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Able Environmental, LLC

New Jersey's first & only lifetime certified design-build company for solar powered Geothermal-GeoExchange heating, cooling, hot water systems for the most energy efficient homes and buildings on Earth. We also build turnkey Energy Star Near Zero Green homes for NJ residents featuring optional radiant floor warming, air filtration systems for allergy and resperatory problems which include UV purification and heat recovery ventilator systems for the best IAQ indoor air quality available plus solar photovoltiacs and electric generating wind turbines. Let the "GREEN TEAM" help keep your home or building comfortable, healthy and clean while saving you thou$and$ on your utility bills, see our website we are the answer to help reduce Global Warmi...

Home Solar Power Guide

The Home Solar Power Guide explains the solar power benefits of switching to a home solar system by using DIY solar power projects, solar energy panels and solar power kits. Richie Vee, the site's editor, is the Chief Engineer of one of the largest Platinum LEED buildings in NYC. His extensive engineering experience helps guide consumers through the residential solar energy process and explains solar energy facts in an easy to understand way.

John Howley's Green Energy

Our mission is helping businesses and communities reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and improve their triple bottom line. We provide seminars, workshops and strategic consulting for organizations adopting sustainable energy practices and for businesses selling into sustainable energy markets. We've also created an on-line community called the Sustainable Energy Forum that allows leaders in business, education and government to share ideas, support one another, and learn from each others' collective knowledge, skills and experiences. We invite you to join us, and we look forward to collaborating with you to make "Green" a standard operating procedure.

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