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Aenaos S. A.

HVAC contractors and hvac equipment resellers.


Solar water heating systems, full sets, parts, exporter

Gazpro - Solarpro - Furanflex

Solar water heating systems, solar collectors, solar water heating components, boilers, burners, panel & bathroom radiators, Building automation systems, central heating systems, natural gas piping, boiler, burnerCHIMNEY INOX ANDFURANFLEX. . TURN KEY PROJECTS. .

Intersolar SA

Intersolar SA is manufacturer of solar collectors (selective and non selective), enamelled solar tanks, combination tanks (for water and space heating). The products have been tested for efficiency and quality according to ISO and DIN standards. CE-Mark for safety available. ISO 9002 quality control system is being introduced. Intersolar products are sold throughout Europe. We ship anywhere complete systems or components.

Melpo Solar

The company MELPO T. + I. Dimitriou O. E is continually present for 63 years, by manufacturing since 1949 the first Electric Water Heaters and Kitchen Absorbers sold in Greece. In 1965, MELPO introduces the SM-MELPO Solar Thermal Systems, known for their technological applications, their efficiency, quality and appearance, the construction according to the DIN Standards, the CE Mark, the Solar Thermal Systems Key Mark (EN 12976-2/ISO 9459-2).

Olympic Sun


Titan Sol

We can supply copper absorbers with lazer welding and selective coating according to requested design. Thermal solar panels with dimensions 120X143, 120X190, 120X228, 100X200 cm. Thermal water storage tanks 200, 300, 420, 500, 700, 1000 litres with glass lining and thermal insulation. Electronic control panels incorporating differential temperature switches for thermal solar systems, elecric resistance and boiler control.


FOCO S.A. Solar Energy

Stratos LLC

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