Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Businesses in Australia

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Adapt2 Pty Ltd

Canberra based business providing professional local installations. Sales to all of Australia.

Dadanco Pty Ltd

DADANCO supplies new technology air conditioning terminal units - Active Chilled Beams, induction diffusers and STARLINE units to air conditioning markets in Europe, Australia and Asia. DADANCO provides also comprehensive services in Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling. Using DADANCO technology and/or products, you will be able to: - save up to 40% energy - meet all Standards in relation to IAQ - have environment where noise level is well below NR 35 - need only 350mm to 400mm height of the ceiling space - save on the building height - build more floors for a given building height.

EVO Global

E.VO Global was created to lift socially responsible initiatives to commercial reality. EVO Global offer investment and consulting packages for investors, start-up, turn-around, merger and acquisition environments. Our international team ensures that we can assist your business reach new heights of commercialism. We take pride on our swift, approachable and entirely result focused business model.

Metran International Pty. Ltd

Design and Supply of Heat Pump Heating & Cooling Products.


We are manufacturer and exporter of High Efficiency Photovoltaic Solar modules for concentrators and combine heat and power generation

Q Solar

We are designers and manufacturers of new solar heaters which can deliver clean heat at half the price of fossil fuels heat. Our heaters are more economical than the classical heaters without considering any government grant or rebate. We also teach other companies how to produce and install the new solar heaters which have many applications in industry, agriculture and for heating of buildings. Solar energy can now replace a significant part of fossil fuel energy with cheaper and cleaner solar energy.

Toyesi Heat Pumps

Toyesi was established to manufacture pool heat pumps with excellent product reliability and aesthetic appearance. Since that time, Toyesi has attracted the interest of many reputable builders throughout Australia. Its company success has been attributed to providing technical advice and customising products with the customer in mind.

Accent Water and Energy Pty Ltd

Aquaculture Advantage

Eco-Safe Technologies P/L


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