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Business Names Starting with S

Suzlon Energy Limited - S&C Electric Company - Schumacher Electric Corp. - SoCore Energy - SolAir Works, Inc - Solar Energy International - Solar Power Solutions, Inc - Solar Service Inc. - Solar Solutions - Solar Training School - Solara Systems Inc - Solarcrete, E. E. B. S. - Solaready NFP - SolarWerks, LLC - Solergy LLC - Standby Power System Consultants, Inc. - Stavy, Michael, Renewable Energy Economist - Sub-Surface Geothermal, Inc - Sun Ovens International, Inc. - Sun Pipe Company, Inc. - SunAir Systems - SunHeat Solar - Seraphim Corporation - Solar Energy Of Illinois - Squared Flooring and Interior Solutions - Stratigraphics - Sumitec Int'l, Inc -

Suzlon Energy Limited

Suzlon is today a major force in the global wind industry, from humble beginnings in 1995, to ranking 5th worldwide, with 10.5% of the global market share in just over a decade. Already among the top five, Suzlon's Vision is to be a technology leader, to be among the top 3 wind energy companies in the world by leveraging technological leadership and commercial acumen to exceed customer expectations and be the most respectable brand which grows fast & is the most profitable company employing the best team in the sector.

S&C Electric Company

S&C Electric Company has power quality products which provide voltage support and reactive power compensation for renewable energy, and can be used in the steady-state to control current flow or power factor. They can support system voltage during sags caused by system faults, so that wind turbines don't trip off-line. S&C is a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. Founded in 1911, the company designs and manufactures switching and protection products for electric power transmission and distribution. S&C's products help deliver electric power efficiently and reliably. Some are used to switch circuits. Others minimize damage to equipment in the event of a fault or reduce the area of an outage.

Schumacher Electric Corp.

Schumacher Electric is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a full range of starting assist and battery charging linear, microprocessor controlled, and high-frequency equipment as well as jump starters, DC portable power sources, inverters, 12-volt accessories and battery testers. Schumacher also offers a line of quality welding equipment and accessories. Additionally, they manufacture custom transformers.

SoCore Energy

SoCore Energy is a true innovator and pioneer in the solar industry, providing some of the largest retailers, municipalities, and commercial property owners with unique solar solutions they genuinely need, trust, and value. We take a full service approach to the solar process. This includes our SunLock™ mounting solution, Solar Rental Service (SRS), financial options and advice, full installation services, and project management every step of the way.

SolAir Works, Inc

Commercial and Residential Solar PV System Installations.

Solar Energy International

SOLAR ENERGY INTERNATIONAL INC., is partnered with leading manufacturers of solar panels in order to provide the latest solar energy technologies for our customers. Our organization is able to provide project evaluation, assistance in securing government and power companies, subsidies, grants, tax incentives, design, construction, installation and personnel training. We employ, train, create new jobs and provide skills for our clients that last beyond our presence.

Solar Power Solutions, Inc

Design and manufacturing of solar powered water pump systems.

Solar Service Inc.

Solar Service designs and installs solar heat, hot water, and electric systems throughout the Chicago area. As a full service shop, we make it easy for you to produce clean solar energy to heat water, heat the space where you live or work or offset your electricity. Since 1977 Solar Service has been the Midwest's leading supplier of affordable and reliable solar energy systems. We have designed and installed over 1, 000 systems, providing clean, low-cost energy for homes, multi-family buildings, schools, and businesses. We'd love to be of service for you as well.

Solar Solutions

Solar Training School

Solar Training School specializes in Online Photovoltaic Education, focusing on design, installation and maintenance of Photovoltaic (PV) systems. The classes emphasize safety, industry insight and workforce development. The course is appropriate for individuals seeking entry level employment in the renewable energy or green collar industry.

Solara Systems Inc

Solarcrete, E. E. B. S.

Total Green Builders, Insulated Concrete Wall Panels Using Recycled Material, LED Lighting, Daylighting, Photovoltaics, Design Build, Up to 75% in Energy Savings! Industrial, Commercial & Residential

Solaready NFP

Chicago's non-profit renewable energy advocate. We provide community educational programs about the importance of renewable energy. We also review and promote "green" products, including hybrid vehicles. We make sure Chicago gets the best quality renewable energy solutions at the lowest competitive price.

SolarWerks, LLC

SolarWerks is a professional solar water heating and PV system design, installation, and service company serving the entire Chicago Metro area.

Solergy LLC

Installation and sales of solar electric, water and hot air systems. Installation and sales of small wind systems

Standby Power System Consultants, Inc.

Serving electric utility, telecommunication, UPS, Data Center and other mission critical sites. Residential & commercial solar energy system sales service installation. Residential automatic standby generator systems sales, service installation and maintenance.

Stavy, Michael, Renewable Energy Economist

Advise clients on 1. the economics of their Solar (PV and Wind Energy Projects 2. Energy storage (EV and Utility Scale), 3. Climate Change Mitigation Programs (Cap and Trade, carbon tax, COP21, the Kyoto Accord) 4. Purchasing electricity and natural gas in competative US markets.

Sub-Surface Geothermal, Inc

Drill and install vertical, horizontal and or pond loop systems. Install and fuse all manifolds, headers and vaults from the well field to the building.

Sun Ovens International, Inc.

Sun Ovens International, Inc. has two solar ovens for cooking, dehydrating, and pasteurizing water. A household unit, the All American Sun Oven and a larger commercial unit, the Villager Sun Oven. Sun Ovens are made in the USA.

Sun Pipe Company, Inc.

Best component quality. . . Highest output. . . and the longest history of customers that love this product! You will too! Need a skylight? Try a SunPipe

SunAir Systems

Servicing Northern Illinois areas

SunHeat Solar

Design/Install/Sales Solar Energy Equipment

Seraphim Corporation

Solar Energy Of Illinois

Squared Flooring and Interior Solutions

General consrtuction-rehab/remodel-solar-wind-plumbing-geo thermal-electric-eco flooring-windows/siding-eco product supplier-green building-.


Sumitec Int'l, Inc

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