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Enersystem is a 16 years experienced Lead Acid Battery manufacturer . Their headquarters are located in Buenos Aires , Argentina . Have two manufacture facilities in wich produce a large Industrial Battery Line . Large Stationary VRLA ( AGM & Gel ) , Large Stationary Flooded , Solar , Motive Power , Railroad Starting , Back Up batteries for the Telecommunication , Energy , Solar , Security , Emergency Lighting , UPS , Motive Power ...

Grupo Solar

GRUPO SOLAR offers a comprehensive business platform in the area of the (STE) that includes the management of: TRAINING Training system implemented based on business experience designed and planned to meet a full spectrum of possibilities ranging from courses for (MP) Installation or Professional Installers (RTI) Installation Technical Representatives (PS) or Service Providers entrepreneurs. Objectives: promotion of employment and individual capacities and / or collectively towards sustainable development of EST. ENTREPRENEURSHIP ...

L&R Ingenieria

Power Curve Evaluation System for Battery Charging Wind Systems, following IEC rec. (Annex H) DIN rail FR4 prototype boards & Enclosures. DC/DC power supplies DIN rail up to 48V in / Vo adj / 3A. New boards - CL2bm1: ATMega1284P/644P board in High quality FR-4 with SD, RTC with TXCO, I2C I/O, LCD interface and 8 x 10bit A/D inputs. M4E: I/O expansion board with I2C interface, based on PSoC 29C466.

Solar Gaia

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