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Carmanah Technologies Inc.

Carmanah manufactures navigation and hazard lights using LED (light-emitting diode) technology. These lights are extremely rugged and designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions with zero in-field maintenance. Carmanah currently serves the needs of coast guards, port and waterway authorities, navies, the US air force, transit authorities, rail and mining companies, marinas, recreational boaters, resorts, aquaculture farms, and industrial / commercial / private users around the world. The company's patented lighting products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality assurance practices and have been designed to perform reliably nearly anywhere in the world.

Canadian LED Lighting Company

Why Choose Canadian LED Lighting Company Were experienced. Canadian LED Lighting Company comes from our parent company Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. We incorporated in the year 2000. China is currently the home of all our manufacturing. Our high caliber team bring experience from the US, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, and China. We have applied and acquired more than 200 global patents and proprietary technologies. Were passionate. Designs of our LED lighting comes from our experienced research and development team. The main focus is to design elegant LED lighting fixtures that incorporates all of the top brand name LED chips in the industry. We use corporate brand names such as, Nichia, Samsung LED, Osram Opto Semiconductors, LG Innotek, . . .

A&A Optoelectronics Ltd

LED T8 retrofit UL listed LED tubes lighting


Arani is a manufacturer of LED lighting products with three offices around the world. As the world's most reliable LED lighting brand, Arani products provide quality and durable lighting products. Most of the company's products are cUL listed (File number: E338787) and are dimmable.

AW Lighting Solutions

#1 LED supplier in Canada

BravoLED Lighting Manufacturing Co. LTD

We manufacture LED Spot lights, LED Flood Lights, LED High Bay Lights and LED T8 Tube Lights with UL/cUL certification. We also manufacture LED Panel Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Global Bulbs, LED Downlights and LED Grille Lights.

Canada GL Lighting Technology Inc

About Us: Canada GL Lighting Technology Inc. has over eight years of manufacturing experience. Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, our company has assembled a group of experienced researchers and developers to provide the most up-to-date technology and solutions for LED lighting. What We Offer: We specialize in a complete line of LED products including spotlights, hanging lights, panel lights, tubes, bulbs and high bay lights, widely used in office, home, commercial and industrial lighting applications. We also provide LED drivers, controllers and dimming systems to customers. In addition we offer customization of our product to help our clients to achieve their business objectives. Our Promise: At GL Lighting, we believe that quality and ef...

Clean Development Group (CDG)

Superior Technology, Superior Quality, Superior Prices - For People Who Care. The Clean Development Group (CDG) provides solar, wind and micro-hydro energy to communities, governments, companies and individuals around the world. The CDG is the culmination of over a decade of international development work. The primary focus of the Group is directly addressing issues of environmental and economic sustainability and the global digital divide. The CDG has made this a reality through building a full scale project group that does everything from the original design of each renewable energy and information centre project and sustainable product right through to the equipment manufacturing and construction. Included within our key personal product...

CM3 Lighting Inc.

CM3 is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED (light-emitting diode) based street and area lighting fixtures. CM3 is located in Quebec, Canada, with research and design facilities in Granby. . CM3 offers a complete range of LED based street and area lighting retrofit. Providing energy savings of up to 80% and substantially reduced maintenance costs. CM3 currently has more than 100 utilities and municipal installations.

Delviro LED Lighting

CompanyDelviro LED Inc. is Canada's leading manufacturer and supplier of quality LED lighting products. We lead in worldwide energy efficiency research initiatives, policy advocacy, education technology deployment and communications that impactall sectors of the economy. We initiate and participate in public and private partnerships, collaborative efforts and strategic alliances to optimize resources and expand our sphere of influence and capabilities. ProductsAt Delviro LED, we're continually expanding our product range with industry leading design and engineering. Our LED products represent the best energy efficient lamps in the lighting industry, covering a wide variety of applications and budgets and our quality is unmatched and guarant...

DURMA LED lights

DURMA LED lights located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario Canada specialize in Professional LED lighting wholesales. 500 pieces of 12w gu10 light bulb is only $8. 50 each.

EB Engineering Ltd.

