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Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd.

We are Small wind turbine system manufacturer in India Since 2002 from the range of 200 watts to 30 kW machines, ORC Engine (10-KW to 200 KW), Hydrogen Generator(HHO) Up to 30-LPM, Solar Adsorption Chiller (10-Ton to 100 Ton) and solar desalination plant up to 1000 Liter per day.

AAxial Power Flow

We are into manufacturing and installation of hydro turbines till 100 kW. Impulse Turbines: Pelton Turbine:Pelton turbine runner has a series of buckets mounted on the periphery of a circular disc. The system has one or more nozzles directing water on the runner. The jet of water from the nozzle drives the runner. The runner can be mounted either on a horizontal or a vertical orientation depending on the site conditions. Pelton turbines are ideal for steep terrain sites – high heads with relatively low discharge. They are very efficient even in part load conditions (the nozzle numbers and the flow control valves are designed accordingly) and are thus suitable for the sites which have variance in discharge. NORMALLY IMPULSE ARE SUITABLE FOR ...

Alps Power Technologies (P) Limited

Design, engineering, manufacture, erection, installation, commissioning of small hyder electric projects on turnkey basis, providing consultancy, and also repairs existing stations manufactures hydro - turbines, protection systems, excitor systems, digital governors, and embedded control systems.

Ape Power Pvt Ltd.

We are the manufacturer and executor of small hydro turbines. We have other electrical products like :•Power and Distribution transformer up to 5. 0 MVA. •Medium voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 33 KV. •Medium voltage Current transformer up to 33 KV. •Medium voltage Potential transformer up to 33 KV. •Isolator and DO fuse up to 33 KV. •Control metering and protection panel. •Overhead transmission line equipment.

Design Centre

Design Centre is a firm with a team of Consultants, Engineers & Geologists with vast experienced in developing hydro power projects. We have expertise in planning such projects in tough hilly terrain like Himachal Pradesh. Most of the rivers & nallas in this area have already been visited by our team members. We are well aware of the physical conditions of sites. We offer following services: - Identification of new sites, Pre- feasibility studies: Preparation feasibility report . - Detailed Survey & investigation of project sites by experienced survey team, Detailed Project Report, tender decuments, engineering drawings and Monitoring the progress.

Flowmore Ltd.

Manufacture complete range of industrial pumps like vertical turbine, horizontal split case, multi-stage, end-suction, non-clog for water and waste water applications and hydro power upto 20 MW

Karshni Intertech Pvt.Ltd

System integrators in renewable energy sector for sheet metal and mechanical parts. This includes complete integration in microhydro, solar & wind energy base projects. Specialising in imported core equipments compatabilities. Large multinational experience. Highest level of performance guarantees. Guaranteed price advantage. European language competance.

M/S Spectrum Electronics Kashmir Ph 01957225671

Manufacturers and traders

Neptune Renewable Synergy (p) Limited

Total turn-key contracts in WIND, SOLAR AND HYDRO POWER PROJECTS.

Pectherm (P) Ltd

We are leading utility business house in north India. We are backed with highly experienced and competent technical staff to provide products and services thus focussing on total solutions in energy and environment equipments. We cater to variety of needs in utility like :- boilers, hot water generators, thermic fluid heaters etc. Water treatment plants etc. Air and water pollution devices etc chemicals like boiler water, cooling water, resins, polylectrolytes, . Waste disposal equipments like incinerators, sewage treatment plants etc. Steam turbines. Air compressors, dryers, filters etc. Air tools, pipe lines, accessories etc.

Pentaflo Hydro Private Limited

Crossflow turbines, Francis Turbines, Pelton turbines, Kaplan turbine, Inverted siphon turbines, Butterfly Valves, Spherical Valve, Trash Rack Cleaners, Hydraulic Hoists for Gates, Turbine models for Energy Parks and Institutions, Governing Systems

Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd

Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2001 as a regional subsidiary of PHOCOS AG Germany to cater to the growing market for solar electronic components in South Asia. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of solar charge controller in India.Our products cover a wide range of charge controllers designed for small solar home systems of 4 Amps up to industrial type control systems of 400 Amps and more. Additionally in our program are solar DC lighting components and intelligent storage systems for refrigeration and fuel cell technology. Phocos India is part of the Phocos network of companies with local representatives in all continents. For further information please look at our web page at

Silverboat Technologies Pvt. Ltd

We are manufacturer of pico and micro hydro turbines ranging from sub-kilowatt to 100kw. Our turbines are manufactured using quality raw materials and fine engineering work. We have a range of turbines to suit different height and flow conditions. An electronic load controller is paired with our turbines to give reliable power output and to protect the consumer devices. We can also design the turbine specific to your site to get higher efficiency.

Ytek Controls

Turbines, Electronic Governors, Electronic Load Controllers ELc, Control Panels

At The NU-EX Techno Cluster

Design & Manufacturing Electronic Load Controller (Mini Micro Hydel), Industrial application Battery Charger, Control Panel, Busduct, APFC Panel, Power Distribution Board & Pneumatic panel.

Azad Engineering Company

Centre for Energy Initiatives

Hamshine Electronics & Energy Systems

Jalshakti Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Micro-hydro Royal Plus

Nagalaxmi Industries

Sintech Pumps

Standard Electronics Instruments Corpn.

Wasserkraft India

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