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Abri Sustainable Design & Consulting

ABRI sustainable design specializes in energy efficient, passive solar homes. We offer design and consultation services to homeowners, builders and developers in the following areas: energy efficient envelopes; computer modelling of energy use; passive solar heating analysis; daylighting; renewable energy system concept, design & cost analysis; sustainable/healthy materials analysis; rainwater harvesting system design; and barrier-free floor plans with user-friendly living features. In addition, we supply plain language writing and editing to individuals and organizations requiring clear and accurate promotional and/or educational literature.

Advanced Glazings Ltd.

Solera is a product line of glass based translucent insulated glazing units (IGU s). Solera units convert glare and hot spots from harsh sunlight into useable diffuse light that is pushed deep into building interiors. As a result spaces are filled with soft, but bright natural daylight creating a more comfortable environment. The inclusion of Nanogel-Aerogel in our daylighting systems virtually eliminates the historical trade off of insulation vs natural light by providing 3-6 times the thermal performance. Call or email us today for information on how you can daylight your project and get a few LEED points in the process

ARXX Corporation

The ARXX wall and foundation system combines solid, reinforced concrete with high-density expanded polystyrene and welded steel or plastic webs to create structures that are more comfortable, more energy efficient, and more structurally secure than those built with traditional construction methods. When you design/or build with ARXX ICFs, you have virtually unlimited design flexibility combined with tremendous structural strength. ARXX now offers the most comprehensive line of insulating concrete froms in the industry. Only ARXX offers three award-winning product lines, to provide the best match for any project: ARXX Prime (formerly ARXX Forms); ARXX Edge (formerly ECO-Blocks); and ARXX Steel (formerly PolySteel). Visit

Durisol Building Systems Inc.

Durisol is a proprietary material which is moulded and compressed to suit the desired aesthetic and technical requirements. Durisol is composed of only natural raw materials - specially graded wood shavings which are neutralized and mineralized before being bonded together with cement. Hardened Durisol is light weight, porous and very durable. Durisol poses no threat to the environment. It has no toxic ingredients, it does not support combustion, it offers no food for vermin. The softwood aggregate is a by-product from the lumber industry, as well as recycled wood from building waste. Durisol is a tried and tested material with a track record of over 55 years, 43 years in Canada and 9 years in the U. S. A.

Eagle Specialized Coatings And Protected Environments

Western North American and Canadian distributor for Super Therm Ceramic Insulation coating alternative to fiberglass. SuperTherm is a true insulating coating and outperforms reflective paints. Other areas of expertise include Thermal, Fire, Corrosion, Water, Concrete and Graffiti control. While we do specialize in Commercial \ Industrial protective coatings; we are really in the business of solving problems. Whatever the problem, we offer a long term solution.

Enermodal Engineering

Enermodal Engineering Limited is a consulting engineering firm providing design, research and technical support in the fields of building science, energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable building design. With a staff of 25 in our Kitchener, Ontario and Denver, Colorado offices, we provide innovative solutions to reduce energy use, water consumption and the environmental impact of building designs. Our goal is to provide solutions that reflect a commitment to providing environmentally appropriate, sustainable and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Evolve Green

We Carry a Wide Variety of top name brand Alternative Energy Products! Solar PV, wind, Solar thermal for ON or Off the Grid! Full system design with safe approved name brand products that last! We show you have to get the most from rebates and how to have your system work for you! To get a free quote contact us today!

Geoflex Systems Inc

Geoflex proudly offers, Geothermal, Chiller and Dehumification Systems 2 to 35 ton unitary, "water to water" and "water to air", Chillers, 5 to 200 ton staged systems, many other energy transfer technologies design with the highest energy efficiency and all within an environmentally encouraging manner.

Green Energy Jobs Online

Online job search for green energy jobs.

Natural Buildings

Natural Buildings specializes in creating healthy green buildings: sustainable architecture; energy conservation; low impact construction; and renewable energy and resources. Natural Buildings also looks at how we can improve the micro-environments inside buildings. An increasing number of health problems such as asthma, respiratory disease, sleep disorders, headaches, multiple chemical sensitivity and sick building syndrome can be attributed to poor indoor environments. Many of the materials, technologies, mechanical systems, and procedures which characterize current construction are producing the unanticipated effect of unhealthy indoor environments. Natural Buildings develops solutions offering healthy design and construction services ...

Northern Green Energy Solutions

Northern Green Energy Solutions Installs, Designs, and Services Geothermal Heat Pumps in North Bay and Callander area. We are you local authorized Next Energy Dealer. Government Grants are available, book your installation with Northern Green today!

Ontario Solar Academy

Photovoltaic Career in Ontario - Solar Academy offers affordable training for those interested in launching careers in renewable energy. Learn how a photovoltaic career can transform your job search for the future.

Prairie Panels Ltd.

For all your hockey rink, soccer arenas, tennis courts, supplies give us a call. For repairs to existing hockey rinks re a new board system or glass replacement we can do it all. We can make the board system or install your boards. Also any additions to your buildings like a new Zambonie room or change room renovations. We can assist there as well. Prairie Panels is also an expert in the installation of the double bubble aluminum foil two sides suspended ceiling systems. Call for an estimate or a quote. This will assist your rink in saving money in a very reasonable length of time.

Qmata Eco-Heating & Plumbing Inc.

Qmata Eco-Heating & Plumbing Inc. is an innovative company, with a new approach based on a traditional heating & plumbing paradigm. Qmata's primary focus is in providing client options (systems) thatConserve Energy Conserve Water Enhance water quality Incorporate Natural- "Back to basics" design

Temp-Cast Enviroheat Ltd.

Turtle Tanks International

Technology Transfer available for water and containment systems.

A Budget Construction LTD

Anything for Solar requirement give us a call would be Interested in South Asian and Asian countries wholesale business.

Canadian Green Power

Canaf Business Enterprise

Coldstream Concrete Limited

Construction Technologies

International Overseas Development Corporation

Samson Power

SIPSCO - The Structural Insulated Panel Supply Co.

The Zero Point

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