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Business Names Starting with P

Primestar Solar - PCD Engineering Services, Inc. - Pete's Electric Bikes - Polar-Ray. com LED Lighting - Positive Energy Conservation Products - PowerPod Corporation - Pro Cool/Go Tankless - ProtoFlex Corporation - PureVision Technology, Inc. (PureVision) - PV Measurements, Inc. - Pragmatronics inc. - Pyramid Solar -

Primestar Solar

PrimeStar Solar is a manufacturer of high performance thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules. We are scaling up our proprietary semiconductor technology for low cost high volume manufacturing. Our modules will be deployed in large scale solar PV power plants and will efficiently tap into the vast energy potential of the sun. They will produce environmentally friendly renewable electricity that is economically competitive with electric power generated from conventional fossil fuels.

PCD Engineering Services, Inc.

PCD Engineering Services provides expert mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services and provides affordable, energy-efficient design solutions to customers concerned with conserving energy and reducing utility and operating expenditures. We offer a range of high quality building systems analysis and design services and tailor our solutions to the clients needs. We work as strategic partners with our clients to improve their business and develop on-going opportunities for profitability through energy and resource efficiency. PCD Engineering Services is based on the pillars of engineering excellence, a proven system of quality assurance, and a dedication to meeting the clients schedules. Our client list includes residential, c...

Pete's Electric Bikes

Pete's Electric Bikes

Polar-Ray. com LED Lighting

Our goal at Polar-Ray. com is to offer you high quality LED lighting products at competitive prices, truthful product claims for all of the LED light bulbs we carry and the best customer service and product knowledge you'll find anywhere. We'll make it easy to find what you need online and we're always willing to help you by phone (1-888-494-5773) if you have questions or need additional information.

Positive Energy Conservation Products

PowerPod Corporation

Designed to provide energy independence for off-grid locations, PowerPod is an indispensable mobile power center. It is available in sizes to suit a wide range of applications, from recreational use such as camping, and hunting, to emergency preparedness, to farm and ranch operations such as, water pumping, and out building power. PowerPod is a welcome solution for disaster relief needs such as, radio communications, medical refrigeration, and outdoor lighting. For rural electrification there is a PowerPod to dependably supply electricity up to the level needed for a comfortable small home. The PowerPod provides safe and reliable operation in all weather conditions. It ships preassembled so installation could not be easier. Three simple steps and your power generation system is operational.

Pro Cool/Go Tankless

Go Tankless of Colorado is a division of Pallindrome, LLC., a Colorado-based corporation specializing in residential and commercial energy efficiency. We install highly efficient evaporative cooling (Supercoolers), as an alternative to traditional HVAC in Denver, Boulder, and throughout the Front Range. Supercoolers require less maintenance and provide better performance than swamp coolers or air conditioners. Inquire about our latest product addition: a water waste prevention system to maximize the efficiency of tankless water heaters. Installing in area homes and businesses since 1994, we were one of the first companies to install tankless indoor water heating systems from Rinnai, Takagi, Paloma, Bosch Aquastar and Noritz. We a. . .

ProtoFlex Corporation

PureVision Technology, Inc. (PureVision)

PureVision Technology, Inc. (PureVision) has developed and patented innovative technologies that hold the promise of making the cellulosic biorefining industry technologically successful and profitable. PureVision's carbon-neutral biomass fractionation technology converts abundant cellulosic biomass into sugars, energy and fiber that are bio-based raw materials to make many industrial and consumer products. Cellulosic biomass such as wheat straw (not the wheat kernels), corn stalks (not the corn kernels), trees and energy crops can be used in the PureVision process to produce products such as cellulosic ethanol to replace petroleum-based products such as gasoline.

PV Measurements, Inc.

PV Measurements is the preeminent designer and builder of precise, easy-to-use, performance-characterization instrumentation for photovoltaics research and manufacturing. Our primary products for photovoltaic cell testing are quantum efficiency/IPCE/spectral response measurement systems and I-V measurement systems. We also offer a complete suite of accessories, including sample mounting fixtures, calibration devices, system-health-monitoring tools, and measurement automation systems. All of our application specialists have many years of experience working with PV devices, and we are happy to partner with you to develop unique solutions for your research needs.

Pragmatronics inc.

Pyramid Solar

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