Waste Treatment System Businesses in Canada

EnEco Systems Inc. - FFP Systems Inc. - H2O Logics Inc. - K2A Management Inc. - PWC Pure Water Corporation () - RENTEC Renewable Energy Technologies Inc. - Sin-Can Inc. - Sun-Mar Corp. - Turtle Tanks International - Waterworks Technologies Inc. - Double T Equipment Ltd. - Enviro-Choice Sewage Treatment Solutions - Hartech Fluid Solutions - TAF Industrial Consulting -

EnEco Systems Inc.

One hundred percent of the garbage now being wasted by burial in your landfill can be used as a valuable resource in an EnEco designed CORE recycling and renewable energy plant. It s a Canadian solution that will generate zero waste. EnEco is prepared to provide this world class service on either a private basis for a fee competitive with current disposal costs or on a turnkey supply basis. Waste management that relies on dumping society s discards in a landfill is a practice of the past. Sustainable waste management is the future. We propose the CORE system. CORE technology sustainably converts carbon based waste to green energy. This style of processor has a long operating track record . Waste heat is used to grow flowers, nur. . .

FFP Systems Inc.

H2O Logics Inc.

K2A Management Inc.

With Collaboration and support of world best manufacturing partners we provide the range of Solar panels with very high quality and deliver clients the most suitable and cost effective solution. We choose the best international single crystal, polycrystalline silicon solar cells, according to customer's specific requirements, using a variety of unique ways to connect packaging technology, provide the ideal environment for the users of PV products clean. We always uphold the quality brand, innovation and lead the market in order to optimize the management talent to serve the preparation of future business objectives, and always follow proactive approach so that the future of green energy light - is the pursuit of super-genius. we hope to wor...

PWC Pure Water Corporation ()

Please visit and bookmark as reference for Water & Wastewater Filtration/Disinfection/Treatment/Reuse equipment. See our unique filter technology - www. deferum. com.

RENTEC Renewable Energy Technologies Inc.

From pre-project evaluation to Completion - Turnkey planning, design, consulting and development of bioenergy plants & projects.

Sin-Can Inc.

Welcome ... to the world of filtration, ultrafiltration, water purification, microtesting, air monitoring, pumps and bulk solids transfer. Please visit our website to learn how you can put our technologies, equipment, and expertise to serve your company or personal needs. Recent Technologies High Pressure Air Filters economical, low differential pressure, high flow and dirt holding capacity filters. Aluminium housings with operating pressure of up to 6090 psig and 3, 1, 0.01 cartridges with efficiency up to 99.9999%. Quattroflow powerful diaphragm pumps suitable for exact dosing. Feature no particle shedding and almost no pulsation. Designed primarily for various biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Flow capacity up to 17.6 G...

Sun-Mar Corp.

Turtle Tanks International

Technology Transfer available for water and containment systems.

Waterworks Technologies Inc.

The Waterworks Technologies Group of Companies designs and supplies complete turnkey Water, Industrial Wastewater, Sewage and Recycle Treatment Systems. Waterworks has supplied systems to a wide variety of clients, including many Fortune 500 Multinational Companies and Government Agencies, around the world for over 15 years. Waterworks' systems are modular, compact, economical, easy to operate and designed for easy expansion or for retrofitting and upgrading water and effluent treatment plants. Waterworks is an innovator of various technologies to provide a complete range of water and wastewater treatment technologies. Waterworks has subsidiary offices and operations around the world and can provide systems GUARANTEED to meet discharge crit...

Double T Equipment Ltd.

Enviro-Choice Sewage Treatment Solutions

Hartech Fluid Solutions

TAF Industrial Consulting

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