EB Engineering Ltd. is the manufacturer of the SunBeacon brand of solar powered LED hazard lights. SunBeacon lights offer the most advanced features at a competitive price.

eLumanation LED Lighting Solutions. . .

No matter how small the application or how large the project eLumanation will help guide your business switch to profitable, energy efficient LED lighting from assessment to implementation. Our experienced energy consultants will aid your company in maximizing your energy savings while minimizing your payback period. At eLumanation not only do we provide complete retrofit LED solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint for the architectural, commercial, residential and industrial market, we also aspire to develop highly aesthetic customized LED Lighting Solutions.

Energy Efficient Lighting Co Ltd

Energy Efficient Lighting offers total solutions to commercial and industrial illuminating applications. Our product lines include conventional lighting fixtures, LED retrofit lighting kits, complete LED luminaires, LED systems, drivers and electronic ballasts. Under stringent quality control, our LED fixtures are guaranteed with the best performance and effective lifetime in the lighting industry.

Engineered Systems Incorporated

Engineered Systems Incorporated is a small, growing LaSalle, Ontario, Canada based, wholly owned, private company. This 100% Canadian corporation specializes in product development, design and materials acquisition and competes on the global stage as a key design and development firm. The company has complete electronic, electrical and mechanical design facilities running the best state of the art software platforms on custom-built machines for maximum performance. The best in design, development, test, purchasing, production, management and administration recognized by IPC, SMTA, OACETT, IEEE and more importantly by our customers. Services that we provide:1. ) Product Engineering & Development (from concept through to production) 2. ) Prin...

GBL LED Lighting Inc.

GBL LED Lighting specializes in the R&D to the manufacturing of solid-state LED lighting products. With more than 10 years of experience in the cutting edge LED industry we have focused our energy on bringing high quality LED bulbs and LED Fixtures to the market. With our continuous improvement and customer satisfaction we have been recognized as an excellent supplier of LED lighting product. Most of our LED products are cETLus listed or UL Listed and some are Energy Star, certified to CSA and UL standard. Our LED product lines include LED Decorative bulbs including S11, S14 LED, G8, 6S6 LED, G40 and many others. We also Manufacture a range of LED cabinet lights including Linear and LED Puck Lights, LED Tape, RGB LEDs, LED Step lighting, MR...

GO Lighting Technologies Inc.

You've bought better computers, ergonomic workstations and sound reducing materials for years because increasing work environment quality is proven to increase productivity. Lighting has crossed a technological threshold and the benefits are easy to see. First, the light it generates. Quite simply, it's beautiful. Coming from a wide, even LED source, the light feels natural and uplifting. The brightness and level of warmth are adjustable. There is no flicker or ballast noise. As a long term lighting solution, it's brilliant. GO FLL™ is a proven low energy, low maintenance solution with an extremely long life. While reducing costs, GO FLL™ helps you be green.

Green Image Tech

LED light fixtures, LED architectural lights, LED indoor lights, LED bulbs

Greentop Lighting

Greentop Lighting has a comprehensive range of LED lighting products and solutions available for Commercial and Residential. We offer full compliance to customers from LED lamp tube series, LED light bulb, LED Spot light, LED PAR lamp series to Indoor and Outdoor Decorative lighting products such as LED Flexible Strip kit, LED rigid bar series and Super powerful high brightness LED Wall Washer series. Greentop Lighting is providing on time delivery, competitive pricing, design and technical support.

HIL-Tech Ltd

LEDline is a nighttime or daylight visible, encapsulated linear LED lighting system of embedded LEDs within solid plastic. It can be induction or DC powered; is corrosion proof and submersible, and will take the weight of a 34 million pound aircraft such as a Boeing 747. It is used to increase safety and improve infrastructure efficiencies; for highlighting barriers and in-pavement markings in roads and airfields; for highlighting helicopter pads, signage, buildings, or for lighting / highlighting in the marine, mining and military environments (for daylight or Night Vision Goggle uses); LEDline is used just about anywhere!

