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BREAZE Energy Solutions

BREAZE Energy Solutions supplies and installs Solar Power, Solar Hot Water, Heat Pump Hot Water and Energy Efficient Lighting in Ballarat, the Central Highlands and the Western District of Victoria (Australia). We have installed over a thousand Solar Systems in households, schools, community buildings and businesses, including Commercial Projects up to 210kW.

Australian Biomass

Australian Biomass evaluates, designs, installs and manages complete landfill gas extraction systems. Additionally Australian Biomass also builds feed specific process biogas digesters for animal intensive farm industries and a water scrubber for purification of the biogas thus making it usable as a motor vehicle fuel.

Enecon Pty Ltd

Entech - Renewable Energy Solutions P/L

ENTECH renewable energy solutions produce clean syngas (methane like gas)from gasification of biomass or waste thereby replacing millions of tonnes of fossil fuel as an energy source. Based upon comparison to latest US EPA reports (AP42), they're proven to be environmentally superior to firing of any fossil fuel (including natural gas!). They eliminate millions of tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions and as such qualify for carbon credits and renewable energy grants offered by governments worldwide. ENTECH Renewable Energy Solutions = fossil fuel reduction + clean energy + renewable energy + greenhouse gas reduction + superior waste resource utilization.

EVO Global

E.VO Global was created to lift socially responsible initiatives to commercial reality. EVO Global offer investment and consulting packages for investors, start-up, turn-around, merger and acquisition environments. Our international team ensures that we can assist your business reach new heights of commercialism. We take pride on our swift, approachable and entirely result focused business model.

Gasification Australia Pty Ltd

Gasification Australia manufactures high performance batch operated gasifiers designed for combustion engines [rated to 15kWe] and process heat applications for rural/remote and emergency applications for diverse and harsh environments [hot or cold] around the world. Gasification Australia is also able to offer engineering consulting on the design of gasifiers and gasification process train components for various fuel types, as well as pre-feasibility and techno-economic assessments for biomass gasification processes. We have had extensive involvement in gasification technologies over the past ten years including engineering design and physical modeling, industry consultancy including pilot-plant test work plus involvement in the design and...

Novera Energy

Novera Energy Limited is a renewable energy generator with a focus on the world leading green energy market of the United Kingdom. The company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and headquartered in Sydney. Novera is among the largest landfill gas power generators in the UK, operating 47MW of generators at numerous sites across Britain. The company is currently undertaking a significant construction program that will expand the landfill gas power business to 57MW during 2003. The UK operation is managed from Warrington, Cheshire. Novera is also developing biomass gasification and wind power projects in the UK and Australia, in partnership with leading technology providers and joint venture partners.

Sunspun Enterprises Pty Ltd

Thermic Industries

University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales

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