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Siemens Wind Power A/S

Siemens wind turbines are the preferred solution of leading utilities and developers for large demanding on- and offshore projects, not only because of their robustness but also due to their reliability and productivity.

LM Glasfiber A/S

LM Glasfiber is the worlds leading supplier of blades for wind turbines, and the only supplier that operates on a global basis. We have achieved this strong position in a business distinctive for international growth via a consistent focus on research, product development, quality and excellent customer service.

WavePlane Production A/S - WPP A/S

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

With a 23 per cent market share, and 35,500 wind turbines installed, Vestas is the world's leading supplier of wind power solutions. Vestas' principal activities are the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of systems that use wind energy to generate electricity. Vestas supplies a full range of products, from individual turbines to the delivery of turnkey wind power systems.


Manufacturer of probably the most effective solar trough in the world - the Alpha-Trough. Aperture is 8 by 12 meters. Concentration factor 114x (highest in the world). A single trough generates 115 kW. Aluminium mirrors and steel collector - controlled by an eletrical engine with gearbox. Can generate +500 degress in receiver tube, if necesarry. Higher performance for less investments.

b. p. electronic ApS

We are specialized in electric vehicles, like electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric golf cars. BREEZA high power scooters, VENETO Voyager 3-wheeler and classic PRONTO and RETRO scooters. PACE MTB e-bikes, PACE Classic city bikes. Foldable bikes like TRAVELLER Hummer and Alpine. More than 30 years experience with different kind of battery technologies and establishing of our own battery test centre, cause that we can offer our customers a serious guidens in selection and maintenace of Lithium Ion battery systems for electric vehicles.


Since 1975 Batec A/S been an active participant in the international solar energy society, our primary goal being the manufacture and development of cost-effective solar collectors and complete solar systems. In 1995 the investment in a new production line at our factory in Denmark enabled the launching of a new and patented copper absorber strip with selective black chrome coating. The Batec copper strip is an O.E.M. product for manufacturers of solar collectors all over the world. The patented and cost-effective copper absorber strip from Batec, which is manufactured in a continuous process, consists of a copper tube metallurgically bonded to a copper fin. After the rolling of the tube and the fin, the copper strip is selectively coated w...

BELT Electric

Bioener ApS

Bioener is a world class supplier of integrated design solutions for the biomass combustion business through its: - grate / furnace technology - high performance steam boiler technology. Bioener has been awarded a substantial number of contracts for the supply of grate/furnace boiler for biomass combustion world-wide, including the world's largest straw-fired power producing biomass plant.

Clayton Power

Power Supply Systems based on Lithium Ion Battery Technology. Mobile and off-grid power for the Automotive, Industrial, Maritime, Military and Renewable energy industries. True Sine Wave Inverters: From 12 volt or 24 volt batteries the energy is converted to 230 VAC. With a coefficient of utilisation approaching 95%, maximum utilisation is ensured from connected batteries. Combies: A Combi is a combination of a sine wave inverter and an intelligent multi charger hence, the name. The unit has a number of benefits thanks to its dual functionality. Battery Management Systems: All our Battery Management System models allow for charge and discharge control of every single cell, cell-temperature control, cell balancing of each single cell and hea...

Danish Solar Energy Ltd. - Dansk Solenergi ApS

We offer also High quality Danish produced Photovoltaic modules for building integrations, 20 years experience ensure that our solutions works. We have more than 20 years experienced with project management (EPC), systems design, photovoltaic module production and installation of all types of photovoltaic power.

Danvest Energy

The Danvest Energy wind diesel stand alone power plant is a turnkey power system for continuous and automatic operation with world wide service. Designed for prime wind production and minimised diesel generator backup (automatic on/off) with yearly wind production of total energy consumption as high as 60-80%. Fuel savings accordingly. At any operational mode power quality is plus/minus 0.1-0.25 Hz.

DVE Technologies ApS

DVE Technologies manufactures OEM small wind turbines components and control system. We are your partner in achieving high performance and efficient small wind turbines. DVE Technologies offers a complete range of small wind turbine controllers, reliable grid inverters and system enhancing components. Let us help you focus on your core activities in designing the most efficient small wind turbine; we have different OEM solutions ready!


EMD International A/S

Gaia Solar A/S

Green-Ener-Tech aps

Sale and purchase of 2nd hand windturbines world wide.


Grundfos A/S


LAKUDA - we are a Danish based company distributing batteries, chargers and accessories. If you are looking for a reliable source of batteries, chargers and accessories you have come to the right place. We distribute top-brands to customers all over Europe. Every day we ship bulk quantities of orders from small parcels to full truckloads.

Metso Denmark A/S


Mita-Teknik has 30 years of experience as a system and component supplier of advanced control systems for a wide range of industrial applications. This gives us the competence and know how needed to be able to guarantee our customers reliable solutions world wide. The future is safe with Mita-Teknik: A programme of constant research and development enables us to produce a stream of new and ingenious products and functions, that are able to make our customers even more competitive. Application examples: *Wind turbines *Wind farms *Water turbines *Concept weighing *Internal transport *Gas control and monitoring

Norwin A/s

Polyteknik AS

Provides equipment and technology for vacuum deposition of thin films. The systems are typically delivered to universities, electronic industry, and PV solar cell industry. The involved processes are vacuum based and include plasma treatment, inert and reactive DC and RF sputtering, E-beam deposition, PECVD, and HWCVD deposition. Our systems are able to handle roll-to-roll web coatings, 3D masked coatings, inside tube coatings, and coatings of bulk materials.

Polyteknik AS

stratosol Aps

Manufactering and sales of solar air heating. Sales of photovoltiac solar pannels and systems for power in the feeld. Sales of solar water heating systems.

Weiss A/S

WEISS A/S design, fabricate, install, commissioning and service biomass boilers for District heating or industrial use. Ranking from 1MW to 20 MW â Hot water or steam production. We can supply everything from fuel storage to combustion grate to boiler to flue gas cleaning to ash handling:Fuel to burn: Wood chips, pellets, bark, straw, husk, nutshell, sawdust, cutoff logs, residues from coffee-whisky or beer production. Waste fuel: Waste wood, house hold waste,


ZEPIA Energy ApS

ZEPIA Energy ApS are specialized in batteries and power systems and power management solutions for professional use within Automotive, Marine, Military, Wind Turbines and Solar Energy segments. We design electrical propulsion systems for sailboats and motor boats, and have our own developing of special battery chargers, BMS, battery monitoring systems for battery applications installed into vehicles, boats, and remote places like cottages and cabins. We are using high energy lithium ion batteries from selected World leading manufacturers and build up complete CPU's (complete-power-units). We are specialized in industrial power products.

A/S Wincon West Wind

Compressed Earthblock Systems

Datraco & NOVA Engineering

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