Solar Energy Manufacturers in Denmark

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Manufacturer of probably the most effective solar trough in the world - the Alpha-Trough. Aperture is 8 by 12 meters. Concentration factor 114x (highest in the world). A single trough generates 115 kW. Aluminium mirrors and steel collector - controlled by an eletrical engine with gearbox. Can generate +500 degress in receiver tube, if necesarry. Higher performance for less investments.


Since 1975 Batec A/S been an active participant in the international solar energy society, our primary goal being the manufacture and development of cost-effective solar collectors and complete solar systems. In 1995 the investment in a new production line at our factory in Denmark enabled the launching of a new and patented copper absorber strip with selective black chrome coating. The Batec copper strip is an O.E.M. product for manufacturers of solar collectors all over the world. The patented and cost-effective copper absorber strip from Batec, which is manufactured in a continuous process, consists of a copper tube metallurgically bonded to a copper fin. After the rolling of the tube and the fin, the copper strip is selectively coated w...


Grundfos A/S

stratosol Aps

Manufactering and sales of solar air heating. Sales of photovoltiac solar pannels and systems for power in the feeld. Sales of solar water heating systems.

Orbital A/S

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