Solar Electric Power System Manufacturers in Germany

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Centrosolar AG

KUKA Systems GmbH

Bosch Solar Energy AG


SOLON SE is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in Europe and a leading supplier of photovoltaic systems for large-scale solar power plants. The SOLON Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and the U.S. The SOLON Group's core business is the manufacture of solar modules in various performance categories and of complete photovoltaic systems for the construction of solar power plants as well as the construction of turn-key solar power plants worldwide.SOLON SE was founded in 1997 and went public in 1998, making it the first listed solar energy company in Germany.


We are a German manufacturer of Solar Charge Controller MPPT Technology. Innovations have a long tradition with us. Solar-Products for world-wide, professional use - Made in Germany!

Solar-Fabrik AG

Solar-Fabrik is a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, inverters and a wholesale supplier of all components for photovoltaic systems. It was formed in 1996 with purely private financing, as a medium-sized enterprise independent of big business. Unique in Europe! The entire power demand of the new production plant is met by a south orientated facade with integrated solar modules and a vegetable oil fired CHP unit. So Solar Fabiks modules are produced absolutely CO2 neutral. We are looking for sales partners in South Europe and Africa.

SunWare GmbH & Co. KG

Solarwatt Ag

SOLARWATT AG in Dresden is one of the leading German manufacturers of solar modules and suppliers of photovoltaic systems. Since it was founded in 1993, the company has grown continuously and now employs 470 members of staff. The turnover in 2009 amounted to 296 million Euros. The range of products includes standard modules for solar power stations and for building integrated systems (BIPV), small modules, and special modules for sophisticated architectural applications. A further area of business covers the implementation of turnkey projects. The power spectrum of the modules ranges from 2 to 320 watts.

SCHUCO International KG

AET Alternative Energie Technik GmbH


GWU-Solar GmbH

Holzvergaserwerkstatt. de Flux-i Woodgas Power Generator

Biomass Heating Systems 5000 kW 50 KW Sale Biomass Power Plant 100 kW Sale Micro Biomass Gasification 100 kW Sale Solar Heating 50 KW Sale Engineering Solar Power 5 - 500 kW Sale Used Power Plants 50 MW Sale Used Powergenerators 5 MW Sale Micro CHP 1000 kW Sale Powergenerators 3000 KW

IBC Solar AG

IBC SOLAR is one of the world's leading photovoltaic specialists, offering complete solutions for generating electricity from sunlight. The company, founded 1982 in Bad Staffelstein (Germany), covers the entire spectrum: from the first stages of planning to the handover of turnkey solar power systems. IBC SOLAR has already implemented more than 100, 000 photovoltaic installations with more than one gigawatt. The scope of these systems ranges from large photovoltaic power stations and solar farms feeding power into the grid to systems designed for a stand-alone power supply. They are used for supplying electricity to private residences as well as to hospitals in Africa, schools in Southeast Asia or radio towers in South America.

INENSUS GmbH (integrated energy supply systems)

KYOCERA Fineceramics GmbH

KYOCERA, with headquarters in Kyoto/Japan, is a leading company in photovoltaic technology. We have 35 years experience in this business. What began in 1975 when Japan Solar Energy Corp. (JSEC) was founded has meanwhile developed into commitment on a world-wide scale. One pioneering development came about in 1982 when the company started mass production of polycrystalline silicon solar cells. Since then, Kyocera has repeatedly succeeded in making solar cells more efficient, raising them up to new world best levels. Right through to today, the aim is to provide alternative energy for people who want to improve their standard of living regardless of the conventional power supply, or who may not even have access to energy.

Lafarge Dachsysteme GmbH (Brand: Braas)

Phocos AG

Phocos manufactures a wide range of high technology components for off-grid power supply systems based on renewable energy. The technology mission of Phocos is simple: Solar systems for off-grid electrification highly depend on the reliability of the storage battery. Improving battery management and appliance efficiency rises the battery lifetime and reliability and is therfore an overall achievement.

SolarTec International AG

SolarTec International AG develops & markets challenging pv-concepts. Core business: Planning, realization & operation of pv power plants worldwide. Competence center for concentrating photovoltaics (cpv) systems. SolCon concentratotr technology. Photovoltaic R&D. PV-Project Development from idea to turnkey pv-powerplants solar parks. Greenfield pv-installations. Greenfield pv-power plants.


In 1976 Steca was founded as a manufacturing workshop. Today we are a modern middle-class enterprise situated in Memmingen, an ancient free city, surrounded by its charming area. From here we deliver up-to-date electronics world-wide. We have devided our activities into four business fields to fulfill the high market demands: precision electronics for development and production of electronical complete systems, solar electronics for photovoltaics and solar thermal battery charging systems cable technic. We are endeavoured to follow, together with our customer, the plain idea to the final product. Therefore a customer- and cost-oriented development and production with modern organisation structures are obvious.

Sun Power Solartechnik GmbH

Sun Power is manufacturing custom made PV-system equipment since 20 years, being applied in more than 50 countries worldwide. Applications like village supply in tibet or water pumping stations in Africa require very reliable system components to allow a long lasting system operation. With this background standard power conditioning units have been designed for various kind of application.

Sunset Energietechnik GmbH

Topray Solar Co. Ltd.

Topray Solar is a fully vertically integrated solar manufacture and distribution company with a variety of product lines from crystalline solar cells & modules, thin film solar modules, solar stand alone systems to ultra clear PV glass. Started since 1992 as the No. 1 thin film PV module manufacturer in China, Topray engaged both mono crystalline and poly crystalline production from 2005, becoming the most diversified solar manufacturer in China ever since. Topray has been proudly partnering with worldwide distributors and installers, providing customers with our high quality products, sustainable energy solutions and superior sales services from our global offices thought out Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

Wuseltronik Sauter u.a. GbR

Wind- und Solar-Elektronik, oder kurz "Wuseltronik", ist ein Berliner Ingenieurbüro, das sich seit über 20 Jahren erfolgreich der Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich regenerativer Energietechniken widmet. In den Bereichen: Solarstromerzeugung (Photovoltaik) und Solarkühlung, Steuerung von Windkraftanlagen, Wind-Dieselsysteme beschäftigen wir uns mit: der Entwicklung von Produkten und Verfahren, der Überführung von Prototypen in die Serienproduktion, Planungs- und Projektierungsaufgaben.

Aixcon Elektrotechnik GmbH

Energiebau Solarstromsysteme GmbH

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