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Business Names Starting with S

Solar Living Inc. - Sedna Power Plants - Shadowstone Incorporated - Shore Green Energy LLC - Skylands Renewable Energy, LLC - SolaDesign Systems, LLC - Solar & More Store - Solar Home Energy Solutions, LLC. - Solar Mite Solutions - Solar Power March - Solar Systems Design - Solarcube LLC - Solardelphia - Solarix - SolarSwim Pool Heating Systems LLC - Solis Partners, Inc. - Soltage, Inc. - Soltra Energy Solutions, LLC - Static Power - Sun Farm Network - Sun Pacific Power Corp. - SunDurance Energy - SunMoney Solar, LLC - Sunray Solar Inc - Suntuity - Syntonic Corporation - Solar Water Works - SunLit Systems - SunMoney Solar LLC - Sustainable Systems LLC. -

Solar Living Inc.

With more than 36 years in the solar energy business we are New Jersey's most experienced provider and installer of solar energy equipment for heating domestic hot water and swimming pools and the generation of solar electricity. Visit our website to learn more about these exciting and cost effective technologies.

Sedna Power Plants

Shadowstone Incorporated

New York/New Jersey's leading dealer of Flourescent Lighting. Manufacturers of Customized Flourescent Lighting Fixtures. We specialize in Flourescent Television Studio Systems, Tele-Conferencing Systems, and Architectural Flourescent Settings. Largest Rental Inventory of Compact Flourescent Lighting Units in the United States. We also carry thousands of other Professional Lighting Products for Sales and Rentals. Wholesale Prices for all. Call us at 201-883-9400 or e-mail us anytime at for more information.

Shore Green Energy LLC

Skylands Renewable Energy, LLC

Skylands Renewable Energy, LLC works with individuals, businesses, municipalities, schools, churches and farms to assess, develop, install and maintain renewable energy systems powered by the wind and the sun. We also understand the available public funding options for these projects and have access to private funding options when needed. Roger Dixon, the owner of Skylands Renewable Energy, LLC has been involved in the evolution of renewable energy systems for the past 35 years. He is one of a few who has witnessed the increased sophistication of equipment and acceptability of renewable systems in the US and around the world. As the first Certified Wind Site Assessor located on the East Coast, Mr. Dixon was asked to become a memb. . .

SolaDesign Systems, LLC

We are a multidimensional company that not only offers daylighting solutions, but also energy efficient lighting, lighting controls, light shelves, and other applications that enhance the learning/working environment and have an extremely attractive return on investment. SolaDesign can generate a lighting and/or energy analysis of any school or facility, including foot-candle levels, recommended daylighting solutions, available rebates, and return-on-investment calculations. This analysis will demonstrate the monetary benefits of implementing a controlled optical daylighting system, as well as the other benefits that you accrue from the introduction of dontrolled daylighting solutions. Our solar thermal systems can provide up to 80% of dome...

Solar & More Store

Solar Home Energy Solutions, LLC.

Solar Mite Solutions

Solar Power March

Solar Systems Design

Solarcube LLC

SOLARCUBE is centered on providing PhotoVoltaic (PV) developers, re-sellers and installers with efficient, reliable and cost-effective PV solutions tailored to the client's site-specific needs. Utilizing deep experience in construction of Photovoltaic Farms and Industrial Roof installation, and an insight to the feature of Mounting Systems, like the KIVO CS PV Carport Series. SOLARCUBE was founded by experienced PV professionals as a worthy investment in Solar energy and it's positive ecological contribution to a more healthy planet. SOLARCUBE's Rack-Mount products are an exclusively designed by our R&D engineers and they combine superior structural integrity with a simplified design, reducing labour costs, at very competitive price points....


Solardelphia has been PA, NJ and DE's premier solar system designer and installer since 2001. We are committed to providing the highest quality installations, exceptional customer service and the greatest return on your investment. Founded by Jude Webster, one of the first solar installers in PA certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Solardelphia has installed over 100 residential and commercial solar systems ranging in size from 1kW to 3.25MW.


Solarix is a leading full-service solar provider for homeowners, and businesses. We provide solar power system design, financing, and installation. Our main mission is to provide affordable solar energy solutions at a competitive price. Global warming is not a myth but a reality; if we did not act swiftly, our planet climate changes can be irreversible. We will do our part to help solve the problem including encouraging homeowners, and businesses through our generous incentives.

SolarSwim Pool Heating Systems LLC

Sales, Installation and service of the worlds best built and best backed Solar Pool Heating System; HELIOCOL. We service all New Jersey, Staten Island and Eastern Pennsylvania Counties. Heliocol is the ONLY roof friendly design, the ONLY thermoplastic collector to carry ISO 9002 certification and the ONLY collector system backed by a 12 year unlimited parts and labor guarantee. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ENERGY AUDIT AND SOLAR ANALYSIS OF YOUR POOL!

Solis Partners, Inc.

Solis Partners Inc. specializes in financing, constructing and operating solar electric power systems that enable our clients to enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

Soltage, Inc.

Soltage, Inc. is a full service renewable energy provider, providing affordable solar electricity to clients across the US. At no cost to the client, Soltage finances, installs, owns and operates large solar power systems on the roofs and adjacent land of commercial, industrial, not for profit, and government clients. Soltage supplies clients with on-site generated electricity at a cost that is below current retail rates and stabilized out into the future.

Soltra Energy Solutions, LLC

Static Power

Static Power specializes in technical sales and services for Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), UPS battery backup, emergency power supply, and replacement lead acid batteries.

Sun Farm Network

The Sun Farm Network is a full service project development firm, providing customized solar electricity solutions to the Mid-Atlantic region. Founded in 2002 and based in NJ, the Sun Farm Network is one of the most experienced solar power development companies in the region. We were the first company to offer solar financing solutions in the Garden State, and we sold the first NJ Solar Renewable Energy Credits in 2004. The company has installed hundreds of systems, and currently manages the largest aggregated base of solar systems on the east coast.

Sun Pacific Power Corp.

SunDurance Energy

SunMoney Solar, LLC

Sunray Solar Inc

Sunray Solar, members in SEIA, NESEA, NJCEP, Sunray has a NJCEP Certified Home Performance Contractor Status backed and partnered with 2 of the largest renewable energy financing companies in the world thus allowing us to deliver the best there is to offer as far as no cost out of pocket home solar options. Sunray is a recognized brand and solar industry presence and our core business is finding homeowners and small sized business owners' energy relief by means of a solar system to reduce their energy bills, be energy independant and save money using solar energy as a means of service.


Suntuity designs, builds and maintains renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale markets around the world. Our innovative financing solutions, in-depth technical expertise, global experience and embedded process knowledge enable us to deliver the best quality products and solutions that maximize the output and return on investment for our clients. Our teams of Professional Engineers, Certified Project and Construction Managers, Delivery personnel and Support staff are strategically positioned to deliver global turn-key solutions. Suntuity is committed to delivering the highest quality and technologically advanced renewable energy solutions for superior performance, reliability and peace of mind.

Syntonic Corporation

Syntonic Corporation was founded by a group of engineers committed to the preservation of the environment. Our team is dedicated to bring about low-cost solutions to individuals who seek long term sustainability and strive to do their part to ensure a better future for our children. As a pioneer of residential/commercial wind and solar systems in New Jersey, we offer a variety of green solutions designed specifically for your energy needs. Join us, as we do our part to clean up energy in America.

Solar Water Works

SunLit Systems

SunMoney Solar LLC

Sustainable Systems LLC.

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