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Business Names Starting with E

Eguana Technologies Inc - Endurance Wind Power Inc. - Eco Energy - Electrovaya Corp. - East Penn Canada - E-Cycle Electric Vehicles - E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd. - Earth Geothermal Inc. - EB Engineering Ltd. - Eclipsall Energy Corp. - Eclipse Automation Inc. - Ecocity Group - EcoSunPV - ecoZone International inc. - Eden Energy Equipment - Edmond Electric Company Ltd - Effenco - Electracanada Inc. - Electric Coast Vehicles - Electric Vinyl Inc. - ElectroCraft - Electrovent - Elite Electric Bikes - eLumanation LED Lighting Solutions. . . - EnEco Systems Inc. - Energie Ressource Technologies inc. - Energy Efficient Lighting Co Ltd - Energy Storage Instruments - Energy Systems & Design Ltd. - EnerServ Inc - Enersol Solar Products - Enerworks Inc. -

Eguana Technologies Inc

Eguana Technologies designs and manufactures intelligent power electronics for distributed smart grid and energy storage applications.

Endurance Wind Power Inc.

Endurance Wind Power is a manufacturer of advanced wind turbines designed specifically for distributed wind power applications. Our line of modern, induction based wind turbines, bring efficient, reliable, safe and quiet, renewable energy within reach of homeowners, businesses and institutions across North America, the U. K. and an expanding global market. WE POWER THE FUTURE!

Eco Energy

Canada's #1 Manufacturer of Solar Electric Controls since 1992. Manufacturing the only charge controller with zero battery drain with the option to charge two independent batteries at once, ideal for marine and RV systems with two battery banks. Our innovative controls have the lowest power consumption of any charge controller on the market today, they shutdown completely at night using ZERO battery power. Since Eco Energy is powered by solar energy we understand the importance of not wasting power, in fact our controls never use any battery power. Silent, no radio interference, and electronic protection against reverse connections, overload or overtemperature. Contact us today.

Electrovaya Corp.

Our approach to business is integrative and multi-faceted. We have expertise in the development of lithium ion polymer technologies, related manufacturing processes and of the specialized machinery required to commercially produce our products. This approach led to the creation of our first product, an external battery pack for portable computers (the PowerPad160). A first-generation product, the PowerPad160 has approximately 160 watt-hours of energy capacity and enables users to run most laptops for 12 to 16 hours, as against the 2 to 4 hour run-times of other batteries typically installed in portable computers.

East Penn Canada

E-Cycle Electric Vehicles

E-Cycle is a leading supplier and distributor of electric vehicles. An exclusive distributor of E-Cycle, DOT and CMVSS compliant EVT 168 and EVT 4000e Limited Speed Motorcycles.

E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd.

E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries offering a competitive advantage in design engineering, applications testing and turnkey battery system solutions for portable and mobile devices. We manufacture cells in both cylindrical and prismatic sizes, some in both cobalt and manganese chemistries. We have a battery for every application, from cell-phones to electric bicycles. Having an extensive background in R & D and state-of-the-art production facilities in both Taiwan and Canada, E-One Moli will continue pioneering the development of rechargeable batteries to meet the future challenges of the mobile world.

Earth Geothermal Inc.

EB Engineering Ltd.

EB Engineering Ltd. is the manufacturer of the SunBeacon brand of solar powered LED hazard lights. SunBeacon lights offer the most advanced features at a competitive price.

Eclipsall Energy Corp.

Eclipsall Energy Corp. is an Ontario-based manufacturer of PV modules with an initial annual production capacity of 64MW. The company produces both 60 and 72 (mono and poly) cell modules with output ranges of 230w-250w and 280w-300w.

Eclipse Automation Inc.

Ecocity Group

We at L&L Ecocity are convinced that humanity can live in Ecocities in the 21st. century. To prove it to you, we haveassembled the best products from around the planet and linked up with the best designers builders and architect's to show you how to use them. Not only will you be able to reduce your energy consumption by over 60 % by properly using our products but we will also show you how you too can live in a garden city. Take a tour of our site, stopping off in geothermal, solar energy, wind and biomass. Take your time, for this review of one of your life's most important choices, is one of the most important steps you will take to improve your life in the next decade.


Based in Mississauga, ON, Canada, EcoSunPV manufactures superior quality Photovoltaic solar panels for extreme Canadian weather conditions. Our panels offer better cell efficiency, are highly durable and are made with the latest generation polycrystalline cell technology. Easy to install, EcoSunPV panels have no moving parts, offering low maintenance and reliability. Our modular design allows for easy system expansion, are adaptable for many applications, locations and sizes. Guaranteed for 25 years, EcoSunPV panels have a service life of 30-40 years.

ecoZone International inc.

Eden Energy Equipment

We are the Ontario Distributor for WaterFurnace. We also carry air purification and ventilation products, and we are a vanEE distributor and distribute Austin Air Healthmates, and HepaShield Medical Grade Hepa filters.

