Water Pump Businesses in Canada

Solar Converters Inc. - Aquasafe Canada - Armstrong Integrated - CanGhan DPC Consulting Ltd - ecoZone International inc. - Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd. - Koenders Windmills Inc. - Sin-Can Inc. - Solareagle EarthRight Products - The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance - Variable Frequency Drive - Water Buoy Pumps - Machination Ltd - SAI Marketing - Solar Power Systems Inc. -

Solar Converters Inc.

Aquasafe Canada

Since 1993, Aquasafe Canada has been a trusted supplier of Home (Drinking Water) and Aquarium Water Filtration/Purification Systems. We sell Reverse Osmosis Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, RO Membranes, supplies and parts, and water filtration accessories. We are the original online retailer of reverse osmosis systems in Canada and still going strong after all these years!

Armstrong Integrated

Manufacturer of fluid flow solutions including pumps, heat exchangers, circulators, packaged pumping systems

CanGhan DPC Consulting Ltd

Promotion non-traditional device - Discrete Power Converter - reciprocating gravity/torque mechanism. The main applications -water powered pumps (like ram pumps),hybrid power systems,micro hydro energy systems.

ecoZone International inc.

Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd.

We offer an energy-free way to water livestock without the use of any heat or power. Proven over 14 northern Canadian winters. Reliable year round operation. Will not contaminate water sources.

Koenders Windmills Inc.

The Pioneers & Leaders in Pond Aeration. Improve the quality of your water. Recreational ponds, Livestock watering, fish farming, household use. Proven success for over 17 years. All you will ever need to maintain good quality water.

Sin-Can Inc.

Welcome ... to the world of filtration, ultrafiltration, water purification, microtesting, air monitoring, pumps and bulk solids transfer. Please visit our website to learn how you can put our technologies, equipment, and expertise to serve your company or personal needs. Recent Technologies High Pressure Air Filters economical, low differential pressure, high flow and dirt holding capacity filters. Aluminium housings with operating pressure of up to 6090 psig and 3, 1, 0.01 cartridges with efficiency up to 99.9999%. Quattroflow powerful diaphragm pumps suitable for exact dosing. Feature no particle shedding and almost no pulsation. Designed primarily for various biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Flow capacity up to 17.6 G...

Solareagle EarthRight Products

Solareagle packaged systems and components for off grid and grid intertie systems utilizing wind water and solar energy will put you in the 21st century at the forefront of energy independence.

The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance

The Alliance provides directories for a variety of energy efficienct technologies. These directories include descriptions of the technology, and where it can be purchased throughout Canada. (i.e. lighting, variable speed drives, etc.)

Variable Frequency Drive

Every variable frequency drive (VFD) on the market has an input rectifier. Every variable frequency drive on the market creates harmonic currents. Active rectifiers are used in active front end VFD drives to reduce the harmonic currents with the emphasis on reduce, not eliminate. Almost every variable frequency drive uses switching elements in the output to create a PWM output pattern that causes a sinusoidal current to flow in the AC motor. As such, the potential for EMC and EDM is high with all variable frequency drives. Before you argue the merits of variable frequency drives (VFD), you need to get a better understanding of some of the fundamentals that we are referring to.

Water Buoy Pumps

Full line of solar pumps and aerators. Floating surface pumps of unique and superior design. Deep well submersibles capable of up to 600 ft.

Machination Ltd

SAI Marketing

Solar Power Systems Inc.

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