Biomass Energy Project Development Businesses in Colorado

PureVision Technology, Inc. (PureVision) - Renewable Power Holdings Incorporated - Toltec Energy -

PureVision Technology, Inc. (PureVision)

PureVision Technology, Inc. (PureVision) has developed and patented innovative technologies that hold the promise of making the cellulosic biorefining industry technologically successful and profitable. PureVision's carbon-neutral biomass fractionation technology converts abundant cellulosic biomass into sugars, energy and fiber that are bio-based raw materials to make many industrial and consumer products. Cellulosic biomass such as wheat straw (not the wheat kernels), corn stalks (not the corn kernels), trees and energy crops can be used in the PureVision process to produce products such as cellulosic ethanol to replace petroleum-based products such as gasoline.

Renewable Power Holdings Incorporated

A project development company with operations in the America's and the European Union providing "turn-key systems, "inside-the-fence" energy islands and renewable energy generation facilities to create "green" power for a cleaner future! Renewable Power's business model is to build, own and operate or build, operate and transfer Waste-to-Energy (WTE) and Biomass-to-Energy (BTE) facilities for host customers (Energy Islands) or local municipalities. We utilize gasification technology to convert waste and/or biomass as fuels to generate clean energy. The renewable energy facilities are regionally located where there are long term supplies of waste fuel and a need for thermal and/or electrical energy. We work under long term contract with our ...

Toltec Energy

Toltec provides consulting engineering services for renewable energy and energy conservation projects. Toltec is also a principle in certain early phase wind energy project developments.

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