Edmond Electric Company Ltd

Convert your gas riding lawn mower to electric with our proven design developed over 8 years, This manual contains detailed instructions, supplier list, drawings and over 300 indexed pictures to enable the average handyman to convert a used gas powered lawn tractor to the same operating features as our professional design electric powered lawn tractor featured on our website.


Effenco is specialized in the development of technologies related to hybrid vehicles, mainly industrial vehicles. Our company is composed of experienced administrators and engineers specialized in manufacturing, composite materials, numerical analysis and computer assisted drawing. Effenco offers to its customers the opportunity to convert their standard vehicle into a hybrid vehicle. We offer a turnkey product, which includes our hydraulic system or flywheel battery as well as all other hybrid components including the control system.

Electracanada Inc.

One of the best electric boat available, beautifully finished, ultra quiet and economical to run. ElectraBoat is perfectly suited for inland waterways and lakes. With a total motor time of over six hours you can really take in an afternoon adventure. Sit back, relax and see the waterfront nature as it was intended. Stop and have a picnic lunch in your favorite secluded bay, on the onboard table. Glide by the birds with hardly a sound and amaze at their beauty, from a vantage point seldom achieved. ElectraBoat, an exciting blend of beauty and functionality.

Electric Coast Vehicles

Electric Coast - Specializes in providing Light Electric Transportation solutions for today's market.

Electric Vinyl Inc.

Electric Vinyl Inc. specializes in manufacturing custom award-winning electroluminescent panels using large format EL panels.


Designer and manufacturer of Power Electronics and Micro-Controller products. Provides Chargers for Solar, Wind power and Electric Vehicles. Also, Motor Controllers and DC-DC Converters.


Elite Electric Bikes

Elite Electric Bikes is transforming transportation with the best electric bicycles (e-bikes) on the market. Our passion is helping electric bikes become a key solution to protecting the environment, traffic congestion and employee health. Through extensive research and testing, we have created the ultimate electric bike for commercial use and daily commuting. Simply put, our bikes are friendly to the environment, your body - and your wallet!

eLumanation LED Lighting Solutions. . .

No matter how small the application or how large the project eLumanation will help guide your business switch to profitable, energy efficient LED lighting from assessment to implementation. Our experienced energy consultants will aid your company in maximizing your energy savings while minimizing your payback period. At eLumanation not only do we provide complete retrofit LED solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint for the architectural, commercial, residential and industrial market, we also aspire to develop highly aesthetic customized LED Lighting Solutions.

EnEco Systems Inc.

One hundred percent of the garbage now being wasted by burial in your landfill can be used as a valuable resource in an EnEco designed CORE recycling and renewable energy plant. It s a Canadian solution that will generate zero waste. EnEco is prepared to provide this world class service on either a private basis for a fee competitive with current disposal costs or on a turnkey supply basis. Waste management that relies on dumping society s discards in a landfill is a practice of the past. Sustainable waste management is the future. We propose the CORE system. CORE technology sustainably converts carbon based waste to green energy. This style of processor has a long operating track record . Waste heat is used to grow flowers, nur. . .

Energie Ressource Technologies inc.

Energy Efficient Lighting Co Ltd

Energy Efficient Lighting offers total solutions to commercial and industrial illuminating applications. Our product lines include conventional lighting fixtures, LED retrofit lighting kits, complete LED luminaires, LED systems, drivers and electronic ballasts. Under stringent quality control, our LED fixtures are guaranteed with the best performance and effective lifetime in the lighting industry.

Energy Storage Instruments

Energy Storage Instruments is a leading designer and manufacturer of single and multi-channel battery testing, charging and formation systems for secondary rechargeable batteries. Systems include Windows application software, USB communications, micro-controllers, and power electronics ranging from 10 Watts to 10k Watts or higher.

Energy Systems & Design Ltd.

ES & D manufactures micro-hydroelectric generators and components. The Stream Engine and LH1000 are proven micro-hydroelectric battery charging solutions, the LH1000 for low-head high flow sites, and the Stream Engine for medium and high head sites. These machines use precision parts made of non-corrosive materials for long life. ES & D can also consider custom design and site consultations.

EnerServ Inc

EnerServ is a young, fast-growing company equipped with highly qualified personnel, notably in such fields as the maintenance, retrofitting and repair of hydroelectric and thermal energy-generating equipment.

Enersol Solar Products

Simply. . . . the very best in Solar Pool Heating. Established in 1979, Enersol Solar Products is Canada's largest manufacture of pool heaters. Our unique Slip & Clip design is ideal for Do-It-Yourself installations. Our modular concept rolls a 4'x10' ( 40 sq. ft. ) panel into a 2 1/2 cubic ft. box for easy shipping and handling. Enersol currently ships world-wide and is recognized as one of the leading manufactures of quality solar pool heaters.

Enerworks Inc.

Enerworks Inc. is a market leading manufacturer and integration partner for solar thermal products. Our product lines include S-Power evacuated tube collectors featuring the German made NARVA heat pipe, Enersol Solar Pool Heaters and Enerworks residential and commercial flat plate collectors. We manufacture and design pump stations, space/water/solar heating combination systems and have installed Canada's largest solar thermal cooling project.

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