Photovoltaic Module Mounting System Wholesale Suppliers in Germany

Ecofys Germany GmbH - MP-TEC GmbH & Co. KG - Osmer Elektrotechnik GmbH - Phaesun GmbH - twin solar GmbH - Hans-Albert Färber GmbH - Terra Sun LTD. -

Ecofys Germany GmbH

Established in 1984, Ecofys specialises in energy saving and renewable energy solutions. As part of the Econcern group, we offer research and consultancy services as well as product development. Besides Ecofys, the companies Ecostream, Evelop and Ecoventures also belong to the Econcern holding. Over the years Ecofys has conducted extensive research and completed projects for many energy companies, housing corporations, building companies, international and local authorities, and energy consumers around the world. With more than 300 employees in 11 countries, we're one of the largest consultancy firms in sustainable energy and climate policy.

MP-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

-international inquiries are warm welcome -we distribute worldwide

Osmer Elektrotechnik GmbH

Osmer Solar is the leading provider of mounting systems for photovoltiac systems, product family SOL-50: SOL-50 onroof system; SOL-25i inroof system; SOL-50 flatroof system; SOL-50 cantilever roof slab; SOL-50 front system. All systems have german test static and are products of experiences and practice from more than 2,5 megawatts installed pv-systems. Special highlight: The modules are no longer bolted with the under construction. Dealer-inquiries desired.

Phaesun GmbH

As a specialist for off-grid photovoltaic systems we provide a sophisticated and comprehensive range of components for all application areas - from just one source. All high-quality special market components. Reliability due to certified products. All leading manufacturers (ETSolar, Suntech, Hoppecke, Steca, Studer, Outback, etc.). Clear and results-oriented presentation in a unique industry-wide catalogue.

twin solar GmbH

Twin Solar USA is your wholesale partner for lowering your cost of supplies without sacrificing quality. Twin Solar is a world-leader in finding the best-quality, low-cost solar modules and inverters, reviewing factories and helping installers become more competitive. With Twin Solar USA, you're not just lowering your costs, you're also protecting the solar future of your customers and your business. Twin Solar USA has warehouses in California and New Jersey, offering easy shipping options for both coasts and everywhere in between.

Hans-Albert Färber GmbH

Terra Sun LTD.

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