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SunTrix is an Australian developer and supplier of commercial tracking systems. Suitable for farms through to multi-megawatt utility grade systems. We also develop and install affordable rooftop mounted solar systems.

Stiebel Eltron (Aust) Pty Ltd

For over 85 years, Stiebel Eltron has been continuously providing its quality services of Hot water solutions. We are Australiaâ™s leading suppliers of Hot Water Heat Pumps, Water Heaters, Room Heaters Under floor heating, and Water Filters.

Brumby Pumps

Manufacture and supply of the Brumby Pump, a versatile air operated submersible pump. We deliver world wide.

Coastline Plastics

Plastic rain water storage tanks from 700 litres upto 24,000 litres, including 5 different sizes of underground water tanks & 3 different sized slim wall liner tanks including Australia's largest slim wall liner tank at 5,200 litres. Pumps, first flush diverters and pump housing are also available. Servicing Greater Sydney, the Illawarra, the Southern Highlands, and Shoalhaven. Delivery to major areas such as Brisbane & Melbourne along east coast available. All tanks are a minimum 3.5 times safety factor (strongest on the market) & come with 20 year guarantee and are made from non-toxic polyethylene (same as plastic milk bottles) as recommended by Australian Standards for contact with food & water.

DPA Pty. Ltd. T/A Renroc Group Pumps & Engineering

Renroc Group Pumps & Engineering are specialists in the Design & Construction of Fluid Handling Systems for the world s leading EPCM Contractors in the re-newable Energy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, minerals extraction, refining companies and utility suppliers. Representing: Hermetic Pumpen GmbH, Klaus Union GmbH, Sero Pumpen, Schroedahl ARC Valves of Germany and Dalian Deep Blue Pump Co., Ltd. and Dandong Colossus Group Co. Ltd of China. A full range of pumps is manufactured by our principles complying with API 610 & 685, ANSI and or DIN standards depending on the customer s preference. Design features are incorporated to cope with high temperature or more moderate temperatures as required. Our fields of experience cover pumping of hot liqui...

Kerrimuir Rainwater Products

Kerrimuir Rainwater Products, like you, appreciate that water conservation and storage is becoming more important to us all daily. Your choice of a Kerrimuir product will help you continue a water smart lifestyle well into the future. At Kerrimuir, we are driven by uncompromising superiority in every aspect of design, engineering, and production to your home. These are the fundamental qualities we hold steadfast as a company. Our culture is steeped in adhering to standards and business principles that maintain benchmark production consistently. It is our vision to bring to you green sustainable products that will benefit Australians into the future.

Orange Pumps International Ltd

Orange Pumps designs and manufactures a range of small horsepower water pumps. In addition we have designed a unique and sophisticated electronic digital pumps control and protection device. This device protects all makes of pumps from low voltage/high voltage(bad power), loss of prime, pump boiling etc. It incorporates a (6) year memory that can be accessed by pump service people etc and details the fault history - for easy pump problem diagnosis.

Queensland Windmill and Solar

Design and supply solar water pumping systems, either as a kit for self-installation, or with installation as required. Supply windmills and windmill spare parts.

Solar Sales Pty Ltd

Solar Sales Pty Ltd is one of Australasia's longest established and most experienced renewable energy companies. Headquartered in Welshpool, an industrial area 10 minutes drive from Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, Solar Sales Pty Ltd originally entered the industry in January 1981. Solar Sales Pty Ltd has always had a strong commitment to product development and in-field experience as a firm basis for its success in the marketplace. Experience in solar (photovoltaic) module production, overseas work for United Nations agencies, export to in-country distributors and on site consultancy both within Australia and overseas, has meant that the company has many well qualified staff to service any enquiry from any region in the world.

The Solar Pump Company

A long serving member of the solar industry for 35 years..Designing, developing and importing solar products for the Australian Solar industry.

Water Bores Are Us

Water Bores Are Us are water specialists for professional iron removal, water bores, water pumps, water tanks, reverse osmosis, seawater desalination and water treatment. Water Bores Are Us, for all your water needs and requirements.

Water Warehouse - Australia

Aquaculture Advantage

ASA Industry - Melbourne

B/W Solar

Orange Pumps International Ltd

Water Water Everywhere

Windhill Pty Ltd

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