Renewable Energy Manufacturers in the Czech Republic

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CINK Hydro - Energy k. s.

ekolo. cz

The brand AGOGS is produced by the company ekolo. cz, located in Prague, in the heart of Europe. The company has over 5 years experience in the development of electric bicycles. AGOGS electric bikes are the choice of customers in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and other EU countries.

FitCraft Production a. s

FitCraft Production s. r. o. company is producer of big solar panels with power from 100W to 270W. The next activity is instalation of solar systems. We are offering consulting of solar technology.

G-Team a. s. - Steam Turbo

G-Team is a company, which helps you earn money. It is a manufacturer od micro steam turbines. The main benefits of micro turbine installation in your industry is reducing your costs. The mirco steam turbines dimensions are small and the installation, service and maintance is low cost.

GDF spol. s r.o.

Electrically driven scooters, motorcycles. Welcome to the personal transport of the future - today, zero air pollution, advanced charge of the maintenance free rechargeable batteries. The right solution whether you do not want to pedal (it is too hot, women, older people, slightly invalid people).Place where you can use our ElectroScooter - Business Complexes, Shopping Centres, Emission Free Zones, Parks, Airports, Delivery and Messenger Services, Warehouses, Rental Agencies an Hotels, Security Firms, Police Patrols, Physically Challenged, Commuting to work, Leisure pursuits, Recreational, Vehicles and Motor Homes, FUN!


The company has been producing and distributing photovoltaic solar cells made of crystalline silicon since 1993. The cells have high conversion efficiency, excellent colour uniformity and proven features verified in many installation all over the world as well as in known laboratories and institutes. Customised products as coloured cells, cells having tailored front side metallization (for stringing and shingling), cells for concentration PV modules and light sensors are supplied upon request. PV cells are produced from monocrystalline silicon.

Sunnywatt CZ sro

Traxle Solar Co. Ltd.

Solar trackers in combination with bifacial modules can double water pumping capacity. Lifetime of PV panels with silicone gel encapsulant is 50 years and long term operating temperature is up to 115 oC as well as low opration temperatures down to -60oC

VITAM s. r. o.

Seko Louny V.O.s

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