Electric Vehicle Battery Businesses in Canada

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Discover Energy Corp.

Discover-Energy is a powerful force, combining more than 60 years of seasoned management in the power protection, generation and energy storage industry. Discover the power of our leading global position in the design, manufacture and distribution of Clean & Green batteries and energy storage products. We manufacture and distribute clean and green batteries and energy storage products for a wide range of applications. Through innovative product development and impeccable knowledge-based services, Discover-Energyâ s team of over 2500 people worldwide set the standard for dependable and maintenance free Advanced Dry Cell power blocks. We invite you to join the Clean & Green energy movement by using one of our existing products or allowing us...

ZENN Motor Co.

Nuworld Research and Development div.,

Nuworld Research specializes in techncial and business development support for Clean energy sources that reduce local pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases while growing margins.Following is typical listing of some of the Research projects: Solar powered LEDs Solar kits for Golf Carts Solar Transit and Park Lighting Solar Car Wash "Zero" Energy Solutions Electric Distribution System Electric Revenue Cycle Info Security Coal Bed Methane to Electricity Ag-Waste, Manure to Energy, AMR, Net Metering Bio-Fuels Manure Management Fuel Conversion

East Penn Canada

All Power Battery

All Power Battery manufactures quality sealed lead acid batteries and Gel BATTERIES for these applications: telecom, ups,medical, emergency lights,security panels, electric vehicles,wheelchairs and scooters,atm machines, cash registers, auto alarms,and any backup or deep cycle application using portable power. We welcome all inquiries either technical or other.We have close to 50 mould sizes available to cover most applications all built under our battery/2000 brand, however we will build private label on request. We are set up ship container lots anywhere in the world and our volume allows us to be price competitive.We welcome all inquiries.

Crown Battery Manufacturing

Cycle Electric

eV FERN Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of high energy storage li-ion battery and equipements.

Flywheel Energy Systems Inc.

Founded in 1993 we have developed a flywheel kinetic energy storage platform suitable for transportation applications. Our world leading technology was originally designed for low earth orbit satellite applications. Our transportation solutions, derived from our spacecraft power systems research, provide a low cost, reliable alternative to battery, ultra capacitor and hydraulic energy storage systems.


ItsElectric imports, promotes and distributes electric bicycle conversion kits in Western Canada via wholesale and online retail sales. The featured product is a silent sealed direct drive hub motor system for 16 - 26" bicycle wheels.

Royal Battery Sales Ltd.

Royal Battery Sales Ltd. prides itself on providing high quality, high performance batteries for those who are serious about their energy requirements. With the technological edge and strong performance history of our products we have rapidly become a force in the battery industry. Our reputation has been built on service and backed by product quality and reliability. Whether it's in your race car, street vehicle, off-roader, motorcycle or boat, rest assured Royal Battery Sales Ltd. will get you started and keep you going!


Scooteretti is one of Canada's largest and premier electric scooter, electric bicycle and e-bike retailer/wholesaler. With a huge inventory of in stock electric scooters, electric bicycles, parts and accessories. We are proud and passionate about introducing the next generation of exciting, stylish, eco-friendly electric scooters and electric bicycles. With uncompromising quality, reliability and safety built into each and every one of our products. Come see for yourself what we're all about. We custom design and manufacture electric scooters up to 5000W. Contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements.

Silicone Batteries Inc.

Silicone Rechargeable Power Batteries is the first and only Certified Green Battery that is taking the battery industry by surprise. The silicone batteries silicate compound electrolyte can be safely used as a fertilizer after the life-cycle of the battery, GYM series life-cycle is up to 10 years. Silicone Rechargeable Batteries can be rapidly discharged at 30C in 8 seconds with no damage to the battery and rapidly recharged in 20 minutes. Silicone Batteries can be fully recharged over 400 times, lead-acid batteries approximately 200 times. Furthermore, Silicone Rechargeable Batteries work normally at -50C to +70C, because of no battery memory the Silicone Battery is the most dependable in harsh temperatures.

Simple Power

We have been involved in bringing affordable, reliable electric motorcycles and motor-scooters to the Canadian marketplace. We introduced the first Electric Scooter approved by Transport Canada for street use to Canada in Nov. 2003.Our focus is developing safe, affordable Electric Motorcycles capable of speeds of 80 kmph with ranges of 120 km +. We are working with many companies to develop and sell a well built line of electric motorcycles, scooters, ATV'S and electric riding lawnmowers. We are increasing our dealer network for sales and service of environmentally friendly electric powered products.

Canadian Electric Vehciles Ltd.

David International Service Co

Draco eBikes

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