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Bright Image Pty Ltd

Bright Image Pty Ltd (est 2003) specifically targeting environmental issues particularly related to energy efficiency of lamps and lighting products. Our products are exceptionally efficient and where installed to replace conventional lighting we can guarantee "ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION & ITS COST" will most likely be reduced by around 40% to 90%. Over the past 10 years we are proud to declare our products have satisfied: Government, Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients in their quest to achieve energy efficiency.


Australian owned and operated, cherryLED is a supplier of high quality LED lights designed to significantly reduce energy costs in homes and businesses. Long lasting and producing quality light, our LED lights come with 2 year warranty and are up to 86% more efficient than their halogen and incandescent counterparts. Our quality control and strict testing requirement mean that you're getting an LED solution that delivers the best products.

Choice LED Lighting Australia

led down lights, led color stip lights, led garden lights, commercial lights and more, Choice led Australia manufaturer and wholesale all type of led lighting in Perth . you can choose from more than 50 style and many colors. you can buy our products in most of lighting retail shop around Western Australia

EnerSense Australia Pty Ltd

The Keseco ULTRA is the worlds first 'ceramic' based power saver - it has no moving parts or electrical components. A technological breakthrough that approaches energy-saving in a new and unique way. By using current improvement technology, ultra-effectively reduces resistance in the circuit by converting energy that would ordinarily be lost as heat (due to resistance) into active energy. As an energy-saving technology, this approach is largely misunderstood however it can be easily demonstrated and more importantly it is guaranteed to deliver results or your money back

Gee-Tek P/L

Solar energy photovoltaic power supplies and LED lighting specialists. Manufacturer of photovoltaic, LED and Fluorescent T5 solar street lights. Manufacturer of photovoltaic power supplies for communications,irrigation,railway signalling, and security systems. Agents for Lamina Ceramic LEDs, agents for Sola-Kleen hotwater systems.

Ionics Energy

Ionics Energy are solar panel installers in Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville and across NSW. Ionics Energy was founded by Ryan and Dimitri from Adelaide, South Australia. Their team, with over 10 year combined experience in the electrical and solar industry are fast becoming recognised as Australiaâ™s leading choice for solar and power saving devices. They are passionate young business leaders, respected in the industry. The company has grown nationally with head offices in North Queensland and South Australia.

Lambdaled Technology Coreporation

Lateral Technology

Lateral Technology are Sustainable Energy Consultants & and suppliers PECAN Grid Tied & stand alone Solar Street Lighting equipment & maintenance. Lateral Technology Manufactures & distributes PLASNAV Marine navigation Buoys & Day Mark systems, & distributes SEALITE Marine navigation beacons & navigation aids. Lateral Technology will be happy to design and manufacture custom devices related to any of the above or any other remote power applications including Hydro Turbine cathodic protection & general power generators to site specifications. All it needs is a little Lateral Technology!

LED Lights DownUnder

LED Lights - now made for AustraliaCustom made for Australia these exciting energy saving ultra-long life LED lamps are available to you now, direct from the Australian distributors.

LED Tube Lighting Pty Ltd

LED Tube Lighting Pty. Ltd. is an LED lighting manufacturer specializing in LED products that replace linear fluorescent lighting. We manufacture our own brand of LED tube and we also wholesale other commercial LED products (with smart solutions) that can replace fluorescent tubes. These products include LED Panels, T8 LED refrigerator tubes, LED battens with integrated tubes and designer tubes. We sell our lighting products throughout Australia direct to businesses and to electrical contractors.


Supplying super bright LEDs and LED products and other interesting low power lighting.

Lighting Matters

LightingMatters. com. au is an Australian business dedicated to providing it's customers with high quality CREE and Philips LED lighting at super low prices. We stock only the best products at the best price. Call or email us now.

LiquidLEDs Lighting PTY Limited

Liquidleds Lighting Corp. specialises in the research and development of LED light bulbs and system lighting for the replacement of incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Established in 2006 with its headquarters in Taiwan, Liquidleds is recognised as an innovator and pioneer for introducing unique solutions to the field LED of lighting. The company's prime goal is to integrate its innovation, engineering and design in lighting into the lives of the general public by providing them with reliable and affordable lighting alternatives.

