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Aneka Solusi Daya

we solar cell Indonesia, Installasion, Battery deepcycle,

Atosys CV.

We sell: Inverter, PLC, HMI, Contactor, MCB, MCCB, Switching Power Supply, Switching DC to DC converter, Solid State Relay, Castor Wheel & Mount, Sensors, Timer, and all industrial power control device.

Battery Manufacturer and Exporter

We, Selatan Jadi Jaya, PT. is one of the leading battery manufacturer in Indonesia, located at Sidoarjo city, East Java, Indonesia. We produces automotive batteries (conventional dry charge and maintenance free), and also VRLA batteries since 2007. Please contact us for more information about us and our products:Mobile phone number +62 8998082001 (Mr. Soegiarto Eddy), office phone number +62 31 7878888, office fax number: +62 31 7878899, email:

Contained Energy

Contained Energy is about cheap and clean renewable energy from sun, wind and air, especially in the tropics, especially for cooling and refrigeration.... For Homes and Resorts For Islands and Villages For Businesses For Public Areas Contained Energy systems continuously capture small quantities of ‘free' energy from wind and sun, and store it, using existing, proven, sometimes ‘old', technologies applied in new ways. Contained Energy systems are spectacularly low-cost, both in initial investment and in operating, because they are simple, as well as modular and scalable AND, of course, because they use ‘free' energy Please feel free to contact us to exchange ideas. This is an 'open source' project.

Gramitrama Battery

PT GRAMITPAMA BATTERY based in sidoarjo, is a national private owned company that has been established since 1975. We first produced battery plates and supplying both Domestic and International customers with good raw materials made through the use of the latest technology. In 1984 built the first and only multi Separtor industry both glass matt ad impregnated paper as components for automotive batteries. After few year observation we concluded that batteries as supporting products for automotive industries gain a very important role and has a prospecting business. In view of potential market for automotives batteries, thus a major investment programe, started in 1989 a modern manufacturing plants brought us to the full production line in ...

Mata Air Bali

We manufacture and sell solar drinking water purifiers, and innovative batch-load solar water heaters.

Protel Multi Energy

Electronic Load Controller Manufacturer up to 250 kW, Pico and Micro hydro turbine (Crossflow and Pelton)


Manufacturer of Solar Home System, Street Lighting, Solar Modules, DC lighting etc. System integrator of Solar Photovoltaic Systems, ranging from simple system like SHS (Solar Home System)to complicated and sophisticated one like Hybrid (PV-Genset; PV-Wind, PV-Wind-Genset-Hydro-Grid), PV Grid Connect, Battery Charging Station, Solar Water Pumping etc.

Pt Indobatt Industri Permai

lead acid batteries, maintenance free batteries, Automotive and Motorcycle battery

PT Mambruk Energy International

please see our website or send email to


Solar Power Indonesia (SPI) for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of your sustainable energy system in Bali, Indonesia and Asia. Based in Bali, providing affordable and economically renewable energy solutions for remote communities, resorts, commercial premises, homes and businesses throughout Indonesia and ASEAN using combinations of solar panels (photovoltaic panels), wind turbines, hydro generators and energy storage systems as well as desalination and greywater systems.

PT. Guna Elektro

PT. International Chemical Industrial

Established in 1968, on ground area 43,502 M2 with its total labor force around 2,500 people, our company, PT. International Chemical Industrial is well known as one of the leading and reliable Dry Cells Battery Manufacturer in Asia. The company is specialized in producing zinc carbon and alkaline battery (1.5 volts) for Private Labels as well as its own brand ABC.

PT. Len Indusri (Persero)

Len has been developing solar power generating systems since 1997. Our products have been installed in various remote areas in Indonesia with totally more than 3. 5 MWatt energy supplied. Our vigourous efforts in product development have made Len, the only manufacturer in Indonesia that can produce solar panels, as the main part of solar power generating system. Since 1997, Len has been producing various products. Solar Home System is one type of solar power generating system that can be installed solely for each home. Hybrid Power Generating System ( Solar-Diesel, Solar-Diesel-Wind), can be used to electrify a certain area with several houses. Our products provide advantages to the users in terms of easy intallation and operation, long lif...

PT. Sariguna Putria Santika

Our Company established since 1994 as An Authorized Distributor of POWER-plus brand which has actually proved High Quality & Performance products, if you have any query of our products range, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Website for any further clarification. . . . And we will support our clients with best quality of products, prices and serve better than others.

PT. Sejahtera Sari Mandiri

==Spesialis Battery Sejak tahun 1994 sampai saat ini== hubungi langsung 02199832000-081513832000 dan 08159910945. Kami Spesialis dibidang Battery khususnya Service^Perbaikan^Rekondisi^Refurbished^Repair Battery Forklift^Motive Power^Traction Battery. Juga tersedia Battery Baru dan Second. . . bisa tukar tambah dan membuatkan battery sesuai pesanan. Kami juga menerima membeli battery bekas kondisi apa saja. EB Batteries.

Pt. Solar System Indonesia

PT SOLAR SYSTEM is the provider of solar hot water with vacuum tubes system in Bali Indonesia. We supply Sunnyboy™ solar water heaters are energy efficient (using solar energy) and effectively convert solar energy into hot water, focusing on the needs of consumers for the convenience of users with superior product quality and service excellence, as well as participate with care and preserve the environment using environmentally friendly products and renewable energy.

PT. Triotirta Karsa Abadi

We are supplying integrated water treatment solutions from small to large scale projects through the application of leading water treatment technologies. All of our Water Treatment Systems are designed, manufactured and installed to strict quality assurance guidelines, which are closely inspected at every stage of the build, as to ensure our water systems are exceeding customer`s expectations and standards. All of the products we use in our units are of the highest quality and come with manufacturers warranties. On commissioning and handover of the plant, our staff will provide all necessary training with service and maintenance manuals tailor made for each site. PT. TRIOTIRTA KARSA ABADI offers solutions to the Hotels and Commercial Facili...

Siklon Energi Nusantara

We are manufacturer of Solar Module, Gel Solar Battery, and LED Lighting.

Water Treatment Indonesia

Water Treatment Indonesia is a professional manufacturer and distributor of all sorts of water treatment equipment and gas purifier, for sales and rental as well as an engineering development, design, production, installation and personnel training into all-in one service. We Offer Fully Automatic Mineral Water / packaged drinking water turn key base project with mineral water bottling machine, mineral water jar washing filling capping machine, mineral water pouch packing machine, mineral water cup filling sealing machine etc. . We are one of the leading Manufacturers and suppliers of packaged drinking water plants. We offer our clients Packaged Drinking Water Plants that are used to purify drinking water. ( packaged drinking water plant, n...

Anteromas, PT

Atosys CV.

CV.Sumalindo Perkasa



P.T. Gerbang Multindo Nusantara

PD. Avrindo Jaya

Pt Cerah Sempurna

PT Dinamika Inti Surya Cemerlang

Pt Surya Perkasa

PT. Heksa Prakarsa Teknik

PT. KCS Indonesia

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