INITIAL-LED | Commercial & Industrial LED Lights Manufacturer

Welcome to INITIAL-LED. COM, leader of LED PRODUCTS manufacturing in North America. We provide the lighting market with STANDARDIZED AND CERTIFIED PRODUCTS for the most demanding applications, catering to a wide variety of customers in industries such as refining, mining, petrochemical, retail chain, food processing, car part manufacturing, agricultural, municipalities, government installations, and several others. We welcome your inquiries, and are dedicated to improve your life by manufacturing the ideal LED light source for every application.

LED Light Ware

Manufacturer and supplier for energy efficient LED lighting solutions for home and commercial use. High quality LED tubes, LED light bulbs, LED panel light, PAR lamps, High Bays

LED Neon Lighting Solutions

LED Neon-Flex, the industry standard for Neon & Linear lighting that integrates the latest LED-technology with design, flexibility and reliable performance to solve 21st century lighting challenges in entirely new ways. Patented LED Neon-Flex lighting systems are manufactured for the most demanding environments. This new light source has the potential to reduce energy consumption while delivering substantially greater lighting functionality and an unrivaled durability.

LED Smart Inc.

LED Smart Inc. was established in October 1995 and headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, the industrial heartland of western Canada with a variety of LED and electronic contracts. Over the past few years, the company has been committed to the research and development of LED lighting products, it has transformed itself from a purely electronics assembly manufacturer into a company that is a developer of advanced, innovative LED lighting technologies. With a series of patented technologies, a matured production technology, and a sophisticated research and development team, the company has created its own brand and has improved a number of cutting-edge products with independent intellectual property rights. With a healthy knowledge of the market...

LilyLEDs. com

We sell many types of LEDs and LED products and offer many technical and support services. Call 647 989 5811,

Limelight Retrofit / Digibeam R&D inc

Design and manufacture custom and high output LED lighting systems Streetlight retrofits, Wallpack and External lighting technologies. Patented technology most fixtures with IP67 ratings.

Luminosys inc.

Luminosys is a manufacturer of LED lighting products for interior use. Our products combine innovative LED technology with a pure design look. All our products carry an exclusive 20 year warranty which is the result of our high quality standards and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Nemalux Solar Lighting

Nemalux is a full service provider of Industrial Solar Powered Lighting using LED's.

Ocean Clear L. E. D. Solutions Inc

Canadian owned and operated L. E. D. lighting manufacturer. We supply retrofit and new construction LED technology products to Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Municipal sectors. Applications include, parking garages, wall pack lighting, billboards, entrance way, T8 retrofits, barn lighting, parking lots, flood lighting, bridge lighting, street lighting, signage back lighting, valance lighting, office lighting, hotel lighting, cove lighting, security and motion detect systems.

Onstate Technologies

Onstate Technologies designs, manufactures and markets innovative, energy-efficient solid-state lighting (SSL) products incorporating light emitting diodes (LED) and electronics for professional and general lighting.

Phoster Industries

Lighting the FuturePhoster Industries is an LED lighting manufacturer committed to developing innovative LED lighting solutions and bridging the divide between LED manufacturers and end-users in the commercial and residential marketplace. Phoster Industries offers both a standard product line of LED lights and a secondary division that creates high-end custom LED lighting solutions for a wide array of architectural designers. Phoster's patent-pending combination of optical innovations and thermal and power management solutions work together to create superior LED light engines that have been tested in real life applications with tremendous success and can now substantiate over 50, 000 hours of real life actual run-time. The Phoster team is ...


Pled by Promolux for all LED interior commercial and display lighting for applications in retail environments, refrigeration, shelf lighting, track lighting, linear strips and tubes, PAR and spot lamps, ceiling panels, low and high bay, high IP applications, with external and internal drivers, with UL. cUL CE, Rohs, and other certifications. Pled can be used for all food products such as meat, deli, seafood, bakery, dairy, wine and beers, ice cream, fancy pastries, chocolates, salad bars, prepared foods, refrigeration cabinets, and floral displays, as well as display lighting for high end cosmetics, leather goods, china, glass, art, food inspection facilities, color critical task lighting, aquarium and plant lighting, balanced full spectrum...

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