Lumin8 Lighting

Lumin8 Lighting is the leading online LED lighting store, as we have a large variety of LED lighting to choose from at exceptional prices. We also have garden lights, strip lighting, flood lights, globes, and many more fixtures. With 3 yearsâ™ warranty on all products, you know that youâ™re buying quality lights that will stand the test of time. Our range includes Cree, BridgeLux and Edison LED lights for sale.

M-Elec Pty Ltd (LED Lighting Solutions)

M-Elec is a company providing LED lighting solutions for many different lighting applications. We can save you time, money and can give you great lighting designs for your custom installation. M-elec also is a direct wholesale company to lighting outlets, electrical stores and other companies and business's. For any more information please dont hesistate to contact us.


We specialize in mobile products for mobile people that need to be free from the ubiquitous power cord. We specialize in solar-powered chargers, solar batteries and auxiliary batteries for mobile phones, cellular phones, PDAs, Walkman/Diskman, Digital Cameras etc. We also carry a range of products designed for the camping, hiking, cycling and offroad enthusiast. Our framed solar modules and unframed solar mini-panels are constructed using top quality high efficiency polycrystalline cells and sell at very competitive prices.

Natural Hut - Lighting

We use four colours to bring up our missions in LED industry; they are Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Green- Everyone in Australia should be proud to have a very nice natural environment for us to live in, we want to protect it, and keep it green for our future and next generations. Blue- The rise in electricity prices, carbon tax etc that cause our electricity bill is raising across the country, the way to reduce our bill is to use energy saving products that can also save our environment. Yellow-Each family needs lighting to brighten the night at home, your choices here is very important, the correct decision not only provide you a green future with non-pollution surrounding environment, it can also save you money for better life style. Red...

Planet LED

Planet LED is a LED lights company providing energy efficient and sustainable lighting options for domestic and commercial customers. Our range of products include LED lights, LED down lights, LED light bulbs and even LED torches.

Savepower. com. au

SP LED and SP Induction energy efficient lighting product developement - Solutions for all commercial and residential lighting systems - AC OR Solar - Save up to 70% on your power bill - REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT TODAY. SP PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY: SP manufactures high quality energy efficient Induction and LED lighting systems with proven reliability and durability. With a SP factory warranty, and 24/7 back-up support. You and your team will have the peace of mind that our products won't let you down. Our philosophy is that if you do have a problem, with any of our products, we will solve it, as soon as humanly possible. This is why we spend so much effort to make our products the best possible design and quality so that from day one they wor...

Sealite Pty Ltd

Sealite is the world's fastest growing manufacturer of marine aids to navigation. We employ leading engineers to create innovative products to service the needs of our customers worldwide, and offer the widest range of solar-powered LED lanterns in the marketplace. The Sealite team is dedicated to servicing the marine industry through the efficient design and production of leading-edge products. Through close working relationships, marine authorities and private customers around the globe now trust Sealite to enhance the safety of their operations.

Sydney Lighthouse

Sydney Lighthouse distrubutes high quality LED and designer lighting, available now online through our shop section. All of our LED downlights are designed to cope with the harsh conditions of the Australian climate and are backed up by a 5 year warranty!

The LED Shop

Online sales within Australia and International of LED Headlamps and Torches. 9 LED SportMan Headlamp $39.95 PostPaid Australia; $US29.95 PostPaid Worldwide 6 LED Flashlight; $25.95 PostPaid Australia; $US19.95 PostPaid Worldwide MR 16 LED bulbs 12 Volt

Wattsaver Lighting and Solar Solutions

Wattsaver Lighting and Solar Solutions - we design, built and import lighting and solar systems.

Domus Lighting

EnerTec Australia Pty Ltd

innovec controls


Lightech Australia Pty Ltd

Propa Lights

Zen Imports

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