers and others in the building and construction fields.

K Road Power

K S Geisler Inc

K-Bar Waterwell & Electric


K-brothers geothermal heating, air conditioning, hot water. NATE CERTIFIED, IGSHPA ACCREDITED INSTALLER, POLYETHYLENE PIPE FUSE CERTIFIED

K. C. Larson Inc.

K. C. Larson Inc. is a mechanical and electrical construction company that has been servicing the residential, industrial and commercial market of northern and central Pennsylvania since 1984. In 2007, we broadened our experience and technology into alternate energy. Currently we offer wind turbines, photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar thermal (hot water) collectors, micro-hydro and solar thermal hybrid heat pump systems. We are a full service contractor who can provide you and your project with everything from consulting service, system design, parts and equipment, and installation of a complete system for residential, commercial, or industrial use. We are now providing consulting, design and installation services for Compressed Natural Gas fu...

K&M Machine Fabricating Inc.

K&M Machine Fabricating Inc. since 1951; employees 200; ISO Certified; SQ. FT. = 268,500 CONTRACT SERVICES INCLUDE: *CNC Machining to 60'(Over 35 CNC Machines) *Plate Steel Weldments to 30 tons. *Assemblies, Sub and Final. WIND TURBINE COMPONENTS MACHINING = *HUBS; *MAIN FRAMES; *FRONT & REAR HOUSINGS; *GENERATOR FRAMES

K2 Solar, Inc.

K2O Consulting

Eco-BURNTM Pellet Fuel is produced from agricultural by-products. The raw materials are annually renewable which provides a consistent supply year after year. No binding agents are used which ensures an all natural fuel. ECO-BURNTM burns hotter than corn and most wood pellets. This translates to substantial savings in fuel costs. ECO-BURNTM is currently being used in Multi-Fuel Stoves, Boilers, Furnace Systems, small scale Co-Generation Plants and Stoker Systems. It can be shipped by rail or by common carrier. Choosing ECO-BURNTM for your fuel source means that you have chosen to burn GREEN . For information on how to order ECO-BURN, please contact K2O Consulting.

KA Home Robotics

KA Home Robotics is a manufacturer of robotic lawn mowers and Outdoor Power Equipment under private label. Please visit our other sites at and At Kyodo, we are able to meet the highest standards in manufacturing and efficient price considerations. Please contact us for business opportunities.

Kaemmerlen Service

Kahn Solar

Kane Solar LLC

Kanthal Globar

Karbone, Inc.

Karbone is a renewable energy environmental credit brokerage, capital advisory, and research firm. The global search for clean, economically viable new energy sources is one of most important challenges facing our generation. Karbone was founded to answer this exciting challenge and considers its three core services, Environmental Credit Brokerage, Research and Advisory, and Capital Advisory, as pillars to building the New Energy Economy.

KaRo Systems

Finally, a single system that provides both heating and cooling through a hydronic radiant distribution system. Water is distributed through capillary tubes approximately 1/16-inch in diameter and spaced about 1/2 inch apart. The mat of capillary tubes are embedded behind ceiling gypsum board or an acoustical metal ceiling system. Residential/Commercial application: Application Benefit: saves energy and protects indoor air quality without drafts or noise New Construction: can be applied to wood, metal or concrete construction Historic Buildings: fits where sheet metal ducts won't Hospitals and Laboratory: eliminates airborne contamination Retrofit to existing conditions: can be applied over existing wall ceiling and floor surfaces ...

Katahdin Energy Works

We can provide microhydro and anaerobic digester feasibility workbooks, construction manuals for domed bio-gas digesters for farmsteads and large homes; feedstock analysis for integrated bio-mass digesters; detailed engineering studies; and project implementation and monitoring. R&D includes aquaculture & hydroponics using both nutrient runoff & the liquid portion of spent manure slurry; use of bio-catalysts; microbial scrubbing of producer gases; and farm equipment recycling. Partners include CEREM--advanced, integrated municipal solid & sewerage digesters; LENTIKATS(Czech. Republic), the Bio Technology Center of Maine, WOOD's END labs ; and Oak Ridge Associates of Brunswick, Maine.

Kawasaki Gas Turbines-Americas

Gas turbine generator sets with sizes ranging from 1500 kW to 17. 9 MW.

Kawneer Company, Inc.

Kawneer Company and BP Solarex have mobilized the power of sunlight to produce 1600 PowerWall™, the first fully tested and integrated solar electric ñ or photovoltaic (PV) ñ curtain wall system. The two companies combined their experience, technology and industry leadership to develop a reliable energy source and economical alternative that is silent; pollution free, has no moving parts and requires little maintenance. Adapting the technology that powers satellites, each photovoltaic module provides an easily installed component for PowerWall, a combination of Kawneer's 1600 Wall System® and polycrystalline or amorphous silicon solar electric modules or PV cells designed specifically for the purpose by BP Solarex.


Electric Kayaks with Name Brand Hulls. Sales and Service. Parts and Accessories. Kits Custom Conversions. One and Two Seaters. Many Colors, Styles and Accessories to Choose From... Contact us for full price qoutes and other detailed information.

KB Home

KC Byrd Electrical Contractor, Inc


Keares Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Keen Electric & Solar

Keithley Instruments, Inc.

Kemery Company

We are a Stocking Distributor . We have extensive experience in solar energy systems having sold over 3000 systems. We offer no charge consultation and design.


We are continuously purchasing large quantity polycrystalline silicon, reclaimed wafer and silicon ingots that may have fallen out of your process, such as: Broken wafer (bare), pot-scrap, top / tail silicon and etc: reclaimed wafer and silicon scrap, top / tail silicon and pot scraps. If you have the above mentioned commodity, pls kindly contact us at tkelly. . com Thank you so much Sincerely Kelly Our web site.

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