Renewable Energy Research and Development Businesses in Washington

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Aiki Homes

Sustainable Design and Construction since 1992. Aiki Homes is on the forefront of Green Building in Whatcom County. If one of our resource-efficient, healthy homes doesn't meet your needs, we can help you create a beautiful, comfortable, environmentally friendly home you and your family will treasure for years to come.

APak Batteries

Value-added manufacturer of custom battery assemblies for any application.


Bamboozle is Perth's leading bamboo flooring provider with a range of colours to enrich and impress.

Eco Advance

Energy consultant, Energy auditor, Energy efficiency service provider, Renewable energy, Clean development mechanism

Energyfirst Homes Inc

Importer , wholesale ,complete energy eff. services . affordable radiant design and products as well as complete building design

EV Parts Inc.

EV Parts Inc. is one of the largest online suppliers of electric vehicle parts in the world with an extensive variety of electric vehicle drive components for a large range of vehicle types.

Harris Group Inc.

Illuminance Solutions

Illuminance Solutions provide IT consultation & CRM implementation in Perth. We help businesses to organize their crm software to effectively and efficiency improve customer experience & sales.

Intelligent Energy a division of Phantom Energy Works

Automatic energy management for central air conditioning A/C Booster Super cooler, a controlled drip system using r. o. water (reverse osmosis) delivery on the condensing coil when appropriate exhaust air temperatures are reached. The Booster only operates when extra cooling power is needed to BOOST COOLING POWER and the units energy efficiency. Otherwise it operates in standby mode using no water. Water is cheaper than electricity and the power saved vastly outweighs water costs. Here in the valley the cost for Booster summer water usage would be approximately $6. -$68. Generally, a swamp cooler uses more than 50, 000 gallons of water seasonally costing $46 Household R. O. . water consumption for the Booster is based on tons of A/C used.

Stirling Technology Company (STC)

Stirling machines can operate in a variety of modes including heat engine, cooler and heat pump. A Stirling cycle machine can be used as an engine, to produce work from thermal energy. The cycle can also be "reversed" to make a heat pump, refrigerator, or cryocooler. Stirling machines can be kinematic or free-piston types. Virtually any fuel can be used as a heat source to power a Stirling engine, some of which include: propane, natural gas, diesel, thermal, radioisotopes, steam, geothermal, electric, solar energy, waste heat from industrial processes, and renewable biomass fuels such as wood pellets, chips and sawdust, or agricultural and food processing wastes.

Sun Flare Systems Inc.

Sun Flare Systems Inc. has a product line like no other. Our NEW Patent Pending "Solar Sleeve System" Powered by Uni-Solar. Sun Flare Systems Inc. products will include our Patent Pending Sun Flare Solar Array Billboards both stand alone and back feed system capabilities. With Digital LED Outdoor Media Boards to come. Apart of our Renewable Energy Product Line also includes the one of a kind Sun Flare Solar Bag. Visit us at

U.S. Filter


Vesper combines innovation and sophisticated systems with hands on practical applications. Vesper's innovative Wind Blade certification system measures blades off the wind turbine construction production line, enabling blade certification for conformance to specifications, minimizing aerodynamic variance between blades, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Explore our site to get more information about our wind turbine design and construction solutions. Or browse the industries and process pages for information about how we have applied our specialized expertise to the marine and aerospace industries.

B/W Solar

Don Stephens' Terratech Design Team

Extreme Machine 2000

P2 Systems

SelfCHARGE, Inc.

Spin Trends LLC

The Wind Turbine Company

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