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Business Names Starting with P

Plextronics, Inc. - Pdc Machines, Inc. - PennCoil - Pennsylvania Renewables Inc. - Philly Electric Wheels - PHEW! - Pine Associates, Ltd. - Pittsburgh Backflow Testing LLC - Pittsburgh Tank Corporation - Power and Environmental Services Co - Providence Trade and Development - PEFCO Energenics/alternative fuels - Powercon, Inc. -

Plextronics, Inc.

Plextronics, Inc. is an international technology company that specializes in printed solar, lighting and other electronics. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the company's focus is on organic solar cell and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) lighting, specifically the conductive inks and process technologies that enable those and other similar applications.

Pdc Machines, Inc.

Pdc manufactures diaphragm compressors for compressing high purity and specialty gases for the production of polysilicon and other solar panel coatings and substrates, compressing and re-cycling process gases from renewable sources, compressing hydrogen for fuel cell applications and converting wind/solar power to hydrogen power. Pdc's compressors are ideal for contamination-free compression of all types of gases including hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, xenon, silane, fluorine.


Manufactures replacement and OEM electric coils, including high voltage, for all generators, hydrogenerators, and other electrical apparatus. Quality coils since 1917 with advanced insulation systems. Field crews for rewind and repair. ISO Quality:RvA Europe & ANSI. RAB NA ISO 9001:2000 w/Design. Certification 03. 091. 1

Pennsylvania Renewables Inc.

Pennsylvania Renewables Designs, Installs, and Maintains Solar Photo Voltaic, Solar Thermal, Geo-Thermal, Wind Turbine, and Battery Backup Systems.

Philly Electric Wheels - PHEW!

Electric bicycle sales and repair. Come and test ride one of bike

Pine Associates, Ltd.

Computer simulation and modeling. High performance, low cost, residential solar heating and cogeneration system design. BSEE, MSEE. Senior Member, IEEE. Registered US Patent Agent.

Pittsburgh Backflow Testing LLC

Greater Pittsburgh's only dedicated backflow testing service. Pittsburgh Backflow Testing is a specialty plumbing company based in Bethel Park PA that specializes in the testing, repair, replacement and maintenance of backflow prevention devices. We service all makes, models and sizes for both commercial and residential customers.

Pittsburgh Tank Corporation

Pittsburgh Tank Corporation provides custom fabrications of large and small diameter support towers, bulk storage silos, liquid storage tanks, ASME code stamped vessels, and various other fabricated structures out of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Equipment can be shipped as "knocked down" or shop welded in (1) or (2) pieces, and can be shipped over the road via specialized freight carrier, or via the rivers by barge.

Power and Environmental Services Co

PESCO provides products for any type of industrial battery or chemical installation where the danger of a spill exist. We can provide cleanup materials, spill barriers, berms, neutralizing, absorbent materials, etc. In addition we can provide personal safety equipment such as eyewash bottles, gloves, goggles, aprons, tyvek or Scott clothing, etc.

Providence Trade and Development

Providence provides portable solar powered water purification systems, solar powered irrigation pumps, alternative energy power systems, and more. Our partners have developed "off the grid" solutions that can produce clean water and clean energy virtually anywhere in the world. These systems are designed by world-class experts in renewable energy, solar power, electrical engineering, pump design, water filtration, water sanitation, water conservation, energy conservation and other disciplines.

PEFCO Energenics/alternative fuels

Powercon, Inc.

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