Renewable Energy Testing Services Businesses in Malaysia

3E Energy Sdn. Bhd - Dalex Engineering Sdn Bhd - Ebroad Media Sdn Bhd - Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd - Green InnoTech Sdn Bhd - Thermo Renewable Sdn Bhd - OIOS Sdn Bhd - OIOS Sdn Bhd - Renerpac Sdn. Bhd. - Solar Sentinel Sdn Bhd - Solar Sentinel Sdn Bhd -

3E Energy Sdn. Bhd

3E Energy are a specialist company in the field of energy cost reduction, power quality and green power solutions dedicated to saving you money - and helping the environment.

Dalex Engineering Sdn Bhd

Authorised Supplier:-- Skinner Steam Turbine, USA (4kW-2MW)- Hangzhou Steam Turbine, China (2MW-150MW)- Detroit Stoker Company, USA - Specialist Repair Services- Overhaul Steam Turbine which include Elliott, Skinner, Dresser Rand, Shinko, Coppus, Nadrowski, KKK - Dynamic Balancing (In-House & In-situ)- Complete Machine Shop Facilities- Thermal Arc Spray - CNC Milling (5-Axis)-

Ebroad Media Sdn Bhd

We are LED Lighting manufacturer whom produce high quality LED product with wide ranging from Bulb, Downlight, Tube series, Highbay, Floodlight etc. We also provide LED Display board and printing signboard with strategied location for commercial advertising.

Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd

Green InnoTech Sdn Bhd

Mainly involved in providing designs, supplies and installing solar photovoltaic systems. The company concentrates in providing the grid-connected and off-grid solar system, solar streetlights and solar power system components which includes solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers, and batteries for energy saving purposes and LED energy saving lighting products etc.

Thermo Renewable Sdn Bhd

INTRIX group of companies comprises of R&D Consultancy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Components, Instruments and Training Divisions. We provide custom design heating systems for leading European companies, Renewable Energy for hot water system for local residential, commercial and industrial market. Our hot water system products from decentralized to centralized systems include- INTRIX EXTRACTORTM(INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL Water Heat Pump)- INTRIX TOUGHTANKTMThermal Energy Storage Cylinder (Water Tank)- INTRIX EXTRACTORTMModular Ambient Heat Extractor (RESIDENTIAL Water Heat Pump)- INTRIX eCompactTMThermostatic Tankless Electric Water Heater (Instantaneous Hot Water System)- INTRIX SKYLINETMSolar Thermal Collector (COMMERCIAL Solar Panel)...

OIOS Sdn Bhd

OIOS Sdn Bhd

Renerpac Sdn. Bhd.

Solar Sentinel Sdn Bhd

Solar Sentinel Sdn Bhd

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