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Adsorption Chiller

ADSORPTION CHILLER. Doubts regarding absorption chillers? Now, efficient energy conservation utilizing a waste heat driven ADsorption Chiller is attainable, which can replace an absorption chiller. It has tremendous flexibility, controlling down to "0%" load, without three-way control valves. It can produce chilled water temperatures down to 37o.4F. It can use variable hot water flows and temperatures ranging from 194 to as low as 122oF. Cooling water temperatures do not require controlling. It can be ran 24/7 year around with negligible maintenance and is available with a 15 year limited warranty. HIJC USA introduces new low temperature chiller down to 23F. WEB Site http://www.adsorptionchiller.com

CRI Catalyst Company

Custom manufacturer of specifically tailored hydrocarbon reforming catalyst products for natural gas, LPG, naphtha and diesel feeds. Featuring high efficiency HDS, CPO and ATR catalysts for primary and pre-reforming reactions, PrOx and post combustion/incineration catalysts. Custom catalyst powders can be provided or applied to finished products based upon spheres, extrudates, monoliths, ceramic or metallic foams, wire, etc.

McMillan Company

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