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Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems is the world-leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for use in transportation, electricity generation, portable power and other products. Ballard Power Systems' proprietary fuel cell technology is enabling automobile, electrical equipment and portable power product manufacturers to develop and sell competitive environmentally clean and efficient products. The fundamental component of these end-user products is the Ballard® fuel cell that combines hydrogen (which can be obtained from methanol, natural gas or petroleum) and oxygen (from air) without combustion to generate electricity.

Fuel Cells Canada

The mission of Fuel Cells Canada is to advance Canada's world-leading fuel cell industry.

Adventis Technologies

Fuel Cell Car News, Investorideas. com

FUELCELLCARNEWS.COM Fuel Cell Car News - global investor and industry news portal for the fuel cell and hybrid car industry Investors can Research Public and Private Companies and Read Industry news on: Fuel Cell Cars, Hydrogen Economy, Energy Efficiency, Hybrid Cars, Global Warming, Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Eco- Friendly Fuels and More...

Heliocentris Energy Systems Inc.

Heliocentris is a specialist in hybrid energy storage solutions consisting of fuel cells, batteries and energy management. The company develops and markets systems and turnkey solutions for customers in industry and science. For educational purposes, Heliocentris offers a successful series of training systems for solar hydrogen technology and renewable energy systems.

Hydrogenics Corporation

HyPM XR: Hydrogen fuel cell Power Modules for 'eXtended Run' backup power applicationsHyPM HD: Hydrogen fuel cell Power Modules for 'Heavy Duty' mobility applications HyPX hybrid fuel cell power packs (conventional traction battery alternatives) for material handling lift truck applications HySTAT: onsite hydrogen generation systems with options for compression, storage and dispensing capabilities

Palcan Energy Corporation

Palcan is a leading developer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and metal hydride hydrogen storage products. Palcan's proprietary and patent pending technologies, form the unique and integrated series of PalPac(TM) fuel cell power systems. Palcan's Palpac(TM)power systems are a reliable and environmental friendly alternative to batteries and small internal combustion engines in consumer products world wide such as electric bikes, scooters, personal vehicles, and portable power products.

Pivotal Power

For more than 20 years Pivotal Power has been a leader in the design and manufacture of fully hardened power conversion equipment from 100 W to 30 kW. We design and manufacture to customer specific requirements, and also offer an extensive line of off-the-shelf defence products for land, sea and air applications. Pivotal Power is focused on strong customer relationships and has the engineering, manufacturing and program management expertise to provide on-time delivery of highly reliable, affordable products.

Energy Frontier and Advanced Materials Inc.

Fuel Cell Technologies

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