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VALBIS TRADE Ltd - Zekatex - 3K Sa - ABS - Advensa Ltd - Alema Solar Ltd. - Anidi Solar - Apex Solar Ltd - Arei Bulgaria Ltd. - BG Solar Panels Ltd. - Bio Professional and Domestic Energy Systems Corporation - Boyana Energy Ltd - BSE - Bulcraft Control Ood - Bulgaria-Solar. com - BulSpace - Chepakov - Crane Ltd. - Day Energy EOOD - Ecosyst Ltd. - Elhim-Iskra Jsc - ELNetPro Ltd. - Elprom Energy Ltd. - Elsol - ENERGO-PRO Bulgaria AD - Energoconsult Ltd - ERMAX Ltd. - ESD-Bulgaria Ltd. - Geo55 Ltd. - Grainis LTD - Greentech Engineering Solutions Ltd. - Hydroenergy Company Ltd. - Hydroenergy Company Ltd. -


The company Valbis Trade Ltd was established in 2006. Our partners and suppliers are some of the most powerful manufacturers of rechargeable batteries in the world â" Panasonic, Enersys, CSB, GAZ, MHB, EVE, LEXEL and etc. Our directions:Industrial rechargeable batteries, Ni-Cd, Pb batteries and servicing, VRLA rechargeable batteries for UPS and security systems, Portable batteries, Servicing of power supply devices (PSD) and large industrial rechargeable batteries, Recycling and production of battery packs for power tools, household appliances, cash registers, phones, etc. An important advantage of our company is the all-encompassing service of the customers in these five directions, which in addition of the delivery of rechargeable batter...


Zekatex is a power drive and automation technology company. We develop and manufacture power conversion units and industrial automation devices that set the next level of instrumentation integration in the industry.

3K Sa


We are a Bulgarian company named Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) and we specialize in consulting of individuals and companies in the following areas:Management of energy projects from renewable energy sources (RES) and more specifically Solar Power Plants. Our services range from consulting on different parts of a project to a complete "turnkey" solution including selection of a suitable terrain, preparation of business plan, design, construction and maintenance of a SPP and gathering of all necessary documents and permits, including a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the electricity distributing companies in Bulgaria. ABS is proud to be one of a few companies in Bulgaria that has a in-process project for a 1 MW SPP financed with inter...

Advensa Ltd

As a wholesaler for products of solar energy, Advensa gives you the opportunity to harness the inexhaustible sun energy by providing you the best technology. Advensa offers high quality products, competitive prices and first class services to our customers.

Alema Solar Ltd.

Anidi Solar

Apex Solar Ltd

Engineering, Procurement of PV modules and system components for PV parks, Construction & Maintenance

Arei Bulgaria Ltd.

BG Solar Panels Ltd.

Bio Professional and Domestic Energy Systems Corporation

Boyana Energy Ltd - BSE

Bulcraft Control Ood

BulCraft Control is official Marmitek Distributor for Bulgaria. We are supplier of home automation products, Wireless Alarm systems, Multimedia and wireless cameras & PC surveillance systems. As official Marmitek distributor for Bulgarian market, we can provide you with the best technical support available. We invite you to visit our offices and showrooms and weâ d be happy to help you in person. On this page you can find detailed information about our offices, addresses and hours.

Bulgaria-Solar. com

PV power plants project development and management in Bulgaria. Wholesale of system components: modules, inverters, trackers.



Our company has several years of experience in the area of renewable technologies. At the moment our most popular products are wind turbines (in the power range 300W-20kW), hydro turbines (300W-30kW), solar panels, VRLA batteries, inverters and all the accessories needed for the establishment of a small eco power station.

Crane Ltd.

Day Energy EOOD

Ecosyst Ltd.

Elhim-Iskra Jsc

ELHIM-ISKRA JSC was found in 1960 and it has rich experience and approved traditions in production of lead-acid batteries. The wide production range of starting, tractions, semi-tractions and stationary batteries produced according to the International Standards, covers the whole field of possible applications on cars, trucks, tractors, lifting platforms, railway transport, telecommunications, solar systems and others.

ELNetPro Ltd.

Elprom Energy Ltd.


ELSOL provides its customers in Bulgaria with an alternative method of generating energy by utilizing solar electrical or photovoltaic (PV) systems. These systems use solar panels to harness electricity from the most powerful source available - the SUN! Contact ELSOL for information on design, sales, and installation of these renewable power solutions


Energo-Pro Bulgaria AD is a producer of electrical energy through renewable sources, operating eight hydropower plants united in three cascades on the teritory of Bulgaria.

Energoconsult Ltd

Energoconsult Ltd-Wind Energy Development


ESD-Bulgaria Ltd.

ESD-Bulgaria Ltd. operates mainly in energy efficiency, CHP and renewable energy resources as a consulting company and engages in the development and implementation of sustainable energy projects. Its major objective is to make sustainable energy possible and to promote sustainable energy in Bulgaria. ESD Bulgaria provides technical assistance for identification and investing in development and implementation of Bulgarian energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for a number of municipalities and other local authorities in the country.

Geo55 Ltd.

We provide expert assistance at all stages of a photovoltaic, wind power or hydropower project development. We also offer ready projects with all required documentation.

Grainis LTD

We are a Bulgarian company, offering a revolutionary Green Energy Product : Oxy-Hydrogen Water-Electrolysis, Gas-Electric Power Plant, 3-1000 kW - - Autonomous, Small, Mobile, - for Green Power&Heat Off-Grid Supply of :- Homes, Farms, Businesses, Public Buildings, - Electric Vehicles as Large Cars, Trucks, Trains/Trams, Ships and Aircrafts, - Construction, Mining, etc. Equipment, etc., with a small Turbine, Steam Engine, or with a Compact Mobile Option - Seebeck's Thermoelectric Generator's (TEG) Electronic Module System only. Our Plants can provide a 100% Clean, Renewable, Unlimited, Safe and Almost Free Energy for Family-Scale or Business/Public/Industrial-Scale supply, in almost any safe point of need worldwide. Simple Water is the only ...

Greentech Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Hydroenergy Company Ltd.

Our company develops and implements integrated and customized turn-key projects for investors in the renewable energy sector /Photovoltaic and Hydropower plants/. Our experts have accumulated and developed imparalled practical experience mainly in the construction of hydropower plants. As of the beginning of 2007 we have spread our service portfolio to photovoltaic /solar/ power plants. Construction of sole and complex hydrotechnical equipment is another service that we provide.

Hydroenergy Company Ltd.

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