Renewable Energy Businesses in Luxembourg

Airtech Europe S. A. - Encotec S. A. - Energy-Optics Renewables S. A. - Energyathome - ID4Green - Solarpower S. A. - Solartec s. à r. l. - tJD Consulting s rl - 1-2-3 Blue Power Technolgies S. A. - TOPSOLAR sărl. - Vision UPS Systems -

Airtech Europe S. A.

Manufactures of Vacuum Bagging and composite tooling materials for resin infusion, hand lay-up and pre-preg, composite part production. Our products are manufactured in the USA, Luxembourg, and United Kingdom. Technical assistance worldwide.

Encotec S. A.

Solution & systems in renewable energy and electrical installations. Supporting transition to an efficient and sustainable energy mixWith our financial and business partners, we can be present throughout the project lifetime, from financing to operation & maintenance, allowing extended turnkey pricing policy. International project development through Power ProductionAgreements (PPAs)

Energy-Optics Renewables S. A.


Energyathome, Energy consulting and Energy pass issuing for the residential housing market in Luxembourg


Solarpower S. A.

Solartec s. à r. l.

tJD Consulting s rl

Renewable energy Shelter development for Industry; military Transmission/ Land survey area/Border cost gard/road check point/Radio Transmission- telecom mobil-Counthry Desaster Area (Water pump/mobil Power distribution-Firts aid of hospital/Farme & Desert or isolated area. Shelter power connection(Wind Mill; Solare Panel; Genset; Link Power)Maintenance 1 time Year; 20 Years Ganranty of Battery & solar panels. Economical Power product to 77% reduce cost By Genset system of Link Power. 100% economical power reduce cost with Winf mill & solar panel combinet. Full autonomie system from 1 day to 5 days without any external power loading. Grate facility transportation by Cargo Flight, Helicopter, Shipping & Truck. Sise of sheler from 3m to 12m.

1-2-3 Blue Power Technolgies S. A.

The NEW WORLD STANDARD in WAVE & TIDAL POWER SYSTEMS. Our system will provide the global leadership to its manufacturer(s) in the field of recovery of wave energy. 1. 100 MW unit, 80+ % production time, 10 millions EUR (including civil engineering works)2. 25 MW unit, 80+ % production time, 5 millions EUR (including civil engineering works)Non-exhaustive list of the advantages of this innovating Wave & Tidal Power SystemWith high production efficiency at a very low investment costThis new and innovating Wave & Tidal Power System is mainly a new technical concept, not a new technology. It has been patented by a multi-patent aeronautical engineer with the collaboration of a world known law firm specialized in the technical and renewable energ...


Vision UPS Systems

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