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Alten Battery Chargers Inc.

ALTEN Battery Chargers Inc. is a North American manufacturer and distributor of highly efficient, high output DC genset /battery chargers to boost or supplement the charging of batteries or large battery banks used in mobile emergency equipment, off grid energy systems, industrial service vehicles and more. Recognized by Honda & Hatz as a D/OEM, ALTEN Battery Chargers proudly builds quality USA made equipment that is designed to last. ALTEN's gas or diesel powered battery chargers can be built to suit your specific needs with automatic engine controls plus communication packages to monitor, program or control each system remotely. Portable or stationary units in 12V, 24V or 48V models, generating up to 300 amps of reliable direct current ar...

Ample Power Company

Ample Power Company manufactures Ample Power products which have introduced multi-step charging and battery temperature compensation to users around the world, (and competitors too). We lead in battery management technology!

AquaEnergy Group, Ltd, a Finavera Renewables Company

Aurinco, Inc.

Biogas Energy Systems

Biogas Energy Systems designs, builds, operates, and maintains anaerobic digestion facilities in North America, employing the most advanced technology and methods available today. We deliver practical, profitable results that can be seen in more than seventy facilities throughout Germany and across the globe. Whether you are treating cattle, pig or poultry manure, or seeking food and biodegradable waste treatment, Biogas Energy Systems has the anaerobic digestion solution to meet all needs.

BlueRidge Company

Manufactures: LAARS, TEKMAR, Energy Saving, EnerZone, HPS Controls, Infinion, RHT Radiant Heat Technoligy, Steibel Eltron, Sun-Pure, TVM, Bell and Gossit B&G, LUX, and more.

Bruce Glenn AR Terra Sol Eco Homes LLC

It's always been about conserving energy. Save 90 % of your heating bill by capturing the sun's solar radiation in heating degree climates. I have been designing homes for over twenty years with an R-50 wall & up to an R-65 roof insulation. Use healthy building materials. It is profitable, it's time now. . It s the right thing to do.

Brumby Pumps

Manufacture and supply of the Brumby Pump, a versatile air operated submersible pump. We deliver world wide.

Canyon Hydro

Centennial Battery Systems

We are a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, exporter of batteries, battery systems and battery accessories. We range in styles of units from specialty, customized to auto flooded cell. We have the ability to present and structure a program globally, concerning CONUS and other battery specialists.

ControlFreek Inc

Our company designs and manufactures electrical control systems and control panels. We are a UL listed manufacturer and are very interested in teaming up with green technology companies and keeping the money in the US. Let me know if we can be of any assistance to further your vision.

Dyno Battery, Inc.

EnerWaste International Corporation

EnerWaste products feature simple and practical systems. Over 100 are installed world wide.

EV Parts Inc.

EV Parts Inc. is one of the largest online suppliers of electric vehicle parts in the world with an extensive variety of electric vehicle drive components for a large range of vehicle types.

Green Planet Supply

HeatPumpSuppliers. Com specializes in Water to Water and Water to Air heating, Geothermal and Heat Pumps. We ship daily and export worldwide. We have been providing excellent customer service & satisfaction since 1982.

Greenwood Clean Energy

Greenwood manufactures the next generation of clean burning, wood and biomass central heating systems. Through a process called wood gasification, our boilers burn at extreme temperatures leaving very few particles to create smoke, creosote or ash. Available in two models the indoor Greenwood Frontier Series wood boiler, the Greenwood Denali Series biomass pellet boiler. Each model is certified to UL and CSA standards for indoor operation; they are as safe to operate as a hot water heater and as easy to use as a fireplace. They integrate with a home's existing heating system (i. e. forced air, radiant or hot water baseboard) and produce enough heat to satisfy your home, hot water, spa, pool or greenhouse and save homeowners 70% on the heati...

Intelligent Energy a division of Phantom Energy Works

Automatic energy management for central air conditioning A/C Booster Super cooler, a controlled drip system using r. o. water (reverse osmosis) delivery on the condensing coil when appropriate exhaust air temperatures are reached. The Booster only operates when extra cooling power is needed to BOOST COOLING POWER and the units energy efficiency. Otherwise it operates in standby mode using no water. Water is cheaper than electricity and the power saved vastly outweighs water costs. Here in the valley the cost for Booster summer water usage would be approximately $6. -$68. Generally, a swamp cooler uses more than 50, 000 gallons of water seasonally costing $46 Household R. O. . water consumption for the Booster is based on tons of A/C used.

JX Crystals, Inc.

JX Crystals manufactures and installs low cost 3 Sun PV concentrator modules with trackers.

MidNite Solar

OutBack Power Systems

OutBack Power Systems manufactures innovative power conversion solutions that leverage solar, wind and hydro resources to provide reliable electric power for the renewable energy, mobile and backup power markets. OutBack Powerâ s engineers have decades of power conversion electronics design and equipment installation experience and share a passion for leading the industry into a new era of performance, ease of use, durability, and standardization. OutBack Power is a privately held corporation located in Arlington, WA USA with a European sales office in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, please visit .

Philtek Power Corporation

Philtek Modular Inverter Systems are a superior solution for Utility, Telecom and Industrial sites requiring a large, reliable, AC power source. DC Voltage inputs are available at 24,48,120 adn 240 VDC, with capacities to 180 kVA.

Siomar Battery Engineering

Siomar is able to design, supply and manufacture a complete range of Lithium, Lead-Acid, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Alkaline and almost every other kind of commercially available battery. Both primary and Rechargeable.

Snorkel Stove Company

Spectrum Manufacturing

Spectrum Manufacturing designs and builds high quality geothermal units. We are family owned and are dedicated to producing high quality products with American parts. Every single unit that leaves our factory is thoroughly tested to insure quality. Our customers' interests are our interests. At Spectrum Manufacturing, we redefine the term 'quality' as no one else ever has.

Stirling Technology Company (STC)

Stirling machines can operate in a variety of modes including heat engine, cooler and heat pump. A Stirling cycle machine can be used as an engine, to produce work from thermal energy. The cycle can also be "reversed" to make a heat pump, refrigerator, or cryocooler. Stirling machines can be kinematic or free-piston types. Virtually any fuel can be used as a heat source to power a Stirling engine, some of which include: propane, natural gas, diesel, thermal, radioisotopes, steam, geothermal, electric, solar energy, waste heat from industrial processes, and renewable biomass fuels such as wood pellets, chips and sawdust, or agricultural and food processing wastes.

Stratus Automation Corp.

Sun Flare Systems Inc.

Sun Flare Systems Inc. has a product line like no other. Our NEW Patent Pending "Solar Sleeve System" Powered by Uni-Solar. Sun Flare Systems Inc. products will include our Patent Pending Sun Flare Solar Array Billboards both stand alone and back feed system capabilities. With Digital LED Outdoor Media Boards to come. Apart of our Renewable Energy Product Line also includes the one of a kind Sun Flare Solar Bag. Visit us at

Sundance Supply

Sunmodo Corp.


Turbo Burn

Turbo Burn is a true multi-fuel water stoves that can save home or business owners up to 70% annually on heating costs. With Turbo Burn you can burn waste oil today, wood tomorrow and fuel oil the next day. The Turbo Burn uses a short hot fire (1 to 3 hours at up to 3000 degrees) to heat a large water reserve to 210 degrees. This hot water is stored in the Turbo Burn until the heat is needed. Turbo Burn systems can be retrofitted to any existing structure as well as designed into new construction.

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