Battery Product Export Businesses in Germany

Inutec Solarcenter International Gmbh - ABSAAR GmbH - GBT German Battery Trading GmbH - interplan-EV - Phocos AG - Steca - VARTA Microbattery GmbH - Volt in Motion GmbH - Bender GmbH - Camelion Battery Ltd - Desatec GmbH - Maitamach GmbH - Terra Sun LTD. -

Inutec Solarcenter International Gmbh


ABSAAR develops and manufactures battery chargers for 30 years. The product range covers classic and especially electronic controlled battery chargers from 4AMP up to 100AMP with maintenance charging and other features for battery capacities from 4Ah upto 1000Ah. The chargers are Made in Germany and approved in Switzerland by SEV, in Germany by TUV-GS, in France by NF, in Great Britain by BEAB, etc, and they are marked CE. We export to more than 70 countries.

GBT German Battery Trading GmbH

AGFAPHOTO is one of the most familiar brands in Europe. The brand stands for quality, reliability, and service that cannot be topped by other “no name” brands. We are, thereby, offering our services to you, our future customer, to bring this top brand name to you and give you and your customers the extra value to increase your business, by this exlusive brand. GBT GmbH is the exclusive distributor for all AGFAPHOTO batteries and associated accessories. GBT has been a leading manufacturer of batteries, rechargeable battery packs, and charging units for the last 15 years. Our experienced staff of creative and professional employees guarantee the highest standard of quality in the products that we produce; all of which, are produced in state-...


Our dedicated, well experienced team offers beyond the pedal/battery powered veicles, most reliable transporters/dumpers seen on our website. In addition following lines available to financially strong partners wanting to distribute locally: 1) BRUTE, powerful, battery driven 4-wheeler that carries 2 people and tools anywhere, can tow aircraft or loaded trailers. 2) GARDEN TRACTOR, battery powered, operates 8 implements at only 10% of cost caused by conventional 18 HP petrol unit.

Phocos AG

Phocos manufactures a wide range of high technology components for off-grid power supply systems based on renewable energy. The technology mission of Phocos is simple: Solar systems for off-grid electrification highly depend on the reliability of the storage battery. Improving battery management and appliance efficiency rises the battery lifetime and reliability and is therfore an overall achievement.


In 1976 Steca was founded as a manufacturing workshop. Today we are a modern middle-class enterprise situated in Memmingen, an ancient free city, surrounded by its charming area. From here we deliver up-to-date electronics world-wide. We have devided our activities into four business fields to fulfill the high market demands: precision electronics for development and production of electronical complete systems, solar electronics for photovoltaics and solar thermal battery charging systems cable technic. We are endeavoured to follow, together with our customer, the plain idea to the final product. Therefore a customer- and cost-oriented development and production with modern organisation structures are obvious.

VARTA Microbattery GmbH

Volt in Motion GmbH

Supplier for off-grid systems, solar panels and micro power plants in Cameroon, Ghana, Chad, RCA, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

Bender GmbH

Camelion Battery Ltd

Desatec GmbH

Maitamach GmbH

Terra Sun LTD.

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