Renewable Energy Export Businesses in Korea

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Kokam Co., Ltd.

Kokam co. , ltd. Has developed new technologies and manufactured processing equipments for special film industry, lcd-polarized film industry and li-polymer battery industry. Kokam co. , ltd. Makes high standard and reliable re-chargeable lithium battery and its processing equipments and also develop new advanced technologies for future kokam co. , ltd. Is a rapidly growing high-technology business which designs, manufactures and distributes the rechargeable batteries, which incorporate the next generation technology (lithium-ion/polymer) targeting primarily mobile applications such as cellular phones, portable PC, etc.

YNC Batteries

YNC Batteries. We are a leading manufacturer of Sealed Lead Acid(AGM and GEL) batteries, Automotive starting batteries(Dry Charged and MF), Golf cart batteries, Li-Polymer(Lipo), Li-ion, Ni-cd, Ni-MH, Alkaline batteries having a total of 60 million units of production a year and now supplying to North America, UK, France, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Czech including all other EU countries and South Africa, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, etc. worldwide. Our batteries are qualified ISO9002, CE, UL, etc.. Thanks and best regards.

Hae Sung Solar Co., Ltd.

We are a leading-solar module manufacturing company in Korea since established on Feb 26, 1991 and produce mini-solar module from 0.1W to 6W for about 100 models. In special, the mini-solar modules have been exported to USA, ASIA, EUROPE in Glass type, Resin & Epoxy molding type, UV-P.C.B type, AL-E.V.A type.

INCLUX Co., Ltd.

An LED Lighting Manufacturer who provides the Total Solutions like 1. LED Indoor Lighting: Flat Panel Lighting, 6" & 8" Down Light, Parking Light, Tubular Lamp, 2. LED Outdoor Lighting: Stick Bars, Flood Lighting, 3. LED Light Controller, 4. LED Customized Module, etc.

INFINITY INC (SolarCap Lighting)

Infinity Inc. is a Korea-based manufacturing and marketing company specializing in consumer applications using hi-tech ultracapacitors. Founded in Year 2002, the company was the first to develop solar light emitting tiles outside of Japan and to market them on a worldwide basis. Enjoying a special relationship with Nesscap Co., Ltd., an acknowledged leader in the ultracapacitor technology, it has been steadily expanding its product line-up to variety of consumer products all of which are unique and/or first-to-the market.

Kaixen Co., Ltd.

UCD (Ultra Constant Discharge) lamp is an innovative light source having excellent performance and longer life. As LED Lamp is not yet suitable for street lighting due to the lack of light spreadability and price burden, UCD Lamp can be a proven solution with its features. * Superior energy-saving(Lamp & Ballast efficacy; 94 lm/W)* Very good color rendering(80Ra) * Instant turn-on * Hot re-strike * Best light source at low temperature(operating range; -50 C ~ 85 C) * Eco-friendly by using Kaixen's patented metal halide mixture * Longer lifetime with its patented dual-bulb application for redundant operation * Electronic Ballast for intelligent operation and its compactness to be mounted in a fixture.

L&P Co., Ltd.

Lithium primary batteries, Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries Manufacturing. Both Spiral type and Bobbin type

Porcitec Ltd

Porcitec Ltd is manufacturer and exporter of small vertical axis wind turbine generation; Brand name is Twinboost 4 HD supercharge patent pending. Its annual output is 4, 020kwh at 5. 3m/sec wind speed. In addition, we make windsolar tower where we integrate solar array, solar heating, and wind turbine.

Sommo Lighting Inc.

"High quality with value" is our goal for our business. We do design premium LED lighting products and produce in Korea. Our strength is how to make the quality products at competitive price. We provide 3 year warranty for all of our products as basic.

SunTechnics GmbH

Vitzrocell Co., Ltd. (brand "TEKCELL")

Vitzrocell, under the brand name Tekcell, has provided lithium batteries for specialist requirements for more than 18 years. Teckcell has been recognised as one of the best solutions in various applications such as utility metering, RF device and security, and is supplied in more than 50 countries. Vitzrocell has been an exclusive supplier to the Korean Military of Defence for over 10 years. Visit our website today, and find the best solution.

XenoEnergy Co., Ltd.

We are the leading manufactucturer of lithium thionyl chloride primary batteries. We have good experience in such field and got more assurance on our good quality and competitive price from various customers in the world. We are looking for distributors or OEM users in the world. Please feel free to visit our website and contact us at any time.

Alpaha & Omega Tech.

Batech Korea Inc.

Daejin Battery Co., Ltd.

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing of industrial batteries in South Korea since 1993. Our major products are Premium grade Deep cycle Gel SLA battery(SG series) for Solar Renewable Energy Storage(12V, 80Ah~220Ah) and UPS system(2V, 100Ah~2000Ah). Now we are spreading the market of our batteries in the world and I would like to check the possibility of business and develop new market with you. Please let me have your good idea for the mutual success of battery business in your market. For your information, We are providing not only our brands but also OEM brands to the customers. I would like to recommend you to test our batteries for your market with competitive price. If you need more information, please feel free to contact...

Gets Korea Inc

Global Battery Co., Ltd


Haengsung Electronic Co.

iCellTech Corp


K2Power Ltd.

MBA Motors (MBA Bike) Inc

O & J Enterprise


Reel Tech co., Ltd.

Saehan Enertech Inc.

Sejin Smc Co., Ltd.

WorldBC Co., Ltd.

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