Renewable Energy Maintenance and Repair Businesses in Cyprus

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Tryham Solar

Sales, advise, service and installation of (grid) tied photovoltaic solarsystems

Digicom Ltd

Ergo Home Energy Ltd

ERGO ENERGY is engaged in the marketing and installation of photovoltaic grid connected systems, providing its customers turn key solutions. Through its extensive sales network, ERGO ENERGY is able to cover the entire area of Cyprus. It focuses on the design and installation of 20-150KWp Photovoltaic Parks but also with smaller systems, from 3 to 20 KWp, on the ground and on flat or inclined roofs of households and industrial buildings. With the high level of technical expertise and highly qualified management team, ERGO ENERGY has the ability to provide integrated services to prospective PV investors, from the initial design and development, to the final installation and the efficient operation of the systems.

Hal-Tek UPS Services

Ioannou Alternative Energy L. T. D.

A company based in cyprus under the guidance of a team of engineers, economists and lawyers expert in wind and solar energy and generally renewable energy systems. Import, study, construction, maintenance and financial analysis of energy projects. The sectors of investment are Photovoltaic systems, Wind energy systems (large/commecial, small), Solar systems, Biomass, Geothermal, landfill and sewage waste utilization systems and desalination using RES. Also involved in energy conservation (in existing enterprises), co-generation of electricity-heating/cooling

Perana-Caladon Traiding Ltd

Q Water

Professionals in water treatment. Environmentally friendly solutions. Limescale management. Water sanitisation. Reverse Osmosis water purification. Domestic, Commercial and Industrial

Tbb Becker (cyprus) Ltd.


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