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Biomass Systems Supply

Biomass Systems Supply takes the team/partner approach to your project. Our diverse, specialized and experienced team of partners offer turnkey solutions for a wide range of projects from concept to completion including:Commercial facilities heating utilizing local or site generated waste streamsOn farm agricultural products drying utilizing on farm or local biomassAgricultural facilities heating utilizing local biomassForestry waste utilization to energyMunicipal, education and correctional facility thermal energyTurnkey district heating systemsDiverse biomass fuels to thermal energy utilization

Biomass Briquette Systems

Biomass Briquette Systems is a supplier of grinders, conveyors, dryers, briquette presses and biomass boilers. Biomass Briquette Systems grinders and briquetting presses are capable of densifying wood waste and many other agricultural feed stocks containing less than 15% moisture. These feed stocks can easily be ground and pressed into a high value solid fuel briquette that can then be used for heating and energy applications.

CAD Design / Go Green Mobile Power

CAD Design and Go Green Mobile Power offers sustainable and renewable solutions towards your energy efficiency demands.

Carbon Sequestration, LLC (CSL)

CSL Systems recycle refuse, human and animal wastes, crop residues, forest slash and underbrush, tires, auto shredder residues. They can also be fueled with biomass specially grown as a fuel or, in remote areas not having access to oil or a grid, by local indigenous biomass. Systems are offered on a performance guaranteed, turn key, purchase or, on a no risk, fee for service, with purchase option, basis.

Cogeneration Planners, LLC

Cogeneration Planners, LLC. Is a Consulting Firm Devoted to Design and Implementation of Cogeneration Programs, waste-to-energy systems and biogas generation systems. Our Method of Design Emphasizes Feasibility Study As a Way to Establish the Budgetary Cost, Economics of the energy systems, and Selection of Major Components for the Project Our Website, Demonstrates Our Capability and Mode of Operation A PowerPoint Presentation Submits the Feasibility Study Results to the Client A Turnkey Contract Will be Prepared for Engineering Design and Installation of the Project On the Decision of the Client to Go Ahead With the project.

Flexible Energy, Inc

Flexible Energy, Inc is dedicated to helping organizations take control of their energy costs. By implementing efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible energy solutions you can achieve substantial cost savings and become more energy self-sufficient. We are experts in cogeneration and alternative energy systems and offer a variety of grants and no-capital financing plans.

joinfoil. org, LLC

FOIL's mission is to brand and market earth fuels profitably in a way that gains considerable consumer support and usage. DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TRYING TO BUILD A CONSUMER FRANCHISE FOR ETHANOL WITHOUT A BRAND. OR, BE STUCK WITH BEING A COMMODITY SUBJECT TO PRICE COMPETITION. The business people still around when the economic cycle rebounds will be those who took the measure of hard times, and sought out new and innovative solution to old challenges.

Lewis Bass International, Inc.

Third party electrical inspection and field labeling required by local building officeials. Hazardous Materials risk analysis required by local fire departments. CE Marking reviews required for sale of equipment to Europe. Safety warning, instructions and safe product review. Design Review OSHA compliance consulting

Onsite Power Systems, Inc.

Organic Resource Recovery through “Advanced” Anaerobic Digestion Creating New Sources of Biohydrogen, Biofuels, and Alternative Renewable Energy Systems capable of supplying complete, economically and environmentally viable solutions for organic biomass management and waste disposal while creating abundant, alternative renewable fuels for onsite energy requirements.

Peloton Technologies, LLC

Peloton specializes in technologies for the production of biobased industrial grade fermentable sugars, fuels and chemicals. Our focus is on efficiently converting a broad spectrum of cellulosic biomass into high quality, industrial grade fermentable sugars for use in downstream advanced transportation fuels, specialty biochemicals, and biopolymer monomers and precursors for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer products.

Sackheim Consulting

Consulting services promoting cost-effective, environmentally friendly project development. Complete Environmental Impact Assessment and Permit Compliance activities performed in accordance with the regulations of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and interrelated requirements of local, state and federal agencies. Preparation and testing of Emergency Action Plans in accordance with applicable regulations. Economic, Financial, and Cost-Benefit Analyses of Projects to justify investment of private capital or participation in government-funded programs, including development activities sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development and multi-national development banks. Services provided by in-house staff in English, S...

Saving Energy Corporation

Summit Views LLC

SunTechnics Energy Systems

SunTechnics Energy Systems, Inc. is a premiere provider of renewable energy solutions. Based in Sacramento, California, our company leverages its vast experience in the German and European PV markets since 1996, which has helped us capture an industry-leading share of the global PV market. Through our turnkey approach, we deliver the highest level of customer service, superior engineering, and premium-quality modules and components. Our experience in world-wide market leadership makes us a sophisticated provider for your home or business.

Vireo Energy Financial Services

Vireo Energy is a clean technology financial advisory firm with a reputation for innovation, technical and commercial excellence offering a wide range of financial solutions, including renewable energy and energy efficiency project finance solutions, knowledge of utility rebate programs, tax incentives, access to venture capital, private equity, tax equity, structured debt, A/R finance, bridge loans ESCO finance and a variety of other structured financial solutions.

Western Technology Development, Inc.

Renewable Energy Products and Project Consulting on Turn Key basis. Exporter of Renewable Energy and Recycled Metals and Plastics

Asri LLC- Renewable Energy Division

Bowman Power Systems, Inc.

Conversion Processes

Energy Systems Inc.

M.J. Lindner Intl

Optima Technologies Group, Inc.

Sterling Energy International

Trash 2 Recycling

Valley Air Solutions LLC

Waste To Energy

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