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Excell Battery Co.

Excell Battery is Canada's largest battery importer and wholesaler of industrial batteries.We have three sales and production centers across Canada covering all the major markets. Excell Battery was founded in 1985 and stocks a huge variety of lithium, lithium-ion, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, sealed lead acid, alkaline, etc. All three Excell locations have the ability to build battery packs. Excell Battery Co. has opened an office in Houston TX. The new location ,the first outside Canada will serve the Petroleum Industry primarily.

Generation PV Inc.

Generation PV specializes in the supply of renewable energy systems. More than 45, 000 systems designed and supplied by Generation PV are operating in 60 countries. Contact Generation PV today for your solar, power solution!

Discover Energy Corp.

Discover-Energy is a powerful force, combining more than 60 years of seasoned management in the power protection, generation and energy storage industry. Discover the power of our leading global position in the design, manufacture and distribution of Clean & Green batteries and energy storage products. We manufacture and distribute clean and green batteries and energy storage products for a wide range of applications. Through innovative product development and impeccable knowledge-based services, Discover-Energyâ s team of over 2500 people worldwide set the standard for dependable and maintenance free Advanced Dry Cell power blocks. We invite you to join the Clean & Green energy movement by using one of our existing products or allowing us...

East Penn Canada

All Power Battery

All Power Battery manufactures quality sealed lead acid batteries and Gel BATTERIES for these applications: telecom, ups,medical, emergency lights,security panels, electric vehicles,wheelchairs and scooters,atm machines, cash registers, auto alarms,and any backup or deep cycle application using portable power. We welcome all inquiries either technical or other.We have close to 50 mould sizes available to cover most applications all built under our battery/2000 brand, however we will build private label on request. We are set up ship container lots anywhere in the world and our volume allows us to be price competitive.We welcome all inquiries.

B. T. W. Electronic Parts

Brierly Technologies Inc.

BTI provides a wide range of battery charger for flooded/wet, starting, gel and agm batteries. We sell SCR and high frequency switch mode units. Charging profiles are available for all battery types. Most models are programmable for voltage, current and charging profiles. Custom charging profiles are available. CBHF2, CBHF1-SM, CBHD1, CBHD1-N, CBHD2, CBHD3, CBHF2-XP, CBSW1-S, CBSW2-S, CBHF4, CBHF5, GREEN2, GREEN4, CBHF6, HF1-IP, HF2-UI, KSO-SC, ULBF52, ULBF52R, ULBF52RC, ULBF52C, Alfabat, Alfabat Pro, Emrol BMS, Emrol SMS, BB-SBM12, BB-SBM12PS, BB-DCM12-WET, BB-DCM12-AGM. Battery Bug

Celtic Bikes - Electric Bikes and Scooters

Celtic Bikes are the distributor of high quality electric bikes and scooters the USA, Canada and Ireland. These include the popular Celtic 20i electric folding bike, the Celtic City Hybrid and the Celtic Mini Retro scooter. For more information about these bikes or any other model not here, please email us or call Toronto, Canada 416 623 6344

Clear Power Solutions

Clear Power Solutions offers just about any battery and solar panel. We have the knowledge and equipment to build and rebuild battery packs on site. We also have a full range of telecom power installation services with an experienced and qualified staff.

Eco Alternative Energy

Complete solar design and installation, Photovoltaic, MicroFIT, grid tie. Locations around Ontario. GTA, Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, Sharbot Lake, Parry Sound, Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Caledon, North York, Ajax, Newmarket. Over 6 years experience, 100's of installations, On OPA Vendors List.

Excess Energy Inc.

Large quantities of surplus telecom batteries manufactured by GNB Technologies for sale. Xantrex certified Dealer/installer, BP Solar, Sharp Solar, Outback charge controllers, South West Wind Power. Specialize in remote home/industry installs, and packaged export turn key systems. We ship from Canada World Wide. Portable/staionary energy systems for many applications.

Magnacharge Battery Corporation

Magnacharge Battery Corporation, is a leading battery supply company in Canada. From our manufacturing facility in New Westminster, BC Canada and our fifteen warehouse distribution locations across Canada, we provide quality battery products and service to the automotive, industrial, commercial and household markets. The Magnacharge product line is sold through a nationwide network of distributors and service centers specializing in battery products and service.

Powsys Technology Inc.

Robsen Battery Systems Inc.

Distributor of VRLA battery, AGM, Nicad, Wet lead acide, battery enclosures & racks, service and installation

Rolls Battery Engineering

Rozon Batteries (Batteries Expert)

Rozon Batteries, Inc.

Rozon Batteries Inc. offer a complete array of batteries, in order to fulfil industrial, commercial and retail needs. And to ensure availability of our products, we maintain over 10,000 batteries in permanent inventory. We also have a wide selection of related accessories (catalogue available) that enables us to offer our costumers a truly complete line of battery related products. Since 1997, Rozon Batteries Inc. supply every type of battery needed: batteries for watches, calculators, remote starters, cellular phones, video cameras, computers and cordless tools (pack)Öand of course, batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. If you need a specific pack we don't have, we'll make it for you! Rozon Batteries Inc. distributes accessories such as, battery chargers; solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, regulators, etc...

Speed Zee

No 1 Source for Electric Bikes, EBikes& Off-Road Recreation Bikes in Canada

Total Battery Sales

We sell all types of batteries, solar, and chargers!


TRUE-NORTH Power is the Canadian designer of ground mounts Mounts and SunpointGPS Trackers, manufactured by Polar Racking (), Polar Racking, 4005 Peter StreetWindsor, Ontario, Canada N9C 1K3 Ph: 519. 915. 7600Email: -NORTH Power is also the Canadian designer of BlueSun Solar Roof rack system. BlueSun Solar Inc. 5945 Ambler DriveMississauga, ON Canada L4W 2K2 - phone 647 478-9791info@bluesunsolar. comAlso designer of WIND ARROW turbines including tilt towers as well as "Power Series" solar mounts. WIND ARROW turbines are suitable for Telecom, University research, Rail switches, Forestry, Mining, home, cottage, small business, remote operations, yachts and government or military uses. WIND ARROW uses proprietary Active Flight Control (AFC) wi...

UPS Battery Center Ltd.

Manufacturer of high performance sealed lead acid batteries. We manufacture lead acid batteries for mission critical uninterruptible power supply applications.

Batteries Dixon Inc.

BIRDE Marketing Inc.

Edmonds Batteries LTD.

Edmonds Batteries is one of the leading retailer/wholesaler/recyclers of lead acid batteries in BC. For all your battery and battery related needs trust our over 70 years of combined experience with a company that is known through generations for quality and service.

Galaxy Battery

United Marketing And Tradehouse

Valuride Distributors, Inc.

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