Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS System Businesses in Italy

Teknitron - ACS Advanced Conversion System - C.S. Srl - IREM SpA - Meta System SpA - Volontario SOLARE - DR Tecnologie S.r.l. - Sysconv SRL -


ACS Advanced Conversion System

ACS, one of the leading companies in Italy in the field of energy conversionUps for power from 400 VA to 600KVA, frequency converters, rectifiers and much more. Stay tuned

C.S. Srl

Re: PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY C.S.Srl The mother company went into business in 1970 and since then we have operated in the sector dealing with the static conversion of electrical energy.


Energy & Lighting Management

Meta System SpA

MetaSystem is a leading manufacturer of modular, redundant, online double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supplies, single phase 500VA to 10kVA, three phase 8kVA to 100kVA. Top reliability, advanced performance, high efficiency, advanced battery management, flexibility and cost competitiveness are at the base of our products.

Volontario SOLARE

SOCO project and produce in Italy special solar panels for mobile applications and solar project for all applications in the world

DR Tecnologie S.r.l.

Sysconv SRL

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