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SunTrix is an Australian developer and supplier of commercial tracking systems. Suitable for farms through to multi-megawatt utility grade systems. We also develop and install affordable rooftop mounted solar systems.

Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE)

RISE aims to support the development of the Australian renewable and sustainable energy industries by offering a range of services, including renewable energy system and component testing (NATA accredited), education & training services, policy analysis & advice, research & development and consulting in the areas of RAPS, distributed generation, sustainable transport fuels and the Built Environment.

Energy Connections

Solar on grid Off grid and Hybrid system sales and installations. Distributor for Victron

DNX Energy

Quality solar power installations & battery storage systems for businesses and homes in Western Australia.


All Purpose Batteries Pty Ltd

Complete battery and power product specialist. Wholesale to the public.

Alpha Lujo Electric Vehicle Pty Ltd

Research and design of Electric Vehicle with the contract manufacturing in China. The company's model have achieved international safety crash test and have preapred for export into US, Europe and Australia in the first quarter 2013.

Batteries Wholesale

Online sales at

Battery Energy

Battery Equaliser Australia P/L

Battery Equaliser a liquid chemical additive designed to extend the life and enhance the power of a lead acid battery.Battery Equaliser achieves this by distributing an alloy throughout the working parts of the battery utilising electro chemical reaction to also clean and place into solution ,the sediment which forms inside a lead acid battery during normal use.From the time that electrolyte is first added to a new battery,this detrimental sediment builds up on the battery plates and chokes the pourous separators.This brings about an internal resistance which gradually reduces the battery's ability to accept and hold the electrical charge.After a time this sediment will cause the unit to discharge it's self. Cleans internally,Lowers maintenance,Longer life,Strenghtens the lead components,Equalises the voltage in each of the battery cells.

Battery Packs Plus Australia

Preferred distributor for Duracell primary batteries,Digital charger and rechargeable batteries for digital cameras,Sole importer for ZeniPower Zinc Air Hearing Aid cells,Emergency lighting packs both nicad and sealed lead acid with SSL certification. We also assemble specialized battery packs and carry out testing and repacking batteries for camcorders,Laptops and Power Tools.

Battery Works

We supply the Stoltz and Renata brands of batteries

Battery Works

Battery Works supply batteries as well as battery repacking, designing and construction services to companies and organisations involved in first response emergency services, aviation, military, hospitals, mining and construction industries and Federal, State and Local government agencies.

BEE Technical Distributors

BEE Technical is a Wholesale Distributor and Direct Retail Supplier of BeeHive Series Electronic Power Systems, EPS, Zivan, YK and Outback Industrial Battery Chargers and BeeHive SLS Sealed Lead-Silicate Batteries, the Sonnenschein Dryfit Sportline and HAZE Range of Sealed Lead Acid Gel Batteries, Nikko UPS, Inverters, Solar & Wind Power Equipment, Computer Products & Accessories.

Cairns Solar Equipment

Cairns Solar Equipment is Far North Queensland's leading supplier and installer of alternative energy products. Being a 1-stop solar shop means people can purchase all of their power supply needs under one roof with qualified staff to assist with all technical enquiries. Computer assisted analysis means an accurate assessment can be made of both your hot water and power needs. Whether is be sun, wind, water, diesel or petrol we can provide the best product at the right price. Solar heating, solar panels, batteries, inverters, chargers, generator sets and skylights are but a few of the products sold. Cairns Solar Equipment invite you to personally visit their office and showroom.

E-Solar Pty Ltd

EdealsBargains Electric Bike Kits & LiFePO4 Battery Systems

Electric Bikes & Electric Bicycle Kits. . . . LiFePO4 Battery Batteries & Custom Built Electric Bikes Bicycles

Enerdrive Pty Ltd.

Energy Matters

Energy Matters is as a web-based retail store for renewable energy products. We also offer design, consulting and installation services. The business is operated by a team of experienced renewable energy installers and technology-based professionals. The Energy Matters team has significant experience in the Australian renewable energy industry. Our products are sourced from quality international suppliers at the most competitive prices. We have built a well-qualified team focused on delivering value to our customers. Our mission is to be Australia's leading provider of energy efficient products and services online. Energy Matters is a supplier of a range of quality brands such as: * Suntech, BP Solar, Unisolar, and Sharp solar panel. ....

EXIDE Batteries - Solar Batteries

All your solar battery needs - one stop solar battery shop.

Federal Batteries (Ryde Batteries Wholesale Pty Ltd)


Harmonic Energy

Off grid, remote, stand alone power supplies, Portable Off Grid Power

High-Tech Battery Solutions

High-Tech Battery Solutions Inc. is your ultimate, one stop provider of ups, apc and scooter batteries as well as just about everything else battery related. Visit our website and view our range of products from reputable manufacturers.

Laptop Battery

Electronic-parts. com. au supplies high quality cheap Laptop Batteries, such as HP Laptop Battery, Dell Laptop Battery, TOSHIBA Laptop Battery, Power Tools Batteries, Camcorder Batteries, Digital Camera Batteries, Mobile Phone Batteries, Laptop AC Adapters, Laptop DC Adapters, Battery Chargers, PDA Batteries and other devices for Australia customers.


Supplying super bright LEDs and LED products and other interesting low power lighting.

Magellan Power

Magellan Power is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of high quality/high reliability DC and AC power systems at very competitive prices.

Master Instruments Pty Ltd

Master Instruments in business for over 60 years, Major Australian Distributor for Sanyo, Varta, Panasonic, Enersys, Hawker, Ultralife, Tekcell & Renata Batteries with stocks of many other major brands. Largest range available stocked in Australasia. Distributors across Australia & New Zealand. Assemblers & manufacturers for OEM, defence, telecomunications, industrial & consumer electronics. Fully accredited assembler of lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries with a range of protection circuit modules to suit. Private labelling & packaging also available. MI also manufacturers & distributes a widely varied range of hand held & panel mount test equipment & meters, many available with RS232 interface. As well MI manufactures ...


We specialize in mobile products for mobile people that need to be free from the ubiquitous power cord. We specialize in solar-powered chargers, solar batteries and auxiliary batteries for mobile phones, cellular phones, PDAs, Walkman/Diskman, Digital Cameras etc. We also carry a range of products designed for the camping, hiking, cycling and offroad enthusiast. Our framed solar modules and unframed solar mini-panels are constructed using top quality high efficiency polycrystalline cells and sell at very competitive prices.

Nomad Cycles

Nomad Cycles is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of electric bikes, with a range of cruisers, step-thru and folding ebikes. We stock a range of folding electrics bikes purpose built as secondary vehicles for the caravan and camping market.

NQ Solar

NQ Solar Pty Ltd

Outback Marine Australia Pty. Ltd.

Smart Energy Solutions for Marine, RV and Remote energy applications. Australian importers and distributors for Ample Technology (energy monitors and alternator regulators), Blue Sea Systems (DC distribution panels and protection devices) Caframo (DC fans) Entec (marine AC generator sets), Glacier Bay (energy efficient DC refrigeration) Lifeline Batteries (valve regulated AGM batteries) Newmar (12 and 24 volt battery chargers) Revolution Technologies (high output 12/24 volt alternators), Spectra Watermakers (energy efficient DC desalination systems).

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